Nihiwatu Resort – An Overview of the World’s Best Hotel and the Businessman behind It

What would define the best hotel in the world? For Travel + Leisure, it is everything that Nihiwatu has to offer.

Nihiwatu has risen from a simple beach hostel to the best hotel in the world under the management of Chris Burch and co-founder James McBride. Located on the Indonesian island of Sumba, Nihiwatu is a top destination for tourists visiting Indonesia. However, even Chris Burch admits that its success is unprecedented.

According to Burch, the resort was meant to be a gift for his children and also a way to give back to the community. That still remains the goal, but the future is much brighter now. Burch and co-founder McBride spent over $30 million renovating the once simple beach hostel, and today it boasts of amenities and sceneries unrivalled in the world. Additional article on

To start with, Nihiwatu has 27 private villas, with each villa apparently having a private butler. Additionally, the resort features amenities such as spas under waterfalls, massage parlors, traditional Sumbanese antiques, Ikat prints, two-storey tree-houses with fully-furnished villas, pools, and so much more. However, it is the island’s serene setting and natural beauty that gives it its status. In fact, it is nicknamed “The Edge of the Wilderness” for its isolation from the rest of the world.

Nihiwatu overlooks the vast ocean and has the island’s lush greenery in its background. The name Nihiwatu actually means “mortar stone” because of a rock formation that rises just slightly on the tide. Additionally, there are amazing nature trails that visitors can take to explore the well-preserved island and get to interact with the locals’ culture.

Chris Burch also has his own private home with four villas on the island, and he reportedly splits his time between the resort, Miami, and the Hamptons. His private home is also available to guests whenever it is not occupied.

Nihiwatu is reportedly the largest local employer on the island of Sumba. It also dedicates some of its profits to the Sumba Foundation, which was formed to fund projects that help the local community. Related article on

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur with a vast portfolio scoping industries such as fashion, real estate, technology, and hospitality.  Click this very helpful link. His core focus is on fashion, and he is the founder of several renowned brands including Tory Burch and C. Wonder. He is currently the Principal of Burch Creative Capital that constitutes top brands such as Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, Poppin, and Ed by Ellen DeGeneres.  Check this on

Have an overview of Burch Creative Capital investment portfolio on

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Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and a businessman from Switzerland. He has spent more than 20 years in the industry of Swiss private banking. He has also undergone ceaseless economic trade education. Mike is also an executive board member of one of the biggest private banks in Switzerland. In 2004, he established his entrepreneurial journey by founding the Swiss Startup Factory together with his partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. This is among the biggest ICT startup companies in Switzerland that are privately financed. He utilizes much of his time devoting in the Swiss entrepreneurship and youth support functions in different charities in the country. He is also a financial advisor. Mike Baur possesses an executive MBA from Berne Business University and an MBA from Rochester University.

Mike Baur launched the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 in Zurich. This is a program that attempts to get digital entrepreneurs who are wistful about their financiers. The agency provides impressive chances to get a potential sponsor for original ideas. So far, the company has built a robust network of financiers from the country and all over the globe. Swiss Startup Factory is a non-discriminatory program that looks forward to mentor and educates young entrepreneurs towards the establishment of their global organizations. This program provides chances for office spaces, mentoring and coaching in Zurich. For new businesses to attain their strategic goals, they must enhance their entrepreneurial networks.

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In the past few years, various people including celebrities have been fascinated by a Jewish tradition known as Kabbalah. What seems to be alarming is the fact that most of the celebrities who are attracted to this culture are not Jews and neither do they practice Jewish. Celebrities such Elizabeth Taylor, Britney Spears, and Sandra Bernhard have also found the influence of Kabbalah to be life-changing. According to Paris Hilton, she attributes her positive life to Kabbalah. According to her, when she broke up with her husband Nick Carter, she enrolled herself at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles where she found peace and joy.

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The first roots of Kabbalah Centres were planted in the year 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. Rav passed his Kabbalah wisdom to his student Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein who later passed the mantle to Rav Berg. Over the years, the Kabbalah Centres have continued to grow. As of today, there are more than 40 Kabbalah Centres globally.

Nihiwatu- Christopher Burch’s Triumphant Entry Into the Hospitality Industry

After establishing and co-founding several international retail brands such as Tory Burch and C. Wonder, and making investments in others, Chris Burch has ventured into the hospitality industry. In 2012, Burch partnered with James McBride, a hotelier, and purchased a beach hostel in Sumba, an Indonesian island. The investment costs them $30 million in renovations. They later re-opened the resort in 2015 and named it Nihiwatu.

In 2016, Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu as the best hotel in the whole world. When being interviewed by Business Jet Traveler, Burch confessed that his investment in Nihiwatu was a tribute to his children. He was hoping that the hotel would be preserved and turned into something that would benefit the community. Burch admitted that Nihiwatu had surpassed his expectations.

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Wall Street Journal reports that Burch divides his time between the Hamptons, Miami, and Nihiwatu. The luxurious resort consists of 27 private villas which include Raja Mendaka, Burch’s private residence. This particular villa has four additional villas and a main house, each featuring a private plunge pool. Nihiwatu has also been nicknamed the “edge of wilderness” due to its location on the west of Sumba. Click on for more of Nihiwatu.

About Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Burch has worked as an active investor and entrepreneur across several industries for almost four decades. Burch has been the brains behind the rise of many luxury and technology brands such as Voss Water, Jawbone, Poppin, and Faena Hotel + Universe. He formerly served as a board member of the “Continuum Group”, and “Guggenheim Capital”.

Burch’s Humble Beginning

Burch began his entrepreneurial journey while still pursuing his education at Ithaca College in 1976. He partnered with his brother and invested $2,000 to establish “Eagle’s Eye Apparel”. Burch and his brother Bob developed Eagles Eye Apparel to $165 million before selling it to “Swire Group”.  Check related article on

After selling Eagle’s Eye, Burch invested in Internet Capital Group, an IPO company involved with Internet space. Burch’s success is premised mainly on his intuitive comprehension of the basis of consumer behavior.

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Mr. Burch’s investment portfolio is very impressive to say the least. He has invested in a few international and domestic real estate ventures. These include the development of flamboyant homes in Palm Beach, Nantucket, Southampton, Florida, and New York. He also joined hands with Alan Faena and Philippe Stark to develop a poorly utilized piece of land. The parcel of land was turned into a luxury hotel: “The Faena Hotel + Universe”. Burch’s recent investment is Nihiwatu, the luxury resort that has generated a lot of publicity and recognition in the hospitality industry.

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The Remarkable Accomplishments Of Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is a famous entrepreneur and a billionaire with investments in the fashion, hospitality, and technology industries. He is the force behind Burch Creative Capital, formerly known as J. Christopher Capital, LLC. The company manages and incubates Burch’s investments and brands. In 2004, Chris in collaboration with his then wife, Tory, launched Tory Burch, LLC, and he has been the primary stakeholder in the company to date. His other notable investments include Voss Water, Aliph, and Power Mat. Burch is also the man behind the C. Wonder.   To read more about Burch Creative Capital porforlio, click

Chris was born to a middle-class family that lived in Pennsylvania. According to the earliest biography available, Chris seemed to be a poor student who could not concentrate. He had severe attention deficit disorder. Due to his condition, his elementary teachers doubted his ability to build a bright future and even told his parents to limit the hopes they had on him. Despite his situation, his parents managed to secure him a place at Tilton Prep School in New Hampshire. Thankful that the school gave him a chance, Burch went back there in 2013 after many years and donated $1.3 million.

According to, while still an undergraduate student at Ithaca College, Burch in collaboration with his brother founded Eagle’s Eye, a company that sold smart girls’ sweaters to students. To Burch, Eagle’s Eye was just a way to make ends meet during the college days. However, the start of the company marked Burch’s first step on the road to becoming a billionaire. The company grew into an indomitable giant in the fashion industry and was sold to the K-based Swire Group for $60 million.

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After establishing Eagle’s Eye, Burch became a serial investor who has participated in the raising of more than fifty firms. Chris became a billionaire in 2012 after he sold half of his 28.2% stake in Tory Burch, LLC for $650 million. In 2011, Chris founded C. Wonder, a trendy fashion brand that offers cheap and stylish clothing. The company became so popular and attracted Fidelity Investments, the company that bought 10% of the company for $35 million. Chris still maintains the majority stake and hopes to make C. Wonder an international brand.  Check this on

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Despite the fact that the OSI Group has been successful since they first started and has been able to continue to expand their business, Sheldon Lavin knows that the company needs to continue improving if they want to be able to get more out of the different situations that they are in.

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Before Sheldon Lavin worked with the OSI Group, he did not work in the food industry. He came into the business without much experience in food but he worked hard to prove that he would be successful. Before working with the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin was a financial expert.

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Chris Burch’s Magnificent Nihiwatu Resort

For nearly forty years, Christopher Burch has been an active investor and entrepreneur across a wide variety of industries. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. He is taking a new step in the industry of hospitality. In unison with hotelier James McBride, he purchased a beach hotel at the Indonesian Island in 2012. They spent approximately $30 million to renovate it and then reopened it in 2015. It is referred to as the Nihiwatu five-star resort. In 2016, it was voted as the best resort in the world regarding leisure and travel.   Click on for related reading.

During an interview with Burch, he said that he bought the hotel for his children and so as to give back and preserve the community. He also said that Nihiwatu turned out to be more than he had expected. Wall Street Journal says that Mr. Burch divides his time to be in the Hamptons, Miami, and his resort. Chris has a private home called Raja Mendaka in Nihiwatu, which is among 27 private villas. His Raja Mendaka consists of the main villa and four additional ones. Each of the five villas has a private plunge pool.  Check this must-read interview of Burch on

Mr. Burch is a great contributor to luxury and multiple technology brands, including Poppin, Faena Hotel + Universe, Voss Water, and Jawbone. He was formerly a board member of the Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital. In 1976, his entrepreneurial excellence began when he was still studying at the Ithaca College. Together wit his brother, they decided to invest a total amount of $2,000 to begin the Eagle’s Eye initiative. They then sold the business to Swire Group after its worth had grown to $165 million. He became an identified IPO story on the Internet as he was one of the first investors in the Internet Capital Group.  More to read on

He launched a home, accessories, and an apparel decor retailer in the year 2011. He later sold it to Xcel Brands. Interesting news here.  In 2014, he partnered with Ellen DeGeneres, a famous entertainer, to open her lifestyle brand. Later in the year, he launched Cocoon9 which are luxury homes with unique designs, exemplary finishes, floors that are space saving and have energy saving features. Currently, he supports the advancement of consumer products and lifestyle brands which range from organic foods, retail, technology industries, and home furnishing to the hospitality department. Christopher has been President of the co-operative board of Pierre Hotel, and a member of the board of Rothman Institute. He has also contributed to funding philanthropic and research initiatives in some institutions.  For Burch timeline activities update, click on

For an in-depth look at Burch Creative Capital, visit its website at


Sujit Choudhry – Supporting the Need for Constitutional Amendments in Emerging Democracies

Sujit Choudhry is famously known for being the founding director of Center for Constitutional Transitions. He is a prominent name in the field of comparative and constitutional law and has formed the organization mentioned above to generate, research, and mobilize the knowledge about the methodologies, applications, and principles of Comparative Constitutional Law. Sujit Choudhry recently gave an interview to the leading magazine named CEOCFO, where he discussed his career, life, and his future goals.

In the interview with the Senior Editor of CEOCFO Magazine, Lynn Fosse, Sujit Choudhry spoke about the benefits he received as an immigrant who had an opportunity to travel across the globe and study law at prestigious institutions like Toronto University, Harvard University, and Oxford Law School. Sujit Choudhry said that as the world moves forward, there is a dire need for the emerging democracies to make the necessary amendments in their legal system. Sujit Choudhry says that the comparative law and its methodologies play a significant role in making these revisions and helps the policy makers with the evidence-based knowledge to take crucial decisions and for agenda-setting.   For the full interview, click on

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The Center for Constitutional Transition was founded as a mean to generate as well as propagate the importance of Comparative law globally. Sujit Choudhry said in the interview that if he had means and the funding to put form an organization, he would make one that would discuss various case laws from across the globe on the constitution as it would make a huge impact on constitutionalism in general. Sujit Choudhry has spoken extensively on the subject of comparative law over the years in over a dozen countries at relevant legislation and constitution based conferences. For Sujit’s recent timeline activities, hit

Sujit Choudhry has written many books on law and has published over 90 articles, book chapters, papers, and reviews on comparative law and constitution over the years. Click this recently written article by Sujit on  Sujit Choudhry is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at Berkeley Law College and has also worked as an Assistant Professor at the Toronto University. Sujit Choudhry has helped many countries in their constitution building process, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa, and others. Related article to read on

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Top highlights on Chris Burch Business Ventures

Chris Burch has co-founded numerous retail brands that are internationally known like Tory Burch and C. Wonder; he is now taking his entrepreneur eye to the hospitality industry. Together with James McBride, who is an hotelier, Burch bought a beach hostel on the Islands of Indonesia in 2012. The two spent $30 million renovating the hostel transforming it into a five-star resort known as Nihiwatu. The resort was opened in 2015. The hotel has received recognition and admiration, in fact, in 2016, Travel + Leisure named it the best hotel in the world. Burch told Business Jet Travelers in 2005 that he had bought the business for his children as something that he hopes they can preserve and offer back to the community. His inspiration to make the hotel the best is the beautiful palette which he says drives him to do things that he cannot do in other places, and create something that is unique. He is impressed with the way the hotel turned out to be. The Wall Street Journal says that Burch splits his time between The Hamptons, Miami, and Indonesia. Nihiwatu has 27 private villas inclusive of Chris Burch and Raja Mendake private homes.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch was born in 1953 and is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Capital and the co-founder of Tory Burch LLC. He is also an investor of Guggenheim Partners. In the year 2012, he became a billionaire and was in fact profiled by Forbes in his annual The World’s Billionaires, check this on  Burch started working while taking his undergraduate at Ithaca College in 1976. He started his business ventures by producing sweaters and selling them door-to-door on campus, and his operation grew to other retail stores. Check for additional article.  Over the decade the company expanded to making $140 million in sales with over 50 retail stores. It was sold to Swire Group in 1989. In 2004, he founded Tory Burch where he was the co-chairman. In 2012, he sold the company retaining 28.3% shares. In 2008, he started Burch Creative Capitals initially known as J. Christopher Capital LLC.

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In the year 2004, one of the partners who helped in the development of Faena Hotel+Universe which is located in Buenos Aires. In the same year, he invested in Faena House which is a South Beach Development. In 2006, he then founded J.B Christopher, which is a supplier of materials used in constructions. In 2011, he and his partner Austin Hearst completed the development of Nantucket, Massachusetts which is a $19 million luxury home. In 2013, he bought Nihiwatu creating a 27 villa estate resort.  Hop over to for more interesting news.