Town Residential, the Prime NY Real Estate Firm

What can you say about New York City? It’s perhaps the most well-known city in the United States of America. Many businesses have set up shop there, many more celebrities have chosen to live there, and there’s never a dull or boring day. But how would one go about trying to acquire real estate there? It’s not an easy ordeal to go through and there’s always a chance you could get ripped off. However, there is a solution to this quandary of New York Real Estate.

Town Residential is a real estate firm that solely handles in real estate within New York City. With its team of experienced professionals, both in terms of business and in knowing the locations, Town Residential will always be able to give its clients the excellent service they need. If you’re buying, the team at Town Residential will guide you through the available properties you have interest in as well as provide a buyer’s guide to help the client go through the New York market. For sellers, Town Residential will provide a seller’s guide that will go over key points in selling their property including advisable prices, how to make the property look its best to ensure it gets the attention of potential buyers, and gives advice on how to properly advertise your property as well. And for those who are looking to rent, Town Residential will help you every step of the way until you find the apartment or residential estate you are most happy with.

Town Residential is a real estate brokerage that was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, who is currently the firm’s chief executive and co-chairman. As the name indicates, Town Residential specifically covers real estate in the residential area. So far, the firm has been named one of the 50 Best Places to Work in New York City. Furthermore, Town Residential not only helps with the buying, selling, and renting that their clients come to them for but they also partake in development of real estate too. The TOWN New Development division is a part of the firm fully dedicated to all real estate development services. It only goes to show that compared to other real estate firms, Town Residential is several steps ahead of their competition.

Investments in gold are at an all-time high

With the rapid fall in the price of UK stocks, everyone is clamoring to save money. What better way to keep your savings safe then to invest in Brexit gold coin. Many individuals are moving their life savings from paper money to gold. Gold is the future and only continues to rise in value.

Many dealers are seeing people put over 50% of their savings into Brexit gold coins. With these uncertain times, it makes sense to want to save your money in a way that is less fluid, and more stable form. A large number of gold coin buyers are first-time investors, they have no experience, and Brexit gold coin dealers can help them along the way. Nearly 5 million pounds of gold traded in June of 2016, and the number of first-time buyers in the United Kingdom rose by over 150%.

Before issues with the market real estate was the big investment game, now with the instability of the market, gold is the safest bet. Several individuals are investing thousands into gold, and many are even pulling their former real estate, and stock investments into gold; this is not the first occasion where the gold market was flooded by UK investors, during the recession in 2008 many new investors stepped forward and turned their savings into Brexit gold coin.

Many investors see gold as a way of securing their future. Gold is always needed, it can be used as a form of currency, it is a product. Gold regularly goes up in value where land investments, money, and stock are uncertain. Gold has been used throughout humankind, and will continue to be a necessity. Investing in gold can be a great way for any individual to keep their savings safe in these trying times. No matter the financial situation of the world, gold will remain robust. Gold cannot be taken away; it cannot be confiscated or lose value like real estate can. To keep one’s savings solid it is in the best interest of the individual to invest in Brexit gold coin because it will be there.

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Don Ressler Recognizes Men’s Need For Style

When it comes to fashion, men are not known to be the more stylish among the bunch. While women take the time to look for the more fun pieces of clothing, men have shown themselves to be content with the options they have. When people think of stylish women, there are always the many different cuts and pieces of clothing that bring out different body parts. However, a stylish man is almost always in a suit and tie. In some cases, T-shirt and jeans are also cool. Don Ressler has seen that men can be stylish as well. Therefore, he has decided to open up a men’s line with his JustFab series.

This new line of clothing does for men what the company has done for women. It has given men some really stylish and unique items for them to check out. As a result, men are given options for some really fun outfits that could inspire others. Don Ressler is making sure that men know that they are not left out of the fashion industry. The categories of clothing that is expanding in JustFab for the men are the active wear and the casual wear categories. Men will also get to find products that will make them feel good.

Ressler is faced with a challenge with men not being known as the more fashionable group. As a matter of fact, men are often discouraged from going too far outside of the norm. Therefore, Don and Adam have to find some kind of way to be able to present something that is somewhat unique without going too far out there. Fortunately, Don Ressler knows how to present the right balance to the males.

JustFab is definitely about being unique. Men should also be allowed the chance to be unique. Don Ressler helps men break out of their comfort zone when it comes to fashion. Variety does not have to be left to the women. Men can dress in ways that bring about attention. However, they would inspire compliments as opposed to ridicule from their peers. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are definitely making a huge impact in the fashion industry. Learn more on Forbes

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Bob Reina, Visionary Leader, Gives Back

Talk Fusion has always been focused on helping people ever since its founding in 2007. The founder and CEO Bob Reina has been a shining light of commitment to this mission, in which they assist people in building and achieving their dreams.

Bob is quoted as saying that with great success comes greater responsibility. It is something that is present in their corporate DNA. They always want to strive to do better, and Bob Reina certainly offers a model of how to do that.

He has made huge changes on the world. He has broken records with a $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (breaking a record in the process). He has saved lives of animals and children with giving to a orphanage in Indonesia. His ideas for helping people and changing the state of the global suffering have flowed down to his associates in more than 140 countries.

But Bob Reina didn’t stop with his personal giving. He empowered his people to give back by allowing all his independent associates to give a free account to any charity they want of Talk Fusion, the video marketing software he founded. And it’s not the stripped down version, it’s the full deluxe customizable version which gives them access to branding and all the main suite features like: video chatting, video email, signup forms, live meetings, video newsletters, and more. It wasn’t possible for these important nonprofits to get their word out before, but now anything is possible for them.

Bob Reina isn’t a CEO that just cares about the money. The opportunities he has allowed for his people are incredible. His independent associates can now help their parents and family and friends with support monetarily, or they can raise funds for their own medical needs. All this is thanks to Reina’s vision.


Whether it is from his personal donations, fundraisers for Nepal earthquake victims, or those of Japanese tsunamis, Reina continues to serve. He has done what seems unlikely: use his influence for the greater good. To learn more about how Bob Reina is saving lives and helping the world, check out

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Join FreedomPop Because They Are Just As Great As Other Wireless Providers

In some of the most recent commercials that Sprint has put out, everyone can see that the Verizon guy has made the switch over to Sprint. One thing to notate in what this guy says is the fact that most cell phone companies are the same nowadays and are within a percentage of each other as far as their services though. This information is valuable for those who want to use FreedomPop’s services because FreedomPop is on the Sprint network and uses their cell phone towers in order to allow customers access to wireless services.

It’s great for any customer of FreedomPop to know that their services are going to be just as great as any other company but lower in cost. Anyone who has chosen to become a FreedomPop member may be interested in reading a FreedomPop review prior to becoming a customer. There are a lot of reviews out there that are conducted by individuals that will highlight some of the great features that the company has and will notate which services are the best. One service in particular that will likely be mentioned is the unlimited phone service from FreedomPop, which only costs $20 monthly.

With such a low cost for unlimited service, anyone who previously was paying a lot more money will love that they are going to save money by switching to FreedomPop. It’s not necessary that a person has to get rid of the phone they love to use if they switch the FreedomPop because most phones can be used on the FreedomPop network. As long as a phone is an Android or one of the later versions of iPhones, they can likely be used on FreedomPop’s network. Those who don’t have a compatible phone can always buy one from FreedomPop’s website or from one of the many retailers that work with them.

Purchasing a phone is easy to do as well as being reasonably priced, and there are sales going on all the time for the different phones that FreedomPop carries. Those who want the unlimited service for $20 can use most smartphones with the service and still be able to get unlimited texts, calls, and data. It’s important to know that only the 4G LTE data is limited, and the amount of this data depends on the plan that’s purchased. After using up the 4G LTE data, 3G data will be available for unlimited use.

Reputation Management for Online Business is Critical for Success

Managing your online reputation is a new concept for business that do much or all of their trade online. A bad reputation can ruin your enterprise before it gets off the ground. Most consumers carefully check out an online company before they trust that they will get what the pay for. “Bad news travels fast” has never been more relevant. If you don’t actively manage your online reputation, you are not in touch with what is being said about you and your brand. A negative online reputation, true or not will affect business. You need to know what your online reputation says about you, and manage it to bring in business.
The key to managing a positive reputation is to use tips found online at There are also companies for hire that can manage your online reputation around the clock, if the budget allows. Many small online business may need to manage in-house to keep expenses down.

• counter negative reviews with positive comments
• saturate the internet with positive information about you and your company
• create a Facebook presence, Crunchbase summary, Twitter account, and any other Social Media contact
• stay ahead of unethical competitors and unhappy customers by creating your own positive online authenticity
• start a blog and keep in upbeat, optimistic an confident
• consider using Search Engine Journal to help shape your online reputation
• “push down” negative comments in search results (overpower the bad news with good by pushing it to page 2, 3, or further down)
• Conduct media outreach and get linked with powerful websites that attract consumer’s attention
According to Most online businesses (about 95%) don’t hire “reputation management experts” until something bad happens. The experts say, if you control your online website from the beginning, you can keep bad things from happening and your business not only survives the negative, but conquers it.

Your reputation is your business. No matter how you choose to do it, your reputation needs to be controlled and managed. Make every effort to start with a positive online reputation, and avoid the need to repair that reputation online. If you do business online, be sure to present the business and your personal reputation in the most positive light as possible. It is a job, aside from the business, but it will be worth the effort.