Protect your retirement and live healthier with help from The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is a consultancy group that wants to help you reach success in life. They want to help you be able to retire when you want to and help you live life to the fullest.

How they can do this is simple. If you are an entrepreneur, they can offer you the capital you need to be able to help others in the fields of real estate, finance, natural health, and entrepreneurship. Their goal on is to help you help others, and in the process, you grow.

The entire process is very simple. You start with an easy consultation with experts at The Midas Legacy. When you become a member, you are given a free guide that gives you tips to helping you build and protect your wealth so you can retire when you want. The free guide is called The Midas Code.

After you become a member, you will be directed into business sectors with the assistance of a mentor. The sole goal of this mentor is for you to reach the level of success you want with The Midas Legacy.

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Real Estate Riches

Fire your boss with a smile

Jim Samson is just one of these experts and mentors within the group. He is a successful entrepreneur, trader, and has about two decades in the real estate business. He brings a wealth of knowledge to The Midas Legacy on, as he is also a best-selling author.

Sean Bower is an active business author. He has published many articles on finance and is a frequent contributor to The Midas Legacy website. He has substantial finance knowledge.

Mark Edwards is a pro when it comes to natural health cures and is the one person drug companies don’t like. He knows that people spend much of their hard earned money on prescription medications to try to become healthy, and he also knows that you can do it better the natural way.

The Midas Legacy is a group that contributes to charities that are in and surround the Winter Garden, Florida, in which they are based. They frequently give to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Wounded Warrior Project, and the Salvation Army.

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The future Is Now and Slyce Image Recognition Technology Is Leading The Way


Living in today’s modern world can sometimes feel like you’re living in a science fiction movie, thanks to all of the advanced technology. Remember the sci-fi flick Minority Report starring Tom Cruise? It’s use of image recognition technology seemed far fetched back then, but now it’s become a reality. This type of technology isn’t just for fun and many businesses are beginning to take note of it’s benefits.
Since 2010, Google was kind of a pioneer with this style of technology. Even though image recognition isn’t necessarily brand new; Google Glasses changed the game and made every take notice of it’s potential. This practical concept has carried over to the real world with benefits such as:


  • Saving Farmers Money and Time As It recognizes /Identifies Plants Within Seconds


  • (Smart) Self Driving Cars


  • Instantly Buy Items We See On Social Media Sites Like FaceBook or Pinterest

“Slyce: The Game Changer”
Like the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” rings true. For Example: Autistic kids struggle with speech and some can’t even read, but when taught to replace words with images; these kids get a better understanding and can now communicate. With Slyce Visual Search Engine, consumers can buy actual products from magazines, catalogs, or billboards. Slyce offers 3D scanning solutions and 2D materials in print. Since most people are always online, Slyce matches photos on sites such as Pinterest. Slyce is the leading visual search engine for product recognition. Benefits included:


  • Scan Barcodes, Coupons, and QR Codes


  • Product Match and Purchase


  • Directly Connect To Product Info

Medical Breakthroughs uses image recognition technology for the visually impaired by identifying money, food, traffic signs, and more. This device is known as (Dulight Device) and it’s a small camera. Even Panasonic has introduced a refrigerator that can identify spoiled food. Whether you’re the average joe or a marketing guru; image recognition technology can be used by anyone.

Securus Technologies Reveals Wrongdoings Within The Inmate Communications Industry

Over the next 6 months Securus Technologies will be releasing additional information in regards to the investigation that was already undertaken by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. This investigation highlighted wrongdoings within the inmate communications industry that have been going on for a number of years undetected. Securus Technologies will be releasing further evidence during press releases in an effort to shame the said company into acting with more integrity.

This company is the Global Tel Link which has been an inmate communications provider for many years. They have been providing inmates with the means to communicate with their family and friends during their time behind bars. The Louisiana Public Service Commission found during their investigation that Global Tel Link was in violation of a number of integrity breaches. These included the adding of duration to call clocks without reason, applying higher call rates to calls without authorization, artificially inflating charges, double billing, overcharging customers and in the process overcharging Louisiana Taxpayers to the sum of $1,243,000.

Richard A. Smith the CEO of Securus Technologies states in an interview that he is appalled at the findings also stating there should be no tolerance for such behavior within the industry. Serving the various communities within the industry is something Securus Technologies takes very serious and does so with utmost integrity. He goes on to state that the business is more than making money but rather to provide their customers with the best solution possible.

The industry needs these wrongdoings stopped and the parties involved to be brought to justice. This can only be done if measures are swiftly implemented. Global Tel Link has played tricks on their customers as well as being very mistrusting, traits that have no place here.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Online Reputation Management with Companies Like Bury Bad Articles

Unfortunately, there are times when good companies have bad press. When customers look for information about you or your company, those articles might pop up onto the first page of Google. One bitter customer can throw a lot of negativity out on the Internet, which will make other potential customers seek another company.

Reputation Management
With reputation management, you can push all those bad reviews or damaging articles down in the search engines. When someone searches for your name or your company’s name, there will only be positive content found. This includes removing bad reviews from sites that have inaccurate or abusive information meant to damage the company’s reputation.

Monitor and Address Reviews
When someone has written a bad review about you, if you’re respectful and polite, you can address this person online in a way that shows you’re being transparent and sincere. It’s much better than being negative in return or ignoring the negative comments.

Bury Bad Articles
One of the ways you can push reviews and articles down in the search engines is through positive campaigns and content. When you’re aggressive with your SEO campaign, you can rank positive news about yourself on the first page of Google. Not many people will pass page 1 to find out more about the company. Bury Bad Articles will be able to rank above those negative articles.

Understand the Negative Reviews
Often, you can better your business by paying attention to the negative reviews. If your customers are constantly complaining about your customer service, this is an area you should acknowledge and fix. Invite customers to leave more detailed information in an email to you.

Manage Social Media
It helps to have someone manage your social media platforms. They’ll be able to monitor your accounts and grow your business as well as listen to customers’ feedback in real time. The beauty of the Internet is that everything happens very quickly. It’s also one of the worst things about the Internet. You’ll need to stay on top of any negativity to fix it before it gets out of control.

When it comes to reputation management, there are many services that can help you create a better online impression of you and your company. This includes a person who will monitor and address reviews to a company like Bury Bad Articles that will post good content to push down bad reviews.

Brian Bonar Receives Distinguished Accolade

Cambridge Who’s Who Executive in Finance of the Year was recently awarded to Brian Bonar. The appointment is a true distinction. Only two male and female nominees in each discipline are chosen each year for the Executive of the Year awards.

Being listed by Who’s Who is an honor in its own right, but being chosen for this extra distinction says something about Mr. Bonar’s ability to stand out from the crowd.

The selection committee makes their choice based on the member’s professional accomplishments. They also choose these honorees based on their academic achievements and leadership abilities.

Mr. Brian Bonar has these attributes in abundance. He holds a Ph.D., and he has worked in the financial sector for nearly 30 years. In that capacity, he has served primarily in professional management. This experience has allowed him to take on a leadership role in the Dalrada Financial Corporation, for which he is both Chairman and CEO. He has played that role for 10 years.

As a leader in the corporation, he distinguishes himself by fulfilling enormous responsibilities. These include employer and employee benefits and a host of aftermarket products. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor and Brian Bonar – Executive Bio, Compensation History, and Contacts

Dalrada serves as a Marketing Liaison, and it works with employee programs to increase business efficiency. Dalrada has copious experience in employee insurance (including worker’s compensation), financial management and business liability.

Mr. Brian Bonar has not stopped with this as a leader in his field. He is affiliated with the American Finance Association. He is also Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. Somehow, he also finds the energy to serve as President of Allegient Professional Business Service Inc.

His experience and training make him uniquely skilled in financial management, promotional efforts and business management. It is largely unsurprising that he would have earned the aforementioned honor, given his experience and business acumen.

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