A New Chicago Business Owner Is Trying to Help Nepal Earthquake Victims

Majeed Ekbal is an entrepreneur who works in the Chicago area. He has recently started a company called Expresso Inc. This company provides a grocery delivery service to individuals who do not want to deal with the hassle of driving through traffic and purchasing their own groceries. Instead, they can use the website that has been set up by Majeed to look at thousands of different grocery items. They can choose the items, pay by cash or check, and then have them delivered to their home. Individuals who are at work can have the groceries delivered to their home and Majeed’s company will even put them in the trunk of their car so they are ready to be taken home. The whole idea is to help individuals who are busy to avoid going through traffic and the busy aisles of the grocery store.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

Majeed Ekbal is very concerned about the individuals who are still suffering as a result of the earthquake that took place in Nepal in April 2015. Not only did a huge earthquake take place on April 25, but there were many aftershocks that shook the country all the way through May 2015. This earthquake left hundreds of thousands of people homeless. It killed more than 9,000 individuals and injured many more. Because the earthquake triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest, more than 19 people died. That was the deadliest day on Mount Everest to date.

It is Majeed’s hope to raise at least $1 million to help the victims of this terrible quake. First of all, he wants to provide disaster relief, which means cleaning up the cities and providing suitable housing for victims. Second, he wants to provide medical relief. Many individuals were injured and are now dealing with sicknesses related to their injuries. The money will help them to get medicine. It will also help them to get food and have access to clean water. Individuals who donate money can be sure that their donations are not only appreciated by Majeed, but they will be appreciated by the victims. Individuals can make donations that are small and large. Majeed Ekbal has even contributed some of his own personal funds to the cause. The money will be donated to a crowdrise campaign.

Using Fresh Ingredients In Beneful Dog Food

There are not many business men who would open a can of dog food to make sure that the ingredients are to the highest quality possible. Richard Thompson is a man who does this so that he knows his company only sells the best dog food possible to customers. There are only fresh ingredients used in the gourmet food that is made at the factory Thompson operates. Because of these tactics, premium dog food sales have increased as pet owners want the foods that are made with fresh items instead of processed ingredients. Beneful is one of the foods that uses fresh ingredients in the numerous recipes that are sold on Amazon. Chicken, beef, carrots and sweet potatoes are only a few of the items that can be found in the recipes for dogs. There are brands for puppies, active dogs and those that are seniors so that they have the proper vitamins and nutrients for aging bones and muscles. There are also blends for dogs so that they have a bright smile, soft skin and coat and healthy weight. Pet owners will find that there are dry and wet foods to choose from depending on what their dog enjoys eating. Wet foods don’t come in the traditional cans. Instead, the food comes in a plastic container with a lid so that it can be stored for later if the dog doesn’t finish it all at one time. When looking at the food, owners can clearly see the pieces of vegetables that are included instead of looking at a pureed meal. Beneful also offers several types of treats for dogs, such as bones that help with tartar prevention.

Doe Deere Shows Us How to Break Fashion Rules Perfectly

Clothes are an essential part of our lives. Each day, we must make choices about what to wear as we go out into the world. In doing so, we decide on the kind of choices that best fit our needs. Someone may want to wear clothing that will just get them through the day while another person may prefer to have clothing on hand that allows them to be able to express their own inner thoughts. Someone who really and truly loves the creative side of fashion is fashion pioneer and makeup expert Doe Deere. In an article for Bustle Magazine, Deere talks about the kind of fashion rules she finds anyone can break to help them bring out their own innate creativity and personalized style.

Doe Deere is of the opinion that more is better. As she reminds us, fashion rules can be a helpful framework for the expression of basic dressing. But they can also hinder our own style and our own creativity. When we break them, we can create outfits that are all our own. This is true of all aspects of any outfit including the makeup that people wear. Makeup is an integral part of fashion and one that Deere understands quite well. Her cosmetics company, Lime Crime, is one that provides customers of all backgrounds the chance to buy makeup that breaks all the set up rules of makeup including the use of color. It is her insights and her love of color that have helped her draw a huge fan base of people who find her ideas extremely useful.

In the article, Deere tells readers about the kinds of fashion rules they can easily break at home without fear. For example, the notion dressing your age is one that people have often found idea. But, as she points out, doing so can be quite limiting and even frustrating. In our society today, many trendsetters agree with her. Some have even opted to color their hair grey and celebrate the possibility of growing older rather than being dismayed about it. Deere very much agrees with such fashion sentiments. She finds that doing so allows her the freedom to create many exciting outfits and versions of herself at the same time.

Deere also talks about the other kinds of fashion rules she likes to break. Unlike many fashion experts, she is happy to mix many brightly hued colored and patterns at the same time. She offers readers the advice that doing so can allow them to have a look that tells others they are creative and open minded at the same time. She also finds that doing so be a great way to discover new kinds of fashion. Someone might find they really love to have bright green in their live and hot pink at the same time. This can also help people have a sense of control as they decide what to wear and what looks good on them rather than relying on others for help.

Solo Capital Statistics and Summary


Solo Capital Partners LLP is a company that bases it’s operations in the financial sector and operates in the industry of financial management. The type of financial management that they have is help with finances and also agency brokerage. Other services that Solo Capital has to provide clients are investment management, securities lending, keeping assets safe and overseeing administration of assets and also principle trading services. Solo Capital is a computer software company that is primarily located in London. They have approximately fifty one to two hundred employees.

The latest annual accounts that have been released by Solo Capital were the thirty first of March in 2015. The next returns are not due to be released until the eleventh of October in 2016. The company was founded in 2011. Right now there are three directors who are operating for Solo Capital. In the beginning the first directors were Solo Capital Limited and also Mr. Sanjay Shah. Approximately twenty to forty one people are currently working for Solo Capital Limited. The amount of cash that Solo Capital has is 30.2 million pounds. The net worth of Solo Capital is 15.4 million pounds. The amount of money that Solo Capital has in assets is 67.5 million pounds, and the amount of money that Solo Capital has in liabilities is 53.2 million pounds. the type of accounts filing has been classified as full accounts.

The main business divisions of Solo Capital are propriety trading, consulting and professional sports investments. In the division of propriety trading, they mainly conduct tasks relating to FX as well as commodities and derivatives. In the division of consulting, they mainly conduct tasks relating to investment, performance and human capitol. In the division of professional sports investments, they mainly conduct tasks relating to talent acquisition, commercial advisory & representation and asset & performance management. They have a well trained team that is available to help customers in such a way that they provide cutting resolutions to problems and great customer service. You can follow then on Twitter at  and you can like like them on Facebook.

A Few Interesting Facts About Skout You Did Not Know

The internet has no doubt made a very significant difference in the way people communicate nowadays. Among the most important things the internet has introduced are simplified and much better online shopping avenues, endless job opportunities where people have started earning money online as well as better platforms for people from different places of the world to meet for friendship, marriage and even business.

Today, there is a variety of networking platforms on the Internet. Skout belongs to the creme de la creme of social networks that are well endowed with easy to use features. The platform can be easily referred to as the global platform where people with similar interests meet. Initially, it was started as a travellers’ platform that allowed people from different places of the world to interact with those that intend to visit their cities.

It gradually changed to a dating app when a few added features were introduced. With Skout, users expand their social network using just a few taps of the button. Skouting is so much fun such that when one starts, it is hard to stop. With the application, one can easily find a nearby party, make new friends as well as meeting new people anytime with the convenience of being anywhere on the globe.

Different with other platforms offering similar services, Skout allows users to search using proximity and preference. Users are able to get updates from others who are near, save the most favorite as well as buy and send gifts. With the platform, a user is not restricted when it comes to browsing profiles and pictures. It is also very easy for a user to promote their profile with additional in-app features and while at that, have the ability to unlock premium features.

When Skout first introduced its travel feature, more than 10 million members use it for taking virtual journeys being assisted by user friends in their region of interest. Typically, the virtual travellers end up turning the virtual trips into real vacations.

The Skout platform is compatible with iOS devices and available in different languages therefore not confined to only English users. The platform can also be accessed through desktop computers with the same features.

There are also different applications with diverse features that have been developed and proven to have brought a lot of change when matters related to enhancing better information relaying are concerned. For instance, the Amazon Video platform allows users to instantly have the ability to stream TV shows and movies.

Using the platform, Amazon Prime members are given the freedom to access thousands of titles to either rent or buy. The application does not confine them to just viewing; it also allows them to download for offline viewing. The best thing with the platform is the fact that it can be accessed on mobile devices unlike many others that have such features.

The internet has no doubt proved to be a very efficient tool for communication. Those in the software and applications development business have no doubt done a good job and much is expected of them in the future.

Coriant Just Hired the Amazing Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant has said that they have hired Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir as their new chief executive officer, who most recently worked at Marlin Equity Partners, the chief financier of Coriant. Coriant is an information technology-centered company that helps provide networking solutions to companies. To illustrate just how important Coriant is in its field of work, nine of the top ten tier 1 customer service companies use Coriant to arrange their control systems.

Shaygan Kheradpir has had a nearly thirty year long career in which he has worked for many important technological companies, two of the most prominent and popular being Verizon Communications and Barclays. Shaygan Kheradpir got his start working for GTE Laboratories for longer than ten years. GTE Laboratories was consumed as a business by Bell Atlantic, which ended up in forming Verizon Communications, a company that stands strong today as one of the leaders in mobile phone service and internet service.

More information about Coriant and Shaygan Kheradpir can be found on Fierce Telecom’s official website, with the link to the specific article found here http://www.fiercetelecom.com/press-releases/veteran-executive-shaygan-kheradpir-brings-deep-industry-experience-and-exp.

Coriant is trusted to provide network systems to more than one hundred companies around the world because of the great standards of products and services that they have shown already. Coriant is also chosen by many companies because of some of the records that they have set as a company. Coriant has already set the record for transmission speed using a hollow core fiber cord. This is nothing short of amazing for a technological company, or any company for that matter to come through with a groundbreaking device, invention, or setting up a groundbreaking occurrence.

Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir has been sought after by many technological companies to be the leader of their business, which only a few companies have had the privilege of having. Mr. Kheradpir originally grew up in Iran, and was born in London. He decided that it would be in his best interest to go to the United States for college because there are so many great choices to go to school in the USA. Majoring in electrical engineering with a focus in control systems, Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir has had a great career thanks to his relevant work experience and strong foundation of his education.

Dick and Betsy DeVos Among Numerous Individuals Donating to the Kennedy Center Renovations

I was very pleased to read an article posted on the Washington Business Journal website about the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts renovation project and all the generous benefactors including Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy. To raise funds for the proposed renovation the Center started a fund-raising campaign in 2013. The campaign’s goal was to raise $125 million. To date it has raised close to $140 million.

The renovation project would add a riverfront pavilion with a pedestrian walkway connecting the Center and the pavilion. The project would also add new office, dining, rehearsal and educational spaces which is of particular interest to DeVos as he owns and operates his own aviation school in West Michigan.

I learned that the Kennedy Center is a cultural icon in the Washington D.C. landscape and hosts numerous concerts, theater productions and educational programs each year. The center opened in 1971 and sees around 3 million visitors each year.

As mentioned, among the contributors to the project is Mr. Dick DeVos, the son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. Dick served as the CEO of Amway, a consumer good distribution company, from 1993-2002 until he left to begin his own company. He has also run for governor of his home state of Michigan and was listed as Forbes magazine’s 2012 67th richest person in America. 

Mr. DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos are very active in philanthropy in their home state of Michigan and abroad. In 2009 they began supporting ArtPrize in Grand Rapids Michigan. ArtPrize is an open competition for artists that is open to public voting and on display for 19 days in Grand Rapids each year. The competition is in its 6th year and has awarded artists over $3 million in prizes. 

Dick writes about his life experiences, business ventures and successes in his bestselling books Believe! and Rediscovering American Values. These not only offer insight to his personal life, but serve as encouragement to anyone pursuing careers in business. He also uses his Facebook page and Twitter feed to celebrate successes of local businesses and individuals living in his hometown of Grand Rapids.

Congratulations to the first business “graduating” from Downtown Market Grand Rapids’ Incubator Kitchen! It’s great to see new local businesses taking advantage of the many resources the market provides.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The couple has given millions in contributions to the Kennedy Center over the years. In 2010 they gave $22.5 million to the Center’s Institute of Arts Management. I learned the institute offers training for art managers and board members. The Kennedy Center renamed the Institute in the Devos honor to The DeVos Intitute of Arts Management.

To date the Kennedy Center has decided to leave the campaign to raise funds for the expansion open and hopes to raise another $50 million for new projects. With influential people like the DeVos’ in the Center’s corner I feel they will achieve that goal.

Why Status Labs Is The Best Online Reputation Management Firm

In the current world we are living in where the internet dictates to a very big deal how businesses and individual are viewed by the general public and the world as a whole, it is imperative that every business takes the necessary quick precautions when it receives negative reviews for the products or services it offers. Poor or rather negative online reviews demand very pro-active responses. One firm believer of that school of thought is Andrew Gruel whose restaurant was hit by numerous bad reviews about his prices being too high and the portions being too small.

He received the reviews in quick succession and knew that he had to act fast to save his brand’s image. He made the necessary adjustments by increasing the portions and adjusting the prices and then went ahead to send emails to the customers who had complained begging them to come back. He believes that if a businessman buys time when faced with such a challenge, things can easily go haywire and send the business to its knees. After making those adjustments, his reviews shot from one star to five stars.

Gruel believes that it is very important for a business to take time reading reviews because by so doing, it will easily identify where it goes wrong and what pro-active measures need to be taken. He also believes that a business should not be afraid to engage its critics because they foster better growth.

Status Labs is a big brand when matters related to online reputation management are concerned. It offers its clients the confidence and convenience to effectively engage with their audiences driving sales as well as participation. Since inception, the company has been on the forefront in making sure that its clients get the very best online search results and profiles.

The company has its headquarters in Sao Paulo, and it has worked with over 1500 clients from more than 35 countries. It has also worked with very prominent individuals as well as brands and helped them achieve their international goal and public relations. Status Labs is the company to engage for all matters related to online reputation management.

Coriant Solutions Company Signs a New Deal with Engineer Shaygan Kheradpir for Sustainable Growth

Shaygan Kheradpir has worked from many financial institutions since 1987, a scenario that has earned him expertise and skills. In his entire career, Kheradpir has made many contributions to the growth and development of networking solutions across the whole world.

His first jobs included working as a president of the Verizon Companies and as the Chief Information Officer at GTE Laboratories.

According to a Fierce Telecom publication, Engineer Shaygan received a promotion and was appointed as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant Solutions Limited. Coriant Solutions is a privately held Company that offers the supply of Coriant solutions to over one hundred and fifty countries around the entire world.

DiPietro has been serving as the head of this institution until the appointment of Shaygan was announced.

DiPietro currently serves as the vice chairperson of Coriant solutions and as the Operating Partner of Marlin business venture. Shaygan’s responsibilities in his new position include formulating strategic plans that will present and promote the operations of Coriant Solutions into another level.

According to Executive DiPietro, the skills and expertise owned by Mr. Shaygan will help Coriant cope with the emerging trends in mobile and telecommunications services such as the emergence of 4G and 5G in the mobile network systems. Kheradpir also possesses skills in capital market and bank distributions channels as he once worked with the Barclays Bank.

  1. DiPietro explained that Kheradpir’s professionalism will impose an added advantage to the customers of this Company. His skills are expected to help their clients cope with the changing market situations and survive stiff competition in the market.

Kheradpir implied that he was very much honored to work in Coriant Solutions. He said that he was focused on improving the growth and expertise of the company to another level.

To know more regarding the appointment of Kheradpir as the president of Coriant Company, pay a visit to the following link http://www.fiercetelecom.com/press-releases/veteran-executive-shaygan-kheradpir-brings-deep-industry-experience-and-exp

To conclude, Kheradpir has greatly influenced the technological advancements of Coriant Solutions. His entrepreneurial skills will position the Company into a better place.

Showcase Your Digital Footprint with Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher is the CEO of the online reputation management company, Status Labs. Status Labs rose to relative fame this past summer thanks to their stalwart defense of the victims involved in the Ashley Madison hack. Fisher himself has been a proponent of internet privacy and maximizing your digital portfolio. In order to help every day people harness their digital footprint we saw Fisher put together a list of tips that you can put into action at any time. The following tips are geared toward helping users turn their digital profile into a powerful marketing tool.

Understand Your Presence
The first thing that Darius Fisher suggests to users is to take a moment to find out just what the internet has collected on them. Whether you are searching for your business or your own name, you should head to Google and dial in a few searches. Find out exactly what the search engines have collected and then decide how you feel about those results. If you see outdated information then go ahead and update the info through those specific websites. If you feel like there is inaccurate information on display then go ahead and send an email in to the hosts of that info and get it changed.

Monitor for Data Brokers
One of the biggest scourges on the internet, right now anyway, is the digital data broker. These data brokers use search crawlers in order to collect information from social media and other popular platforms. This info is then compiled into a profile that makes it appear as if the user agreed to put all of their information in one place. Darius Fisher warns people that these brokers have no vetting process so the information is never actually guaranteed to be accurate. If you see your info being compiled into a data broker then send in a message and request it be removed.

Create New Content
The fastest way to shape your online image is by creating content that gets seen by more and more people. Create new media related to your brand and have that be what people first see when they search for you.