Jacob Gottlieb: How Altium Capital’s CEO is redefining Healthcare Investment in the U.S.

Jacob Gottlieb recently grabbed the headlines by founding his latest healthcare firm widely known as Altium Capital. As a seasoned expert in the healthcare industry, Mr. Jacob Gottlieb has progressively cultivated an unrivaled reputation for discovering and promoting high-quality healthcare services. Previously known for Founding and managing Visium Asset Management, the ambitious and creative entrepreneur deemed it necessary to create Altium as his latest challenge in his illustrious career.

Unknown to most people, his impressive knack for investing and developing companies began at quite an early age. By winning a stock picking contest, Jacob Gottlieb remarkably gained his first recognition and subsequently built on it to advance academically and professionally with the aid of his parents. As a magna cum laude graduate student from Brown University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, the young and creative health physician harnessed his unrivaled craft to pursue medicine at the St. Vincent Hospital. Not only did the experience serve as an eye opener but also allowed him to explore the vast financial opportunities on Wall Street.

An Insight into His Illustrious Career

Jacob Gottlieb’s remarkable career kicked off while serving as a freelance analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. This unique opportunity afforded him with ample opportunity to advance his education and attain the highly coveted Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) distinction in 2001. Not contented with his thirst for education, Mr. Gottlieb eventually attained the healthcare portfolio manager’s position at Merlin Biomed Group as a unique opportunity to advance his career. With every new position, Gottlieb clinched stellar recommendations that ultimately contributed to offering his services for Balyasny Asset Management (BAM) which proved to be the icing on his remarkable career. Not only was he young and ambitious but also a visionary with a unique mission to transform the health sector.

Up-Close with Visium Capital Management

At its core, Visium boasts a talented team that includes Jacob Gottlieb and other skilled colleagues with an eye for business excellence. Armed with an exceptional reputation, Jacob Gottlieb instantly earned investors’ trust and subsequently raised $300 million in venture capital funding. In the backdrop of such substantial funding, Gottlieb is credited with steering the company to astronomical success with the aid of seasoned portfolio managers and skilled staff members.

At the peak of its valuation, Visium boasted of an $8 billion market cap and boasted of over 170 employees spread across San Francisco, London and New York. Through his exceptional leadership skills and unrivaled business acumen, Jacob Gottlieb is credited with partnering Altium Capital with Sellas Life Sciences and Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.

How One Man Left His Career For Entrepreneurship

Born in João Pessoa, Brazil, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade became a well-known doctor in Brazil. In 1979, Dr. Carlos pursued entrepreneurship when he opened his new company called ‘CAOA‘ after closing a bankrupt dealership onto him. The company became a success in under six years.

His dream was only one-stop closer, as Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade wasted no time when the Brazilian market allowed imported vehicles in the country. The company started importing vehicles of the French franchise Renault. CAOA officially imported Subarus in 1998, and the Hyundai models in 1999, making CAOA its leading import segment.

2007 was the year Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade‘s dream came true. The partnership with Hyundai and CAOA allowed him to build an auto manufacturer. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade spent USD $600million dollars building his Hyundai factory in Brazil. It’s the first Hyundai factory in the District of Anápolis. His hard work-ethic granted him the title of ‘Entrepreneur of the Year in Industry’ by IstoÉ Dinheiro Magazine in 2007.

In 2010, CAOA received an award by IstoÉ Dinheiro for reusing waste from vehicle production and advocating the reforestation of the Brazilian Midwest. In those consecutive three years, the CAOA was recognized as the “Most Admired” company by Carta Capital. In 2012, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade won “Distributor of the Year.” This award made him the first distributor outside Europe to receive this recognition. During the following years of 2014 and 2017, CAOA was ranked first in and after sales from the satisfaction survey by the JD Power Institute.

In 2017, the automobile distribution companies CAOA, and Chery partnered in a joint agreement to launch CAOA CHERY, a Brazilian automaker. The partnership aims to bring the high quality and excellent work standards in sales experience CAOA has, combined with Chery’s advanced technologies.

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William Saito’s Unique Approach To Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a growing field, but it has a rich history behind it. Keeping our computers safe takes talent, and the leading figures in cybersecurity have plenty of it. William Saito stands out among cybersecurity experts for his skill. He understands how cybersecurity threats begin, and he’s using that knowledge to end them. His cyber crisis management firm has created groundbreaking innovation other cybersecurity professionals take it for granted. While William Saito has influenced cybersecurity, he continues to seek more ways to introduce new ideas.


William Saito made the decision to become a cybersecurity professional with confidence. In a recent interview, Saito claims “I’ve always been curious about how things work.” His love for understanding technology is crucial to his work. Most cybersecurity threats come from programming flaws. Learning about these flaws is the first step towards fixing them. Saito examines how the flaws are exploited, and he creates solutions designed to fix them. He fixes known flaws when he sees them, but William Saito anticipates threats when possible. Predicting the next cybersecurity threat is difficult, but he carefully analyzes software to understand where potential flaws might reside. Keeping one step ahead of the competition has helped him maintain his position in cybersecurity.


The majority of William Saito’s success comes from his partnerships. He understands the importance of finding other entrepreneurs in need of help. Saito gives them the cybersecurity tools they need, and they become long-term clients. This model provides his cyber crisis management firm with consistent profits, but these clients also give him a good reputation. The reputation of a cybersecurity professional is the foundation of success. Word-of-mouth sales can generate new sales faster than conventional advertising. Professionals recognize talent when they see it.


The tech industry changes quickly, and professionals can’t afford to lose their advantage. William Saito has made himself an essential voice in cybersecurity for a reason. He understands how the industry changes and finds ways to adapt to the new circumstances. Success has taught Saito useful things, and he wants to show aspiring professionals how to reach their potential. William Saito stated “I have a need to pay forward the opportunities I was given when I was young” during an interview. He’s already taking steps to make this happen.






GoBuyside is Quite a Gamechanger

Arjun Kapur is a businessman who has seen quite a bit during his time working in the financial industry. The Johns Hopkins University economics field and Stanford University business Master’s graduate was heavily involved in the industry when he started keying in on a glaring fact. As the technology revolution advanced, the hiring process involved in recruiting for the financial sector was not advancing along with it and was getting mired in a state of inefficiency. It was at this point that Arjun Kapur conceived the concept for the move that he is the most well known for in business circles. This move was the founding of GoBuyside.

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GoBuyside is a really revolutionary concept in the financial industry. The specialized recruitment platform is specifically designed to provide an atmosphere of transparency during the recruiting process for work in the financial sector. This in turn ends up being a benefit to employers and employees because everything is out in the open. The fact is that hiring for the financial industry is becoming more competitive at a steady rate. Arjun Kapur recognized this fact and wanted to do something about it. This is where GoBuyside succeeds. In providing a platform that had financial industry recruitment needs in mind, Arjun Kapur has created something truly impressive.

GoBuyside is certainly keeping Arjun Kapur busy these days. On any given day he is up early working on any number of challenging and critical issues that the firm faces in maintaining top quality in its operations. A typical GoBuyside day for Arjun Kapur will see him working in areas such as technology, management and overall business strategy. This is the commitment that he has made in order to ensure that GoBuyside is able to continue to provide its clients with the highest possible quality of services.

Educational Reform Activist Betsy DeVos

The United States secretary for education, Mrs. Betsy DeVos has almost spent her entire life pursuing social reforms. She is always looking for solutions to problems both in business and politics. She was born in 1958 in a wealthy family and raised in a church in Holland, in the Midwestern state of Michigan. She went to a Christian school in the Grand Rapids region called Calvin College. She is married to Dick DeVos, and they have four adult children. Over the years, they have garnered lots of attention due to their massive contributions and donations to both political and religious causes.

Mrs. DeVos has been leading action committees for political parties, party organizations and various campaigns for more than three decades. She was involved in politics while in campus and went on to serve as the chairperson of the Republican Party in Michigan for six years. Her husband lost out in the 2006 Michigan gubernatorial race on a Republican ticket. It is her tireless campaign for the school choice movement, however, that made her stand out to the public in her advocacy for school reforms.

In an interview, Mrs. DeVos says that there is optimism in the movement as there are more than thirty private-choice programs which are funded publicly and accommodate about 250,000 students in seventeen states. She says that in 2012, new programs were introduced in states such as Mississippi, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Virginia and Pennsylvania, and others expanded in Arizona, Ohio, and Florida. DeVos adds that her involvement in the movement did not stem from a single incident but rather gradually. She once visited a Christian school alongside her husband, where many parents of low-income status were struggling to pay fees for their children.

The DeVoses began supporting individual students in the school and later made more substantial commitments to support the school, something they do till today. They continued supporting low-income parents so that they could be able to take their children to their schools of choice. She began a foundation to help in these efforts while her husband was elected in the State Board of Education in 1990. They soon realized that only a few parents were able to access the scholarship fund as opposed to many deserving parents who never got hence they saw the need to begin the movement.

They continued pushing for educational choice in Michigan until they decided to do it on the national level. They, therefore, formed the American Federation for Children which has affiliations to the Alliance for School Choice. The federation has an action fund which has helped it to organize its activities better. The education secretary notes that Florida has been the federation’s most significant success because it has a scholarship program with tax credits and currently has more than 50,000 students going to schools that their families have chosen. Mrs. DeVos also adds that there is progress in Indiana and Louisiana and there is hope for massive adoption of educational choice.


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The Rise of DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

Introduction and Early Life

From a humble background in Dubai to a billionaire, Hussain Sajwani has managed to define his path of sucess by working smart and hard. While he was growing up as a young man, Hussain Sajwani saw the struggles that his family went through, especially his mother. His mother used to hawk clothes around to earn a living. Young Hussain worked hard and was among the lucky few to get a scholarship of traveling to the United States for an Undergraduate degree. He enrolled at the University of Washington where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in Economics.


After the completion of his education, he got a job with one of the Abu Dhabi gas company as a contracts manager. After working for some time, he realized that a white-collar job was not in his blood, but instead entrepreneurship defined who he was ever since he was a young boy working with his father. Therefore, he started a catering firm by the name of DAMAC. Among his first clients was the American military. The influx of people to the Middle East gave him an opportunity to go back home and expand his catering industry.

Later he realized that the flocking number of people in the Middle East needed luxury apartments to buy and therefore, DAMAC Properties was born. The company builds high-end apartments for the clients. The interior is done by Versace and Ferrari. Currently, DAMAC Properties has managed to make about 19,000 units, as well as 40,000 units, are still underway.

Hussain Sajwani, through DAMAC Properties, has managed to build a golf course that was designed by Tiger Woods and run by the Trump Organization. He is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the president of DAMAC Group of companies. Despite being born from a poor background, Hussain Sajwani was known for his ambition and determination to succeed.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Together with the government of Dubai, Hussain Sajwani has volunteered to support the one million Arab Coders initiative free of charge. Furthermore, DAMAC Foundation has contributed a lot of money to help children and women around the world. Check out this video featuring Hussain Sajwani!

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Gareth Henry the gay activist

Gareth Henry was born on 10 August the year 1991. Moreover, Gareth Henry is a male Jamaican badminton player. He contested at the Commonwealth Games in the year 2014, together with 2011 and 2015 Pan American Games. Henry Gareth was a member the national group that won the men’s group a bronze medal at the Pan Americans Men’s group Championships in 2018. He once collaborated with Samuel O’Brien Ricketts and received the men’s doubles gold at 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games. Gareth Henry got into the international headlines in Jamaica four years ago when he got beaten by several policemen in front of 200 people who trapped him in a Kingston pharmacy.

Later on, in the year 2008, the leader of the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians and Sexual and Gays (J-Flag), went to hide in Canada following many of death threats. He was given an asylum.

The 35-year-old gay social worker and a rights activist are currently one of the two co-petitioners giving the legal challenge against his former homeland at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

“I was with J-Flag for an approximate of four years,” Gareth Henry stated on a trip to London this month. “During the time 13 of my close friends were murdered.” He identified many of the bodies. “I took on as the head of the organization after the death of former leader, Brian Williamson. The former leader was stabbed to death in an anti-gay attack in 2004.”

On three events, Henry Gareth said, he suffered and encountered violence by police officers. The most violent occasion was on Valentine’s Day, in the year 2007, it was when a team of gay men was chased inside of the Monarch pharmacy in Kingston by a big mob.

According to his explanations to the commission, the police officers were summoned but they were extremely abusive when they came. One of the police officers asked him if he looked like a “batty man” later on all the other four policemen started beating him with their guns.

Simply Compassionate

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon who has worked in Dallas, Texas for more than 20 years. During his career, he has been passionate about body augmentation. He also advocates for making plastic surgery safe for all patients involved in Texas and around the country. His practice is well-known seeing thousands of patients from abroad for augmentation services. His practice is solely owned by him and employs 12 other surgeons that have the same passion for plastic surgery as him.

He is board certified and has extensive experience in the field of plastic surgery, with great success in helping his patients achieve their body image goals. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is also affiliated with several hospitals in the Dallas Texas area, with Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center just to name a few. He has advocated for safety in plastic surgery since his introduction to the industry and he was awarded the certification of appreciation for most compassionate doctor in 2012. He has received very high-ranking and reviews among his patients and his contributions to the field of plastic surgery and augmentation has been many.

Although plastic surgery is an ever-changing profession Dr.Jejurikar looks forward to the future with an ideal of a healthy amount of balance of career as well as personal life. Dr. Jejurikar, has endured many grueling hours learning and perfecting his craft now he’s taking this time to live his life while enjoying the simply things such as time with family and all the special occasions.

Jim Toner Guide Into Investing In Real Estate Ventures

The real estate sector can be cited as being one of the most lucrative investment ventures in the globe. It registers steady growth that guaranteeing a return on the invested resources. An investor has the option of either renting or reselling the acquired properties to generate profits. Regardless of the decision taken, there are also problems and pitfalls that may lead to financial losses. It is critical to understand market dynamics in the sector and ways that they can be addressed. Jim Toner offers investment and financial coaching services that seek to empower investors and make them more informed. Jim Toner is a popular radio show host and equals his audiences on tips to build wealth. He regards real estate ventures as being one of the ways that people can attain huge returns within a short period.

Real estate investor Jim Toner coaching services are a product of over 25 years of experience. The period has allowed him to monitor the different trends in the market. In 2002, he received the National Leadership Award. The Award indicates that he is an innovative, committed and productive business leader. Jim Toner works closely with business associates such as Romana Akrouche, banking and mortgage experts. Through proper training and monitoring, it is possible to reap big in the sector. His articles and books are essential tools to investors in the real estate market. Not only are they well researched, but there are also practical and implemented in the past.

Jim Toner Contribution to the Society

Over the years, Jim Toner has remained committed to transforming the society by helping the needy persons. An example can be cited in his housing and financial services to veterans and homes families. By addressing the economic problem facing marginalized groups, he has been able to transform their lives positively. Jim Toner is an active member of Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Foundation that offers housing services to different groups. Likewise, he is also a member of the Salvation Army. Being considerate of the welfare of the community members is in line with the corporate social responsibility of his real estate ventures. There are many insights and strategies that one can learn from the experience of real estate entrepreneur.

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What Does Immigration, McDonald’s and OSI Group have in Common

What does immigration, McDonald’s and OSI Group all have in common? The hamburger patty created by an immigrant that served millions of McDonald’s customers has developed into the major food corporation OSI Group. The story of this company is a story of American economics, American immigration and how anyone can see their dreams come true if they work hard enough.

The foundations of this company come down to one thing. The quality meat that first started the company is the cause for why this company has exploded with growth. They deliver consistency in all of their meat patties. Creating a consistent product has allowed the company to be able to transport food and food related products for long distances. This pleases customers who have restaurants, stores and locations spread out everywhere.

OSI Group got its start in Chicago, Illinois. It slowly spread out to a close suburb due to its immense growth. Once the founder’s sons took over, they took their father’s small meat market to new heights. When McDonald’s was first getting started, the franchising meat model was brand new. McDonald’s had to be meticulous in who they chose to be their supplier of meat. They had heard about Otto & Sons. So, Otto & Sons became the producer of meat for the burger chain.

Decades followed with the family ran business taking on new leadership. New leadership had the skills and insight to expand their company. The meat company began opening more facilities outside of the Chicago area. They opened a facility in Utah. Then they opened more facilities all over North America. They became a dominant player in food production and distribution in North America.

Today, OSI Group is focused on tapping into new markets. They have made acquisitions of food brands in Europe. This will expand their customer base in places like the United Kingdom. They have additional markets in Australia and Asia. They want to open more facilities that will allow them to more effectively meet their customers growing demand. Their chairman sees the future of the company being one that erases its environmental footprint. As more facilities open, the chairman will work to make sure these facilities are sustainable.

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