Investors Use Confident Decision-Making with Ground-Breaking Agora Financial Publications

When investors need to receive pertinent information for knowing how to navigate through the investment market trends, typically they will use a standard investment broker to guide them in the right direction. However, Agora Financial offers a more advanced way of disbursing the information. Agora Financial uses publications to inform investors. The popularity of the ground-breaking method is catching on with over one million subscribers.

When professionals, such as lawyers, doctors or dentists decide to retire, if they have extra revenue that has been earmarked specifically for investing, they look to Agora Financial for help. That’s because the information is not specifically related to the company, it’s specific to what they choose for wanting to learn more about investing and reaching their retirement goals.There are 20 publications that investors can subscribe to and decide how to navigate through the investment market specific to an individual portfolio. The publications help investors with:

  • Locating companies that are more advantageous for rapid investment growth.
  • Understanding the exclusive techniqes for generating passive income.
  • Effective strategies for protecting wealth and maintaining an investment portfolio base.
  • Finding alternative methods for adverse economic impacts.

Agora Financial uses a streamline approach to deliver the information through the use of the internet as well as direct-mail. Investors also receive e-books, documentaries, films, and access to investment webinars and conferences as well as monthly newsletters. Agora Financial is never compensated for the “advice” pertaining to the information provided which provides the investor with an assurance of impartiality, and the ability to have confidence with their investment decision-making.Throughout the history of Agora Financial, there has been an increase with aligning itself with the mainstream media. The company started as a home-based business in the historic part of the Baltimore, Maryland. The company was founded in 1979 and became an independent LLC in 2004.

Omar Boraie has a Vision for the World of Property Development

Boraie Development, LLC is on target to complete the construction of the first market rate development in 25 years. The project known as The Beach at South Inlet will cost $81 million in construction costs. With the closing of several casinos in the last 10 years or so, the project is a sign of development renewal in the Atlantic City area. The complex will include the type of amenities today’s renters are looking for such as gym, pool and a resident’s lounge. The location of the complex borders the avenues of Pacific Atlantic, Connecticut and New Jersey. And will serve many of the more than 50,000 people who are employed in the resort area.

Omar Boraie, the President of Boraie Development, LLC is leading a team dedicated to all areas of urban real estate development. The company is committed to the construction of projects that enhance neighborhoods and bring an unparalleled benefit to the area. They work with architects with vision and the strongest financial institutions that understand the complexities of a project. The company is a full service real estate development and construction entity. With more than 30 years in the industry, Boraie has grown to become one of the most sought after developer in New Jersey, The projects undertaken by Boraie attract not only residents and tenants, but financial partners, as well. Visit State Theatre New Jersey for more.

According to Patch, the company also takes on the property management of the project and an important aspect of the overall strategy of the company. Boraie maintains their own properties and make improvements on an as needed basis. The management side of Boraie includes leasing and marketing, customer service, accounting and administration in addition to maintenance. The sales and marketing arm of Boraie has sold more than $130 million in commercial and residential transactions. The sales team integrates seamlessly with the development and property management aspect of the company. That gives the sales team a better understanding the commercial and residential factors that help move properties in a timely manner.

Although Omar Boraie is credited with revitalizing parts of New Jersey, he credits a lot of individuals and companies with the success of redevelopment. It took a concerted effort between a lot of people not giving up on their neighborhoods that inspired the redevelopment. It took a world of vision and a never give up attitude that allowed Boraie to keeping what he was doing. Boraie sees the neighborhoods expanding and attracting more business and resident and that is what makes a community great.