End Citizens United PAC Targets California Congress Members

Four prominent and powerful California members of the U.S. House of Representatives are on the target list of a new political action committee that is determined to see these politicians do not get re-elected in the 2018 midterms.

The PAC targeting the California cadre is End Citizens United, a group formed in 2015 as a reaction against a 2010 Supreme Court ruling that opened the flood gates for big money and “dark money” to flow into the American election system.

What the 2010 Supreme Court ruling allowed was for huge multi-national corporations to give as much money as they want to candidates of choice, without limit and without even having to disclose where the money comes from. Individual billionaires and millionaires can do the same.

Because of the disastrous Supreme Court decision, the Aaverage American voter has become more disenfranchised than ever before. With giant corporations and billionaires “buying” their politician of choice, voters on the ground are left with little or no voice.

This terrible situation is largely supported by Republicans, including the four California House members End Citizens united wants to get rid of. They are Rep. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa), Mimi Walters (R-Irvine), Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine) and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista).

End Citizens United Executive Director Tiffany Muller called these four Congressmen and women “among the worst” abusers of the election system in terms of accepting huge amounts of cash from unknown sources. She also points out that Duncan Hunter is under investigation for potential misuse of campaign funds. Also worrisome is the money Darrell Issa has hauled in from special interests in the telecom industry.

Furthermore, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has made headlines in 2017 for his highly controversial and questionable interactions with Russia. Even members of his own party recently restricted overseas travel reimbursement money to prevent him from traveling to Moscow or Europe to meet with Russian officials.

End Citizens United is on track to raise some $35 million ahead of the 2018 election cycle. They will use some of that money to target these California members of Congress who are believed to be vulnerable. They also represent a part of the problem when it comes to money buying elections in America.

End Citizens United has raised its funds using a grassroots-style appeal to ordinary American citizens. The response has been overwhelming. The group raised $25 million for the previous 2016 election and plans to top that by at least $10 million this time around.

Even more amazing is that the average donation to End Citizens United has been about $14. That means power to the people – to the average voter – rather than letting giant corporations and billionaires control who gets to serve American people in the highst levels of the United States government.

End Citizens United info: www.linkedin.com/jobs/end-citizens-united-jobs

Chris Burch’s Business Savviness And New Hotel Investment

Chris Burch has made some notable venture capital investments over the years including one in the Ellen DeGeneres lifestyle brand through his company Burch Creative Capital. But topping off his investments is a resort he purchased in Indonesia just four years ago known as Nihiwatu. This resort has villas that are built like old village huts on the outside but have a wonder of amenities on the inside. You also are given a breathtaking view of the ocean, especially if you go swimming in the glass wall pool at Chris Burch’s home there. This resort’s luxuries have made it the top listing in Travel & Leisure’s best hotels.  Know the reason why it has made it in the top listing, click businessinsider.com.

Chris Burch founded Eagle Eye Apparel before he went into startup investing. He had been selling sweaters while he was a student at Ithaca College, and his sales profits grew so much that he was running a billion-dollar company before long.  Check bjtonline.com for a related article.

Burch ran the company for about 20 years before partnering with The Swire Group and then selling it completely. It wasn’t his only fashion company investment as he helped his then wife Tory Burch launch her own brand, and he would later seed C. Wonder.

Read an entrepreneur’s views, hit on this.

Chris Burch started making moves in real estate around 2004 when he helped finance the construction of the Faena Hotel + Universe in Buenos Aires. In 2005 he also made news when he bought a $14 million home in Long Island, renovated it and resold it in just three months for $25 million. He also started buying up condos in Massachusetts and Miami which have also become part-time homes for him.  More to read on architecturaldigest.com.

Burch was also once a film producer for a 1993 movie known as “Watch It,” and while not a top box office hit it did receive a great review from the New York Times. He is also on the board of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.   To keep up-to-date with his latest innovative contribution to the market, browse on inc.com.

Read more about his diverse investment portfolio on http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/portfolio/


The Influence of Desiree Perez in Roc Nation Company

Desiree Perez is a businesswoman, an entrepreneur and the chief operating officer of Roc Nation. She’s been involved in various sectors in the business including areas of management, labeling operations, publishing and much more. She is working with the well-known music legend Jay-Z who is the owner of Roc Nation Company. Her passion for work, creativity, and open-mindedness has managed to maintain her position at the top in the music industry. Moreover, she has also worked with other top organizations in the music industry. Following Desiree’s creativity and hard work, she has led Roc Nation Company to be successful and be at the top in the music industry.

Mrs. Desiree is working as part of the executive team in Roc Nation music Company, which has managed to close multi-million dollar contracts that have hugely contributed to success, growth and the global recognition of the company. Moreover she also played the part of helping Rihanna collaborate with Samsung in promoting her music tour and much more. However, despite Mrs. Perez working behind the scenes of the mega company, she also owns various businesses which are even considered to be successful.

Roc Nation which is owned by the legendary rapper Jay-Z makes music sales to more than seventeen billion dollars each year. This is following the hard work and the great mind of Mrs. Desiree Perez. In an industry that is men dominated, Mrs. Perez has proven that she can shine and also work hard. She has helped Jay-Z to expand his music company to success. For instance, the company holds several functions and activities, and they include music production, concert tour management, talent development and much more. Following the company’s success over the years it has ensured that shareholders be given their profits and much more. Her excellent work ethics has inspired many in not only in the music sector but also in the business sector. She is considered as an influential person in the entertainment and music industry

Investors Use Confident Decision-Making with Ground-Breaking Agora Financial Publications

When investors need to receive pertinent information for knowing how to navigate through the investment market trends, typically they will use a standard investment broker to guide them in the right direction. However, Agora Financial offers a more advanced way of disbursing the information. Agora Financial uses publications to inform investors. The popularity of the ground-breaking method is catching on with over one million subscribers.

When professionals, such as lawyers, doctors or dentists decide to retire, if they have extra revenue that has been earmarked specifically for investing, they look to Agora Financial for help. That’s because the information is not specifically related to the company, it’s specific to what they choose for wanting to learn more about investing and reaching their retirement goals.There are 20 publications that investors can subscribe to and decide how to navigate through the investment market specific to an individual portfolio. The publications help investors with:

  • Locating companies that are more advantageous for rapid investment growth.
  • Understanding the exclusive techniqes for generating passive income.
  • Effective strategies for protecting wealth and maintaining an investment portfolio base.
  • Finding alternative methods for adverse economic impacts.

Agora Financial uses a streamline approach to deliver the information through the use of the internet as well as direct-mail. Investors also receive e-books, documentaries, films, and access to investment webinars and conferences as well as monthly newsletters. Agora Financial is never compensated for the “advice” pertaining to the information provided which provides the investor with an assurance of impartiality, and the ability to have confidence with their investment decision-making.Throughout the history of Agora Financial, there has been an increase with aligning itself with the mainstream media. The company started as a home-based business in the historic part of the Baltimore, Maryland. The company was founded in 1979 and became an independent LLC in 2004.

Omar Boraie has a Vision for the World of Property Development

Boraie Development, LLC is on target to complete the construction of the first market rate development in 25 years. The project known as The Beach at South Inlet will cost $81 million in construction costs. With the closing of several casinos in the last 10 years or so, the project is a sign of development renewal in the Atlantic City area. The complex will include the type of amenities today’s renters are looking for such as gym, pool and a resident’s lounge. The location of the complex borders the avenues of Pacific Atlantic, Connecticut and New Jersey. And will serve many of the more than 50,000 people who are employed in the resort area.

Omar Boraie, the President of Boraie Development, LLC is leading a team dedicated to all areas of urban real estate development. The company is committed to the construction of projects that enhance neighborhoods and bring an unparalleled benefit to the area. They work with architects with vision and the strongest financial institutions that understand the complexities of a project. The company is a full service real estate development and construction entity. With more than 30 years in the industry, Boraie has grown to become one of the most sought after developer in New Jersey, The projects undertaken by Boraie attract not only residents and tenants, but financial partners, as well. Visit State Theatre New Jersey for more.

According to Patch, the company also takes on the property management of the project and an important aspect of the overall strategy of the company. Boraie maintains their own properties and make improvements on an as needed basis. The management side of Boraie includes leasing and marketing, customer service, accounting and administration in addition to maintenance. The sales and marketing arm of Boraie has sold more than $130 million in commercial and residential transactions. The sales team integrates seamlessly with the development and property management aspect of the company. That gives the sales team a better understanding the commercial and residential factors that help move properties in a timely manner.

Although Omar Boraie is credited with revitalizing parts of New Jersey, he credits a lot of individuals and companies with the success of redevelopment. It took a concerted effort between a lot of people not giving up on their neighborhoods that inspired the redevelopment. It took a world of vision and a never give up attitude that allowed Boraie to keeping what he was doing. Boraie sees the neighborhoods expanding and attracting more business and resident and that is what makes a community great.

Reference: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/boraie-development

New AmEx Chief’s Mission To Regain Elite Customers Such As Chris Burch

American Express, the renowned American credit card and financial services company has a new CEO and Chairman, Stephen Squeri. The card giant has been through a rough stretch in recent years. As a result, the new CEO has his work cut out for him. Top of his list is to regain the trust of long-time customers who have switched to other providers.

As an illustration, Christopher Burch, the prominent fashion entrepreneur, has been a loyal customer for close to thirty years. Recently, he made the switch to JP Morgan Chase. The new CEO has the uphill task of attracting a remarkable list of wealthy Americans back to the stable. The market is increasingly evolving with new players raising the bar on established competitors.

Banks have upped their game to align themselves with emerging trends. Financial technology services companies such as PayPal and card network Visa are also slicing out a significant portion of its market share. AmEx has to have a clear long-term growth strategy that brings value to investors. The firm must adopt a futuristic approach well and beyond traditional payments. The new playgrounds include new financial technology players and evolving mobile-based platforms.

The new CEO has his eyes set on the unpredictable millennials as well as the established elite customer base. Take the case of Chris Burch for example. What was the fashion mogul’s tipping point with the brand? Inefficiencies in exclusive services such as table reservations at high-end restaurants that make them inaccessible diminished appeal in promised hotel upgrades and downright poor customer service.

Besides stiffer market competition, the company has also lost key co-branded cards including Costco and JetBlue Airways. On the positive side, the company has strengthened its lending division, a strategy it has previously dallied with hesitantly. This has resulted in increased annual revenue.

Chris Burch is a prominent entrepreneur with vast interests in retail fashion, technology, financial services and hospitality among others. He is the founder of Burch Creative Capital, a private equity and financial services firm based in New York.  He also runs Nihiwatu, one of the best holiday resorts located in Indonesia.  Read more about the holiday resort in Indonesia, check on businessinsider.com.

For a view of an entrepreneur’s getaway, click on this.

Chris Burch has investments in the real estate industry with exclusive developments in Florida and New York. He is also part of the Faena Hotel Group. He oversees numerous fashion and lifestyle brands including ED, Cocoon9, and Poppin among dozens of others.   For an overview of his diverse business investment, hit on burchcreativecapital.com.

As part of his philanthropic commitments, he supports Mt. Sinai Hospital, The Henry Street Settlement and The Sumba Foundation in Indonesia among others.  Related article on bjtonline.com.

Know his new and follow on investment, visit https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/burch-creative-capital-announces-new-and-follow-on-investments-to-founder-chris-burchs-portfolio-300389216.html

David McDonald’s Role in the Globalization of OSI Group

David McDonald, the current president of OSI Group is a seasoned global entrepreneurship executive. The OSI Group is a privately-owned food processing company located in Aurora, USA. The group has various branches in nearly every continent in the world. OSI Group has invested in approximately 50 processing plants spread across 17 countries.

Coordinating International Branches

OSI Group’s impressive success cannot be reviewed without the mention of David McDonald. In his role as the chairman, he has played a central role in the entire group’s undertakings both domestically and internationally. Mr. McDonald understands well the complexity that is associated with the coordination of different global branches. Despite the common perception that international firms work as one entity, they do so in different government regulations and cultures. This makes Mr. McDonald take up the responsibility of ensuring that a particular team designated to a certain branch is wel conversant with the regulations, cultures and client tastes in that locality.

Chinese Market

David McDonald OSI Group was very instrumental in ensuring that OSI Group acquired a share of the market in China. The group ventured into the Chinese market about two decades ago and today it boasts of having established processing plants and branches in 10 diverse locations in the country. The group also entered into a joint venture deal with the DOYOO Group to form DaOSI to operate in China’s poultry market. This is in line with the group’s goals of ensuring its sustainability.

China is a main market for OSI Group due to its fast growing economy and large population according to David McDonald. The president of OSI Group noted that the Chinese are getting more affluent by each passing day thereby changing their preferences and tastes. This has seen the OSI Group focus on keeping up with the dynamic markets to ensure that the group satisfies all classes of people.

Acquisition of Baho Food

OSI Group remains keen in gaining a domination of other markets in Switzerland, Poland, Hungary and India. The group has opened a number of branches in Geneva, Madanapalle and Babolna among others. OSI Group has recently acquired Baho Foods thereby bolstering its presence in Europe as he operates in Netherlands and Germany. David McDonald stated that the group has a huge appetite for expansion and growth and the Baho Food acquisition greatly enhanced the group’s processing muscle.

About David McDonald

  1. David McDonald is the COO and president of the OSI Group. He is a former chair of the North American Meat Institute. He holds an Animal Science degree.

Diversity And Inclusion Head The Goals Of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education has been operating its growing network of charter schools for a little over a decade after establishing its first location in a church in San Jose, California; the fact the network of charter schools has grown so quickly is a testament to the hard work of the team involved in the not for profit group from the time of its establishment in 2006. Founders Preston Smith and John Danner have spent much of the last few years working to create a positive educational experience for students from low-income families across San Jose. The need for a diverse and inclusive school community is part of the successful development of Rocketship Education as developed by an active group of educators from a range of social backgrounds.

Being inclusive is a major part of the work of Rocketship Education campuses where the school community has been opened up to include students with disabilities who are no longer isolated from their peers in special education classes throughout each day. In fact, Rocketship Education has taken the bold move of placing students with disabilities in general education classes for up to 80 percent of each school day; the decision taken by the charter school network to include students with disabilities in general classes is seen as a way of educating other students about the realities of living and working in a community as they will for the rest of their lives.

Diversity can take many forms and ensure students from a wide range of races and social classes is an important part of bringing the community closer together. Rocketship Education welcomes all children regardless of their social background and hopes to produce individual students moving into the community as responsible citizens.

Based in the K-5 years of school attendance, Rocketship Education does not only bring its work to the locations opened up in San Jose, and a growing number of states across the U.S. but also partners with existing schools to change the culture of learning on their campus. Students remain at the heart of the work of Rocketship Education which celebrated the knowledge students in poverty receive more than a month of extra reading and math assistance during each year they attend a charter school when compared to their traditional public school attending peers.


Talk fusion with live meetings software

Talk fusion lately introduced an adverse edition of Live Meetings, a computerized program that facilitates worldly real-time communications. Live Meeting is a program that enables people to hold video based conferences, making it easy to arrange for meetings and presentations. This software does not require a separate download for it uses recording technology. This software can be accessed through web browsers. It is convenient and saves time because participants do not need to install Adobe Flash Player.


WebRTC has the potential to benefit computer users and marketing professionals because it allows people to communicate by voice using any modern browser. According to the talk Fusion chief technical officer, WebRTC’s intelligent system eliminates hassles and improves efficiency. The newest version of Live Meetings has a wide range of advantages. It provides a clear audio and a sharp video. The system ensures maximum security for presenters and participants. The conference video feeds a smooth appearance and no distracting echoes while listening to audio.


About Founder and CEO Bob Reina

Bob Reina, a former police officer, is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion that deals with video marketing. After he completed his college studies at the University of South Florida he joined Tampa police academy, graduated as the best in his class and won a merit prestigious Award. When in police force, Bob served in many sections including patrol and crimes against persons and property (http://blog.talkfusion.com/founder-ceo-bob-reinas-birthday-surprise/). Bob joined network marketing in 1990 and worked as a part-time job since he was still in the police force. Bob Reina is known for his sense of humor, but it is not a joke when he says “to be successful, it requires dedication over a period of many years.” Self-discipline enabled him to stay focused on a career that had several challenges.

Bob Reina believes that great success comes with greater responsibilities. Bob also gives back to the society by supporting nonprofits organizations and charities across the world to reach more people and help them spread their message in a way that wasn’t possible before. Most Bob’s free time is devoted to supporting nonprofit groups that help animals.


Paul Mampilly Changes Career to Assist Investors

“Profits Unlimited,” a newsletter started by Paul Mampilly has just hit over 60,000 subscribers, which is a significant milestone. This shows the newsletter has been successful and Mampilly’s effort to use it to help people learn how to make profits from their investments has gained momentum. But what experience does Mampillyhave that has made him so authoritative?


Working on Wall Street

Paul Mampilly has spent about two decades of his career on Wall Street. While there, he has got the opportunity to work and transact with prominent companies such Deutsche Bank and Kinetics International among others.


Recognized by Templeton Foundation

During the peak of the financial crisis, many firms were making losses and more closed. However, Paul Mampilly took a $50 million investment and converted it into an $88 million one. He used his skills in achieving this 76% growth, and this made him emerge as the winner of a prestigious competition by Templeton Foundation.


Maphillyand “Profit Unlimited”

In 2016, Paul Mampilly approached Banyan Hill Publishing, a company that mainly publishes investment newsletter to start “Profit Unlimited.” In his mind, he started the company with the aim of providing investment information to Americans and thereby enhancing their access to opportunities in this sector. He uses the newsletter to provide regular updates on stocks, and resume him.


The Impact on Readers

Paul Mampilly provides information to his readers about the best companies they should invest in and the right time to invest. Whereas most of the stocks he has talked about have made profits, only a few have not and are just down by about 2.5 percent, and learn more about Paul Mampilly.

Although most traders rarely make profits on their daily investments, Mampilly has done it more than once. Most of readers have made significant financial gains by relying on his advice. His readers have embraced a small-loss strategy where they have learned to avoid a loss of more than 8 percent on any investment.

Bitcoin’sCollapsing … but There’s a Much Safer Digital Currency. #bitcoin #cryptocurrencies #Crypto #banyanhill

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) September 28, 2017

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly is a prominent businessman who has spent the better part of his life as investing in hedge fund. He has an MBA from Fordham University. He started working at Bankers Trust in the position of the assistant portfolio manager. After some time, he got an opportunity to work with Deutsche Bank and ING. Due to his enormous impact, Kinetic Asset Management recruited him where he helped in the growth of the company’s assets to $25 billion.

Mampilly retired at 42. In 2013, he founded Capuching Consulting in Durham, North Calorina. The company provides investment consulting and advising services to its clients. He has continued to have a positive impact on the lives of his readers and Americans in general.