Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings, LLC is a global leader and lender in alternative stock-based financial solutions to corporates, individuals, and other financial solutions. The company has seen an increasing trend among the stock-based lending options. For the company, there is an increased attraction of people towards the stock-based loan facilities. Banks and other financial institutions have their regulations tightened.

They have increased their borrowing capacities. For borrowers that are seeking first working capital at a fast rate, they may consider choosing Equities First Holdings, LLC for because it has fewer qualification criteria. For those who do not qualify for the credit-based loans, Equities First Holdings, LLC has gained enough popularity to solve your problems.

While there are other numerous sources of finances to individuals and companies many of these banks have slashed down their borrower’s options. Therefore, they have tightened the qualification criteria for the people. Interest rates have also sky-rocketed in the banks and other financial institutions. The Founder and President of Equities First Holdings, LLC, Al J. Christy, has seen the stock-based loans are the best source of alternative financial solutions to other companies and individuals seeking working capital.There is enough popularity with the stock-based loans.

Moreover, they offer the most flexible loans with minimal interest rates. These loans are characterized by a higher loan-to-value ratio than any other fixed interest loans or margin loans. For this reason, they provide certainty throughout the transaction life.

During a two-year loan period, the might be inevitable market fluctuation in the associated stocks. However, the stock-based loans do not allow you to provide hedges. Because of this, the borrower will have his investment risk as low as possible. These loans come to you with a non-recourse feature. Therefore, you can walk away from the loan without regretting. You do not have any financial implications. When the stock depreciates, you are free to get out of the deal at any time. Yu can keep the proceeds of the loans without an obligation to the lender.

According to the founder of Equities First Holdings, LLC, some people consider the stock-based loans and margin loans to be autonomous. However much the two are the alternative lending capability and use securities as their main collateral, there are many marked differences in the two loans.According to Al Christy, a borrower must be pre-qualified to get a margin loan. As it is with financial institutions including banks, they must state the intended use of the money as a way of qualification.

Marc Sparks: Career-Entrepreneur Number One

Marc Sparks has had a long career starting and running companies. He’s not always the idea man, but he’s always the business man. Marc knows all the little details that go into starting a business.

He’s spent over 30 years in the industry, coming up with new ways to dominate the global market. Unlike other entrepreneurs who have only started a few companies, Marc is played a major role in dozens of startups. His career record reads like a proper entrepreneur’s resume should. Some of his startups were insanely successful while others were complete disasters.

Ever since Marc graduated from high school, he’s had a passion for building up companies. He’s so good at it that he can build companies based on ideas that other people would say could never work. As brilliant as Marc Sparks is, he does have a secret that he keeps private.

He has a small private equity firm called Timber Creek Capital, LP. He uses his private firm to maintain and manage a handful of portfolio companies. He uses this firm like a testing ground to monitor and analysis the results of new strategies. Once the startup has an initial idea, Marc begins designing a business model and creating a company culture while developing short-term goals with long-range growth plans.

Marc openly admits that he still remembers being poor. He doesn’t run away from his past like other successful people tend to do. He remembers buying groceries at a gas station, but he also remembers that even back then, he had an excitement about life and was passionate about the journey he was on.

Marc is a very faith-based individual. He truly believes in the randomness of the world and understands that he can’t always win; no matter how much he likes being a winner.

Being such a devoted and passionate businessman, Marc often deals with a lot of stressful situations. But Marc manages to stay off the effects of stress by being a health enthusiast and passionate outdoorsman. He loves traveling around the world and going hunting and fishing or playing outdoors. He even took a trip around the world in twenty-three days. He saw beautiful, exotic places like Easter Island and Machu Picchu. He’s also traveled to places with deep spiritual connections like Tibet, Xi’an, China, and India.

Handy Offers Professional Handyman Services

Even though Handy is grateful to be known as a wonderful cleaning company, unfortunately, many customers don’t know about their other services. If a person is referred to the Handy company, they may only be told about the cleaning services because that’s the majority of the services that they perform. A previous customer may have referred their friend to Handy and only spoke about the cleaning services, leaving out all the other services that Handy performs. Many homes will need all kinds of services, not just cleaning services, so it’s a good idea to explore the website to get an idea of all the services Handy offers.

An important service that Handy has available is handyman services (, which fit in perfectly with the name of the company. From hanging blinds to shelves, Handy can help those who are in need of services in their home, including if they need air conditioning services. The handyman services offered by the Handy company are usable for homes and businesses, and only professional service persons will come out to perform the service. The problem with many handyman services is that they are run by people who perform regular handyman jobs on a daily basis.

Although it’s nice to have a handyman with experience, most people prefer a handyman with a licensed and credentials that will allow them to perform the jobs that they are doing. Handy only wants professional workers, so they do a background check and will test out the employee to make sure that they are everything that the customer is expecting. Handy is so confident in their workers that they guarantee that any job they send a worker out to do will be done properly, or the customer can get a full refund. Handy is a company that is based on customer service, especially since they have a lot of repeat customers.

It’s also possible to get handyman services along with cleaning services that the company offers, which means that anyone who needs both of these services can have them both done in the same day if they make an appointment on the Handy website or through their application. Even though the handyman services are great, it’s also important to check out any other services that Handy has, especially if the customer knows that they may need it now or in the near future. Handy should always be the handyman company of choice for any customer.


Handy Can Help Homes And Businesses That Need Cleaning Services

A company that performs services for their customers should be extremely professional, but not every company behaves this way. Handy is different than those companies that perform cleaning services in different states, and they are well known around the United States. The fact that Handy is mostly based online is what helps to propel their popularity, especially in places like New York. Those that have no time for cleaning their own home can benefit greatly when they use Handy because they are only getting professionals who are background checked as well as being insured before they clean for anyone.

According to Ecohustler UK, handy prefers professionals that know what they’re doing because a customer would prefer a professional. Although anyone can pick up a duster and a vacuum and say that they are a cleaner, but many don’t know about cross contaminating things when they are cleaning in one room or another, and this may be very important to a customer. Some cleaners may not use the right chemicals for certain cleaning jobs, and this is also important to a customer. Handy knows what customers want, and this is why Handy will only hire professional workers to clean any home or business.

Even if a business wants to get cleaning services, they still have a set of standards that they need to follow to keep their business looking very professional. Handy workers are able to clean commercial businesses and homes, so those that need either service can rely on Handy. Getting service will start by having any customer that’s interested, go to the website to create an account. The account can be created under any name, and it’s important that the customer know that they can also pay for the services through their account as well, which is much easier than having to worry about paying in cash. See,

Make an appointment for any day that is available, and most appointments can be fulfilled within a single day, and it’s possible to get appointments several days out if necessary. Since only professionals are working under the Handy name, it’s also nice to know that each worker is insured, so don’t worry about any problems that may happen in the home because they will be taken care of by the Handy company, should any problem arise. Instead of constantly searching for the best cleaners, contact Handy because they have the best cleaners in the USA. To learn more, visit

Securus Wants To Make Every Call Very Secure

Securus has spent many years trying to help people with their secure phone calls, and they are helping people like us to make our calls. We are very concerned about our family who are trying to get through a prison term, and the only way to help them is to be in touch as often as possible. We are a very close family, and the only way to help everyone stay close is to use Securus. Securus is a very good company for this where we have used the video calling app, and we all have it on our phones and tablets.


We are sure that we can have secure phone calls when we check on our loved ones, and we want to make sure that we can talk to our loved ones every day if we want to. We are trying to make sure that we can talk to them about how they are doing, and we also want to be sure that we are speaking to them more often than not so that they are not feeling left out. I do not want anyone in the family to feel like they do not know what is going on here.


We call using Securus knowing that they have taken a lot of time to create secure phone calls, and they are actually upgrading all the time because they know that is a better use of their time than just marketing a product to us. They want to make sure that we all feel safe with the calls that we make, and I am personally very happy with the fact that I can use Securus every day to talk to someone in the family. This is a much better method of connection than you would find with any other company.