How to Improve Your Wikipedia Article Writing Skills

Writing Wikipedia articles can sometimes be difficult for beginners to properly format and compose an article. Like any other writing system or platform would have, Wikipedia has its own set of rules that is unique from any other encyclopedias and needs to be studied before creating or editing articles to make business Wiki pages.

Wikipedia is easy to read, and it is because of the rules that Wikipedia users should follow. A complete list of rules can be found on Wikipedia’s official website, and is it very long, and can be learned in a relatively short period of time.

Wikipedia is not a scholarly source, but it should be treated as one. Cite all the sentences that use facts from other resources, because readers will not take an article or piece of literature as true unless the information in the article is either common sense or from a trusted source.

Get Your Wiki is a website devoted to creating, editing, and translating Wikipedia articles for you or your business, or anything else that you might want an article about. Are you involved with a college that does not have a great page on Wikipedia? Or, maybe you have a business that you want to be on Wikipedia. When people search on Google or other search engines, Wikipedia is almost always in the top three results, as long as there is a page about that given topic.

People from all over the world from many different backgrounds read Wikipedia, so the content on Wikipedia should be geared towards everyone who might be a potential reader of that article or web page. You can never truly be sure of how many times your article or one you have contributed to will be translated into another language for another group of people to view, but writing in a neutral tone that does not have the potential to harm any group of people is recommended.

Sometimes, Wikipedia users will want to edit or revert an article to its original content. You may feel that the article or page should not be changed. There are ways to reserve articles on Wikipedia that cannot be edited by anyone except you, if this is the case. Or, if you have a public article, you could contact Get Your Wiki and get a free quote within 24 hours.

Wikipedia writing is not the easiest thing to do, but with ample practice, you will be a seasoned Wikipedia user in no time.

How Skout Has Helped This Single Lawyer

I live in the beautiful city of Columbus, Ohio. I am a successful lawyer and have my own firm. I have numerous clients, win many cases and have a good reputation in the community. I am a single woman in her 40’s and the one thing that I don’t have is the coveted title of Mrs. I have wanted a husband since I was 7 years old. I used to play in my mom’s old dresses and try to imagine the day when I walked down the aisle to meet my price. It’s been quite some time though and I still haven’t met my prince. The title of spinster just doesn’t sound as good these days. I long for a man to share my life with, but I just cannot find someone of quality. Once people know I am a lawyer they all either want free legal advice or the fortune they think I have. I need a way to meet a person that doesn’t hang out in the bar, a church or some other activity that I don’t have time for.

I was scrolling through the internet preparing for one of my briefs when I saw an ad for Skout. I am big on the social media scene because that is the only way I really have time to communicate with family and friends. I know that making time for a boyfriend is going to be hard, but I will make time for the right person. I have tried online dating one too many times. I have met freaks, weirdos and the occasional religious fanatic. I have found those that have lied and those that just weren’t a good match for me. Skout is different than other online dating sites according to First, it is an app that you can meet people through your cell phone. You can customize the app to meet people with similar interests. It wasn’t started as a dating or friendship app, but the owners saw the real potential to meet others through this site and it just grew from there.

It is totally free to sign up with an account, which is another plus for this site. You upload your picture and set up a wall, similar to that of other social media sites. The thing I like about this is that you can block people that you don’t like or don’t want to see your information. Because of privacy and being an attorney, I need to make sure that I am not dealing with con artists. If you do have a problem, all you have to do is constant customer support. They are quick to respond with help to any questions you may have. They also take problems on their site seriously. If someone is causing problems, they take care of it immediately. I am hoping that with the use of this new app that I will be able to find someone of quality to spend some time with. So far I have a couple people that I am interested in. If nothing else, I am having a ball on Skout and can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

Frans Schoeman Has Decades of Experience

What is the best thing about working with Frans Schoeman on if you need legal services in South Africa? By far and away, all of the clients who have worked with him in the past have said that his experience is the key to the whole thing. He has literally been working in this field for decades, having started all the way back in 1990. It gives him a ton of insight and the ability to understand exactly what he needs to do for his clients. This is a tough industry to work in, and only the best make it. By his track record, you can see that he really is one of the best.

Additionally important is the fact that he started working instantly after he got done with school. He got his degree, after a few years of study, in 1990. That same year, he began working in the industry, and he has never looked back. This shows just how good he was as soon as he got out of school. It takes a lot of graduates a little while to learn what they need to do to make it and work for real – it’s all very different than school – but Frans Schoeman was the exception to the rule.

This also shows his high level of motivation, which he still has to this day. He didn’t want to waste any time. He didn’t want to sit around for a few years, like so many other people do, trying to figure out exactly what he felt like doing with his degree. He just wanted to get to work, and he jumped right into it. He knew from the very beginning that he could be the best, and he let this drive him and shape his career. He did not think this to be arrogant, but simply because he knew that he would not let anything hold him back. That’s the type of attitude that you have to have to be the best, and it has served him well.

He still brings that same attitude to every single court case. He wants to win and he knows that he can – and will. He’s as motivated as ever, often working far harder than people expect in order to get great results. In the law field, working hard is something you must do every single day, on every single case, not just at the beginning of your career. Frans Schoeman knows this, as well, and so he has stuck to his dedication and motivation even though he has all of this experience.

The legal field has changed in some ways since 1990, but by working so hard and always being on the forefront of these changes, Frans Schoeman has made sure that he’s still the best option for the job. He brings an incredibly professional mindset to every case, and that’s reflected in his record. Anyone who hires him can be sure that they will get this same mindset of motivation and dedication to winning.

Handybook Is Expanding, Rebranding and Redesigning

Handy is the ultimate service for the “very busy” and “just enjoying life” user. This new business brand is rapidly growing and the need for this type of business isn’t going to slow down anytime shortly.

When you think all the great ideas of starting a new innovative business has been thought of, a couple of Harvard students pull another marvelous idea out of their bag in their dorm room closet. That’s right when they weren’t cramming for exams, they were already utilizing their education and future degree. This idea was kicked around the dorm room for a little while, but once their plan started to come together, they knew they had something that would take wing and fly.

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua have opened the home services industry door and created an easy way to manage the chores and repairs of everyday living. Presently operating in 13+ cities through the USA and opening four new offices in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The operation is taking off as Handy on techcrunch buys businesses to manage the cleanup. In January 2015, they purchased a West Coast cleaning business called Exec for a little under $10 million.

In addition to the ease of service, the clients receive the ease of ordering the service. An online application allowing you to easily describe the service you require such as housekeeping needed. You complete the information online such as how many rooms you would like cleaned, your zip code, the start time for the job, and you receive a quoted price with tax and tip included. If you choose to accept the price and terms, use your credit card information on file and the job is scheduled.

On the flip side of this service, Handybook offers job seekers the advantage of freelancing, steady pay, and the flexibility of scheduling work. Handybook uses the 1099 form approved arrangements for payment. This service is a win-win for freelancers trying to increase their annual income to apply for loans, earn additional money, or to increase their annual earnings figure.

To become a freelancer 1099 employee, you must pass the background and reference checks, as with any reputable business. Hanrahan stated that the screening process is harder than the entrance exam to get into Harvard University. They are looking for the prominent freelancer to fill the needs of their growing business. These entrepreneurs are in business to stay in business and provide their clients with the results they expect.

Umang Dua, Chief Operating Officer, stated it has been two years since the launch of Handybook, and they hit $1 million per week in sales. Hanrahan notes that their freelance staff earn between $15.00 and $22.00 per hour with an average of $18.00 per hour.

Their growth pattern has skyrocketed and they have had to redefine their business with the redesign of software for the mobile users, new branding, and refocus. They anticipated these changes but hadn’t predicted the escalation of activity would happen this quickly. They are embracing the growth and looking at themselves as providing the needed service beyond cleaning homes, which is the bulk of their business at this time.

Doe Deere: Proud to be Bold

Doe Deere, the face behind the successful beauty line Lime Crime located in sunny Los Angeles, started her online makeup business on eBay in 2004 as “limecrime”, where she sold self-modeled products from her DIY fashion line. Colorful makeup, Deere says, was “part inspiration, part necessity” since she saw that bright, wacky colors were not as readily available as she would have liked, and wanted to help provide that for others. Launched in 2008, Lime Crime has since grown from a simple eBay store to a much larger and successful business.

Of course, Lime Crime’s road to success has had its bumps along the way. In 2014, Lime Crime’s security was hacked and private customer information was stolen, and Deere and her company had to work hard to regain customer trust in the Lime Crime brand. “We rallied and worked tirelessly to educate our customers,” says Deere, who describes the actions taken by Lime Crime in the wake of the incident, which included improving their Customer Care help, updating the website FAQ, setting up an call center and email system to directly help customers affected by the leak, and lastly partnering with security experts Trustwave and Norton to try and prevent any similar incidents from happening in the future.

When it comes to inspiration, Deere cites Kimberly Gordon, the starter of the fashion brand Wildfox, as her most important role model. Gordon also launched her brand at around the same time as Lime Crime, and like Doe Deere and her brightly colored cosmetics, Gordon was passionate about the unique “vintage twist” products she was creating. Speaking on Gordon, Deere notes that “It’s an absolute honor to call her my friend and mentor”

As for personal accomplishments, Deere is proud of having introduced a new category to the beauty market: long-lasting liquid-to-matte lipstick, which she says she labored over for months with a chemist to get the consistency and formula just right for market. On top of that, the fact that their products are also certified as animal cruelty-free is another big win of Lime Crime. With all that has happened for her and her company over the years, Deere defines success as “making other people happy!” In other words, making sure that her creative vision can resonate with her audience and customers, as she keeps on working towards continually reinventing her brand, her products, her company, and last but not least, herself, without compromising any of her core values.

How Did Kyle Bass Get So Rotten?

Kyle Bass is an American investment professional who is known for his correct prediction of the 2008 financial crisis, which was the result of large banks in the United States giving too many loans out to people who were not qualified for loans. Some of those people who received loans started to default on them in 2007, and then many people started to default, just like a landslide. In 2008, some of those banks had to file bankruptcy and that subsequently resulted in the 2008 economic recession.

Kyle Bass must be a very successful investor if he was able to pull a prediction like that off, right? Wrong! Since his brilliant prediction in 2008, Bass has had a terrible run. Last year, his hedge fund, Hayman Capital Management, lost around thirty percent of its worth. Anyone could imagine how mad his investors are.

Bass is a known investor in General Motors. A few years ago, General Motors had to issue a massive recall of all cars with a certain type of tire on them, because the Firestone tires that were provided to GM were faulty. The faulty tires were not caught during test drives, unfortunately, which led to many injuries and a few deaths from the faulty tires.

When Kyle Bass was asked about what he thought of the GM recall, he claimed that people driving the faulty cars were at fault for the faulty tires. Where is the logic in this? Kyle Bass clearly must not have much when it comes to the business world.

Between the years of 2010 and 2014, Kyle Bass incorrectly predicted Japan’s economy to collapse. Yes, five years in a row, he predicted it would collapse. Guess what? Japan’s economy has not had a recession since Bass made the prediction, which proves that Bass is wrong.

Kyle Bass has made many terrible career decisions, and it is hard to say exactly which decision takes the cake. The comments about the drivers being at fault for the faulty General Motors vehicles is undoubtedly sleazy, but it is guaranteed that there are worse things Bass has done that the media does not know about.

Somehow, Kyle Bass has been on many major news networks, a number of time. He has provided tips and tricks to eager investors who are willing to learn; investors in need of suggestions so they can stay afloat. Many of the predictions Kyle Bass has made have turned out to false assertions, and have caused people to lose money. It seems smart to not listen to Kyle Bass if one ever sees him on a major news network – or, one could listen to his advice, but make sure to do the opposite of what he says.

A Woman That Fights For Human Rights

Yeonmi Park is a very brave young woman that has went through many different things in her young life, shared her story on youtube. Park was originally born in the North of Korea. She basically had a normal North Korean life, and she really had no idea that life could be better for her elsewhere. When she was very young she witness her first act of violence done by the government. Her friends mom had purchased and sold movies that were from other countries on the black market. The government found out about it and the woman was publicly executed. Park felt a true sense of injustice after that act, but as a child she was powerless. Later on in her life she watched the American movie, “Titanic.” Even though it was just a movie to some, to Park it was something that truly changed the way that she was life. She had never been taught that a person should die for love, she only thought that people should die for their country, it really changed the way that she saw North Korea.

When she was just a teen her father was arrested and put in prison. The life of her and her family changed at that moment, because their way of living went drastically down, because her father had committed a crime against the government. Her father was released later because he became ill in prison, and he was determined to get his family out of North Korea. He was able to get Yeonmi, her mother and her sister to China, but he stayed behind a while. On their Journey to South Korea Yeonmi and her mother suffered many tragedies in the hands of the human traffickers. Eventually they got to China and they were able to meet up with her dad, but only for a while, because he passed away from his disease, and Yeonmi was left to bury him all alone.

Her mom and her made it to South Korea, and found her sister, that had went before them. It was a good but sad reunion. Now Parks is a free soul and she has become well known all over the world as a human rights activist. She is a person that wants to help liberate North Korea, and she wants to world to know about all of the atrocities that are committed by this twisted government. In north Korea the people really do not have a voice. Everything that they do and say is control, and that is the reason that many North Koreans feel Trapped. Yeonmi wants to be the voice of her people and she is doing all that she can to fight for human rights for all.

Putting Back Pain To Rest

Back and neck pain are very common problems that people encounter throughout their life. Depending on the cause of the pain (such as a bulging or herniated disk), and the severity of the pain, some patients may decide that conventional therapies, such as physical therapy and medication, are not enough. Going under the knife can be even more frightening for most. These are the types of patients that benefit most from visiting North American Spine. North American Spine specializes in diagnosing the cause of a person’s pain and treating it in the least invasive way possible. North American Spine reviews discuss how they treat various different back and neck problems with both minimally invasive procedures and non-operative procedures.

One of the procedures that is offered to patients exclusively at North American Spine is the AccuraScope surgery. It is minimally invasive, and the entire procedure is known to only take about 45 minutes to complete. The best candidates for this procedure are those suffering from chronic back pain. Over 8,000 AccuraScope surgeries have been performed to date, with an average 82% success rate among patients. The procedure is designed to relieve pressure in the patients spine. Curaspine is another procedure offered at North American Spine, and it is similar in that it alleviates pressure on the patient’s spinal nerves.

The SecuraSpine procedure is performed to help patients who are experiencing spinal instability. It is performed by a small incision in the spinal area and is reported to help stabilize these patients. All procedures are considered minimally invasive, do not require a long period of hospitalization, and are performed at the state of the art North American Spine center in Dallas. With so many patients having gotten their lives back after living with severe pain for so long, it must feel like a breath of fresh air!

Every physician at North American Spine has undergone rigorous training and studied Orthopedic Spine Surgery and Neurosurgery, along with pain management. Patients recover much faster after surgery thanks to the small-sized incisions and expert care they receive when being treated at North American Spine. Recently featured on a local news station in Dallas, North American Spine is a Finalist for the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award in 2015.

Why You Should Get Your Pet Food From Purina

For any product which is consumable, quality assurance is a mandatory. Quality assurance is a series of some standards and important processes that are put in place to make sure that a product is safe to use, made well, high in its quality and it is consistent in all its properties.

At Purina, all these is what they do to make sure that when you take a cat food or even your dog food home, it’s very safe to eat and is made with the proper ingredients that live up to very high standards. Apart from that, you will be ensured of the consistency of their pet foods.

Purina Beneful goes above and beyond normal required procedures. They are always working to elevate their ability to track and even to monitor every single ingredient in their food, and every process that goes into making them and bringing them to the store. Although they are quite comprehensive, they surely guarantee that your pet foods are always fresh and even safe for your pet to consume.

Purina has four main values that serve as the pillars of the quality assurance. First of all, Purina Beneful on walmart believes that their people make all the difference. The company hires the best experts that can be found in the field to work in all the process of food production. Whole most companies hire a small team; Purina has 33 experts to make the production the best.

Secondly, technology is their secret ingredient. Purina actually believes in supplementing their quality practices with best and latest technology where appropriate. They have expanded the use of the said technology to help screen ingredients to ensure more purity. Purina always ensures they that they know where and who the ingredients are coming from.

Thirdly, Purina understands that their scale is their strength. Most people have a great misconception about pet food. They believe that smaller companies always have higher quality food. However, smaller companies will often have a smaller quality assurance staff, and most are not able to make their products in their own factories. This actually means that it is harder for them to comprehensively monitor the quality of their ingredients and processes.

Lastly, Purina believes that quality goes beyond the factory to the consumer. They always make sure that all pet owners have peace of mind when they feed their Purina pet food. That means that they have to be on the lookout all the time, so that they can gain the trust of pet owners.

Lately, Purina has a new brand of pet food, which is known as Beneful. This brand of dog food will help to keep your dog happy and healthy. It is made with a perfect balance of real, wholesome ingredients, with a great taste.

The Advantage of CPA Marketing

Many people are stuck working jobs they don’t like if they even have jobs. Even though they dread the next day at work with all of the hours in at the office, workplace mobbing and dirty looks from the boss, they often find themselves getting discouraged from other efforts of earning and find themselves resigned to being at the mercy of the workplace. Fortunately, there is something that people could get into without a lot of money. This is CPA marketing. It is one of those activities that one could take part in without having to pay too big of an amount of money.

TylerCruz suggested that for those that want to run their own business or work as an entrepreneur, and yet don’t have the money to buy products to sell, then CPA is a good way for people to get started in creating alternative income streams so that they do not have to live at the mercy of their jobs. They could take the time to build up their income and eventually fire their boss who was looking for the right time to terminate them.

For those that have the dream of being financially independent, it is time to make the effort to bring these dreams to reality. Many people get stuck in the dreaming stage of their goals. CPA makes it easier for people to get started. The first step is in deciding that this is the path one is going to take. The next step is in doing research and learning from as many useful sources of information as possible.

One person to start learning from is entrepreneur and CPA Marketer Ivan Ong, who has been at the beginning. He was given the dream of financial independence through the reading of Rich Dad Poor Dad. This dream has sent him on a journey which has yielded many failed efforts. Yet, it was those failed efforts that landed him in CPA Marketing. He has tried many different efforts and worked hard as well as studied. It took him years of trial and error before he saw a successful enterprise. Because of his experience, he is willing to provide others with the expertise through his coaching in order to guide people to the right way of CPA Marketing.

There is a precision and art to CPA Marketing. The art is getting the traffic. While it does sound simple, one will find that it is hard to bring in the traffic in a way that does not cost a lot of money and is legitimate. For one thing, one has to provide a lot of content, gain a lot of back links and post on social networks as well as build a huge following before one will gain rewards.