OSI Group Food Processing

The OSI Group is a company located in Aurora, Illinois founded in 1909, and has progressed to become #58 on Forbe’s America’s Largest Private Companies. This holding company is widely known to be one of the largest processors of meat and meat products including: meat patties, vegetable products, poultry, fish, pizza, hot dogs, and bacon.

This premier global supplier specializes in custom food product development and food supply management. OSI Group strives to customize food products and optimize processing and distribution to maximize the opportunities for the sale of high quality food products.

Adding to the success of OSI Group, is the recent purchase of the Tyson Foods Facility and storage warehouse in Chicago, Illinois. The Tyson Plant is located close to an existing OSI facility, helping to support the necessary infrastructure needed to support a continuous flow of business.

Senior executive Vice President of OSI Group North America, Kevin Scott, says the recent purchase of the Tyson facility will enhance the company’s capabilities to meet the rapidly changing needs of its customers. OSI has been a top supplier of value-added protein and various other food products and operates over 60 facilities in 16 different countries. The possibility of even more products available to customers may increase due to the expansion and absorption of the Tyson plant into ISO facilities.

Learn more about OSI Group at http://www.foodsafetynews.com/tag/osi-group/#.WGvb_7YrLeQ

Talented Business Man Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama was born June, 1958 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He grown into a talented and skilled businessman. Gama attended Armondo Alvares Penteado Foundation, where he received his degree in Advertising and Communications. Gama got his start in 1983 as a creative writer and copywriter at Ogilvy and Mather. Then in 1990 he move on to DM9 for four years, where he was a copywriter and creative director. It is also the time period he obtain a shareholder and Executive Creative Director position at Young and Rubicam. In 1999 Gama left the company to start his own business, Neogama.

Neogama has won numerous awards for the rapid growth and business its achievements in the advertising business worldwide. In present day, Neogama is operating independently in Brazil.

Source:  https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandre_Gama_(publicit%C3%A1rio)

Bruce Levenson and The Do Good Institute Restore Your Faith in Humanity

It’s a phrase that is uttered way too casually and often in our society to be of any comfort, “I’ve lost my faith in humanity.”

As news organizations plaster disasters and plights across our screens at all hours of the day without stop, it can be a little difficult to remember the immense potential for good that we as a species are capable of, given the opportunity.

Bruce Levenson Does Some Good with the Do Good Institute

One individual and the organization he helped create have not forgotten that potential within every dedicated and empathetic mind.

The Do Good Institute, a non-profit organization operating on the campus of the University of Maryland, was created with the vision of helping the next wave of philanthropists and non-profit organization leaders find the skills they will need to not only create successful humanitarian initiatives across the globe but be able to do so while remaining competitive with the commercial sector.

Funded in part by UCG founder Bruce Levenson and his wife, the two provided roughly $75 million dollars of the $100 million used to create the initiative on UM’s campus, the organization has received not only critical praise from the students of the University of Maryland but from leaders within the non-profit sector.

The Do Good Institute Does Its Part to Make the World a Better Place

The program which was started in early 2014 has just started but has already seen some its alumni go on to create successful non-profit organizations and humanitarian efforts. One such effort has gone on to help eliminate food waste across the university’s campus as well as the neighboring areas.

According to Forbes Magazine, the organization is just one step in the philanthropic efforts of Bruce Levenson since moving on from the NBA.

To read more about Bruce Levenson and the Do Good Institute please click here.

Reference: https://www.nsf.gov/staff/staff_bio.jsp?lan=blevenso

The Wessex Institute Funding Research for British Public Health

The Wessex Institute of Technology offers research job opportunities for both veteran researchers and new graduates. The prestigious institute is involved with the best labs and universities in Europe, making the the hiring process top shelf. Both executive management to lab assistant opportunities may be available at any given time.

The institute had even ranked as one of the best employers in the United Kingdom. Many top ranked educators and research scientists have been employed by the group.

The University of Southampton often has research jobs available as favored affiliate of the Wessex Institute of TechnologyWessex Institute of Technology. The government of Britain has sponsored many of their collaborated projects.

Within the NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Center of Southampton, the Wessex Institute and the Department of Health are conducting trials to treat common chronic illnesses. The Wessex Institute particularly aids in funding and recruitment of talent.

The Southampton Health Technology Assessments Centre is also working directly with the Wessex Institute. They are coming up with new screening procedures and intervention programs for the public. Cancer, HIV and herpes are some of the public health concerns at hand. With the right amount of research, strategic planning and proper execution, the University may come up with resolutions for these illnesses.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Has the Style to Emulate

If any company or business is looking for an organization to emulate, it would be Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. The company began its journey in 1991 as a small, regional title and documents company and today it is one of the largest in the world in its field. It handles the sourcing of documents found in all of the jurisdictions and counties in the United States, which amounts to over 3,600 places to look.


The keys to the success of document companies are to be able to deliver to the customer the required documents accurately and at great speed. Nationwide has a compliance rate of 99.89% and a failure rate of only .78%, meaning that they are nearly 100% on both counts.


Considering the sheer volume of documents that the company processes, this is an incredible statistic. Eight out of the top ten retail mortgage and lending businesses have chosen Nationwide as their primary sources for their documents. These companies include some of the largest mortgage and lending companies in the world.


Employees are given lots of credit for the robust statistics at Nationwide. From the beginning of their employment, they go through a very intensive training for about three weeks and then are continually supervised closely until they master their job.


There are also about 150 additional training modules available at the discretion of the employees which are used for additional training and skills. Many of these modules are instrumental in various paths to advancement and employees are given time to pursue these options. Up to 70% of the workforce is involved in the extra training at any given time.


Success does not usually happen by accident, especially with large companies. Nationwide is experiencing rapid growth largely due to more retail mortgage companies recognizing the skill and results exhibited in the past. The company has grown over 700% since 2008, for example, and continues its trend year by year. These kinds of results happen for a reason.


John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide made an industry-wide podcast recently where he talked about results in the industry and what has to be done to achieve them. Compliance is a much-discussed topic in the industry, yet it always seems to be a problem in some circles. Hillman went on to say that if you want good compliance, you must train for it and let employees know what is expected. Then a high level of monitoring must also be in place to measure results and communicate to employees. You keep the score, and the score will improve.

How Reversed Showroom Technique Made Kate Hudson’s Fabletics a Successful Apparel Company

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is building a great name in the fabled fashion e-commerce market. The fact that it’s enjoying great results is due to many reasons. One of these reasons is the reversed showroom technique that it uses. In the past, building a high-value brand was possible with a combination of pricing and quality goods/services. Today, building such a brand requires more than that, and that’s what the company has embraced.


Fabletics’, which has grown into a $250 million company, has no qualms comparing itself to giants such as Apple or Warby Parker. However, unlike some of these industry giants (including Amazon), Fabletics specializes in the aforementioned reversed showroom technique. The company has an advantage in this because of its origins. This method allows the company to build relationships with prospective clients and to convince them to consider it reliable.


Increased Customer Base


It does not have to die a painful death like other businesses that feel choked by showrooming. It is normal for customers to browse offline before making their purchases elsewhere if they can get cheaper deals. Fabletics believes that browsing should be a positive instead of a negative. It focuses on knowing the markets and building relationships with customers. It encourages customers to be members.


This reversed showroom technique has brought more than 30-50% of clients who are already members through Fabletics’ doors. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics doesn’t stop at that, however. It reaches out to the non-members who walk into its stores. The result is 25% of these non-members often become members inside the store while shopping. The results are as clear as daylight, as Fabletics has seen its revenues and customer base grow exponentially in a short time.


In around three years, the apparel company has grown substantially because of this technique. Of course, the quality of the products and services offered has played a significant role too. Using this strategy, Fabletics has grown into one of the best fashion warehouses in the US. It’s a highly sought after company in developing athletic and leisure apparel. Again, its success is down to its ability to not only create substantial relationships but also enhance brand loyalty.


Ownership and Membership


Fabletics is a company owned by Kate Hudson that sells fitness apparel. It operates on a unique monthly membership structure. First-time VIP Members get their first outfit at only $25 in addition to plenty of other items at discounted rates. VIP Members pay no monthly fees neither are they under compulsion to buy stuff they don’t want. VIP Members are also entitled to 2-3 piece monthly curated outfits that go for $49-$59.


Fabletics also stands out on many fronts. These include:

 Quality

 Style

 Value for money

 Ease of use

 Customer service


The quality of its products is higher than what customers pay. The outfits are also quite stylish. The outfits come in various styles thus giving you the opportunity of finding the perfect one. Also, you get a great deal paying around $50 for any apparel of your choice. You get value for money considering that other brands would charge you more than $80 for leggings to the ones from Kate Hudson’s Fabletics.

Who is Thor Halvorssen?

Born ThorLeonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, but going simply by Thor Halvorssen, entered the world in 1976. He hails from Venezuela, a country in turmoil that influenced him at a young age and drove him to become the strong human rights advocate he is today.

Halvorssen is a film producer, founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, the Patron of On Own Feet, Founder of the Ming Picture Institute, and president of the Human Rights Foundation. Thor Halvorssen also contributes to numerous written publications to help spread his message of human rights and the fight he is waging for them around the world.

Halvorssen saw his father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, go from a well respected employee of the Venezuelan government under the administration of Carlos Andres Perez, to a tortured and imprisoned man on false charges claiming terrorism due to investigating the Medellin Cartel. Halvorssen led the charge along with help from Amnesty International to get his farther released from prison. Nearly a decade later, Halvorssen once again witnessed the unfair evils imposed on people living under an unfair rule when his mother was shot while peacefully protesting against of the 2004 recall referendum in Venezuela. She lived, but Halvorssen was quick to spread the word through print and a video of the incident that showed the Venezuelan government security firing into the crowd of peaceful protesters.

Armed with personal experience and knowledge, Halvorssen created the Human Rights Foundation. He used it as a platform to spread help and awareness internationally about the many violations that happen everyday. He lobbied to have Liu Xiaobo, a political prisoner locked up in China, released in 2010, frequently speaks out against Uganda president Yoweri Museveni and the country’s efforts to punish homosexuality by death, and has spoken out against numerous American Lawmakers including Republican Jack Kemp and Democrats John Conyers and Jose Serrano.

Halvorssen has also used the gift of film to help spread awareness and his message. He co-produced “Freedom’s Fury“, a film about the uprising against Hungary’s dictatorship in 1956,as well as the films “Hammer & Tickle”, “Indoctrinate U”, and “The Singing Revolution”.

Along with his many achievements and battles, Halvorssen has received numerous recognitions. His list of awards include the Sol Feinstone Award from University of Pennsylvania for protecting Student Speech, and a presidential silver medal from the 2010 Romanian leader to commemorate the anniversary of the Romanian Revolution and recognize the work Halvorssen has done to fight for freedoms and His resume.

Stem Cell Therapy Offers Promise To Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients’

The new therapy developed by the Lung Institute is breathing an air of hope to pulmonary disease patients’. Many of the infected persons were despondent, but the success of stem cell therapy is rejuvenating them. The treatment has shown exemplary performance in mitigating the effects of pulmonary fibrosis, a condition regarded as terminal.

Stem cell technology is still new to many, and experts are still skeptical on the medication. However, the results exhibited by patients who have tried the therapy may soon change their opinion. Users no longer have to live on artificial oxygen supply. They can also do simple activities without tiring up fast, a characteristic associated with pulmonary infections.

Before approval by the Food and Drugs Administration, there was a heated debate on the applicability of the stem cell treatment. Experts are arguing that more research ought to be conducted before approval, while patients are yearning for a quick approval, citing the positive impact of the stem cells to their lives. In conjunction with the upper house, the patients are fast tracking the sanctioning of the therapy.

The Senate was positive that the authorization of the medication would increase its affordability and availability. This, however, may prove to be a challenge. The affordability may vary from one institute to another, depending on various factors. It is necessary that patients seek services from clinics certified to carry out the procedure by relevant authorities, such as the Lung Institute.

Pulmonary fibrosis is an interstitial lung infection, marked by the inflammation of lung tissue. Predisposing factors include; exposure to toxic air, smoking, radiotherapy among others. The condition typically strikes at the age of 50. A life-threatening condition, the disease claims over 40,000 lives in the USA every year, reports Cedars-Sinai. Tens of thousands are also diagnosed with the disease annually.

While stem therapy does not cure pulmonary fibrosis, it certainly alleviates the patients’ life. Many success stories have been told, and the future is promising.

About Lung Institute

As its name suggests, the Lung Institute primarily focuses on finding a remedy to pulmonary infections. In recent years, it has prioritized chronic diseases affecting the breathing system.

Since its inception in 2013, the Lung Institute has grown exponentially. With over 200 clients treated, a massive 82% have positively recommended the treatment. Its network has also expanded, with new branches being opened in various states across the nation. To read what patients has to say about the stem cell, visit lunginstitute.com.

Subscribe to the Lung Institute’s YouTube channel for more info.

Source: http://www.lifestylesafter50.com/adult-stem-cell-therapy-at-the-lung-institute-helps-pulnonary-fibrosis-patient/


Copa Star’s Five Star Status That Allows Patients To Experience Expert Services

Copa Star Hospital covers 21,000 square meters and has seven floors up. The technologically smart facility offers patients with various gadgets and forums that are not available in traditional hospitals. When a patient is admitted at Copa Star, the staff avails the candidate with an iPad through which one can directly communicate with a health professional in the building to request for the attention of a nurse or a doctor. Copa Star has customized devices that allow a patient to change physiological variations in a room, such as lighting by opening or drawing back the curtains. The facility’s ICU space has a live broadcast of the nearby ocean to help calm the patients and provide a portal to connect with the outside world, hence raise the atmosphere of the room. Jargo Mall, the co-owner of Copa Star, stated that the hospital combines expert care with sophisticated technologies to take care of patients

Copa Star officially opened its doors in October to patients from the southern region of Rio and other Brazil areas. The hospital which is situated in Figuerido Magalhaes took three years to finalize since the beginning of its construction. The founder, Jorge Mall, recruited a world-class architectural team ant interior designers to set up individual areas for free movement of stretchers and the medical staff. The walls are made of non-permeable materials to prevent entry of harmful environmental materials from the outside. The corridors have beautifully artistic walls by the Japanese painter Yutaka Toyota and a welcoming air to visitors. Copa Star ensures that it provides an all-around five-star service to visitors by recruiting highly qualified individuals and offering world-class training to more than its 500 employees. It has expert surgeons from Star Cup and comprehensive training that teaches the staff about what kind of clothes and makeup they should wear.

Jorge Mall is a cardiologist and current president of Rede D ‘Or Sao Luiz. The Institute is a non-profitable organization with an aim to develop science and technology in health and professional training. In collaboration with Rede D “Or Sao Luiz, it offers post graduate courses in residency programs, and initiation into undertaking masters and doctoral degrees from UERJ, UFRJ, INCA, and FIOCRUZ. They offer programs that cater to students seeking to update and improve their knowledge in various courses majoring in medicine. IDOR began operating in 2010 and currently houses five-star resources that help researchers in creating progressive solutions. IDOR’s aim is to coordinate research programs in Brasilia, Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Recife. Currently, the facility has 17 researchers and 50 contributing students covering topics in medicine, neuroscience, internal medicine and pediatrics. They manage to keep their subscribers engaged in their program by constantly hosting lectures, seminars, and international examination programs.

How To Find A Lawyer

There are times in life when everyone needs to hire a lawyer whether it’s because of a divorce, an accident, property dispute, or writing a will. Finding a trusted lawyer that has specialized experience in your issue can be difficult. The New York State Bar Association recently made this a lot easier by releasing their new online website, Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS). The website is available at https://nysbalris.legal.io.


In order to find the right lawyer who is in good legal standing, the website will have the user fill out a questionnaire that profiles what their legal issue is as well as where they are located. After submitting the questionnaire it will be confidentially reviewed by someone at the State Bar who will use their expertise to match the person with a lawyer who is specialized in the legal issue at hand and is located nearby. This referral is free and if the user does attend a consultation with the recommended lawyer it is just $35 for the first 30 minutes.


One of the lawyers that is taking part in this service is Jeremy Goldstein, a Partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. Goldstein earned his Juris Doctor, Law in 1999 from the New York University School of Law. After serving as an Associate for one year at Shearman & Sterling LLP he advanced to being a Partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. Jeremy Goldstein worked at this law firm for 14 years before deciding to open his own legal firm.


One of the legal issues that Goldstein has vast experience in is executive compensation programs and “Say on Pay” where shareholders have a vote on what executives earn. He has written articles to talk about this issue and what can result when shareholder activism results in low support for current executive pay.