The Adventure of Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins has inherited two big passions from his father, Jack Terpins: A passion for entrepreneurship and an even bigger passion for competitive sports. Back in the 60s and 70s, Jack Terpins, famously known as Jackao, played basketball for Hebraica. After college, he began defending the interests of young people and became a very influential community leader. He has since served as president of the Latin American Jewish Council, president of the Macabi Latin American Confederation, and vice president of the Macabi World Union.

Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michel have had a big presence in the hugely popular Sertoes Rally since the turn of the century. They are also the founders of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. 2014’s 22nd edition of the rally was especially unique because it was much shorter than usual, only running through two Brazilian states: Minas Gerais and Goias. That year the race went much better than Rodrigo had anticipated. It was also easier and more enjoyable a race than previous races. This edition was also unique for Rodrigo because although he had been in many races prior, it was his first time driving a T-Rex.

The past couple of editions have seen Michel Terpins partner with Maykel Justo. In the 25th edition of the rally, the two started with all of their competitors in Goiania. They completed the entire race in a T-Rex. The fifth stage of the race spanned from Barra do Garcas to Coxim. In its entirety, the race went through Goias, Mato Grosso, and Mato Grosso do Sul. They finished in tenth play overall. Michel first joined Rodrigo in the rally races in 2002, starting out in the motorcycle category. The two brothers joined forces to found the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. His newest partner, Justo, also did not start out in cars but began in the truck category of competition. You can visit on

OSI Group Acquires Baho Food

The OSI Group is a all American Food Company who is one of the largest food retail that produce the best quality in food products all around the world. It is a International privately owned company in Illinois and was founded in 1909. They have a custom food supplier to the best food and products all over the food retail business. OSI Group can custom food products and developed them all around the world. They have a great management team that helps with the quality of the brands of food products. OSI Group deliver the food to different countries who love their great brands of foods.

OSI Group have more than 65 companies and over 20,000 employees who work in about 17 different countries. OSI produce with the high quality of different foods which they make. OSI wants all customers to have the best quality of food and makes sure they have the best brands of foods to eat in the entire world. OSI has a lot of companies that they send out their brands to. The OSI have the best design for different types of food that they produce on regular basis. Many companies trust the OSI Group with their great food security.

The OSI has a great team to produce so many food products and they help the food retail stores with a great food trade. They have a great development on trading their foods to different companies. OSI system and transporting helps the companies who demand great food products first class. OSI have always practice with their supply of transporting to ensure great quality with a trusted good name. The OSI always keep their products one step ahead with new designs in order to keep the food safety. They have a great research team with processing the different types food.

OSI Group put safety first when designing their food processes and they have the best equipment for all the brands of food in the world. Their products are meats, vegetables, fruits, and other food proteins. OSI Group supplies beef, pork, poultry, seafood, pizza, and baked goods.

The OSI bought the Baho Food Company which is divided into 5 parts of the company they have purchase. Which was a great success for the company. This includes many processing plants from Germany and the Netherlands. The OSI Group have areas in Europe and have a large network in 16 other countries.

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A satire America needs; “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” a Unique Metaphor for the U.S.

Sean Penn recently sat down with Trevor Noah and Vogue Magazine to talk about his new book “”Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Penn told Vogue that he has no intention to return to acting right now, as this book has been his biggest project. This seems to serve right, and though Trevor Noah said that the book is hard to describe, there seems to be a metaphor in it for the current state of American events. Penn told Noah that the book looks at “the dark nature of humans” and how easily democracy can fall into fascist tendencies because of people’s fascination with it. The book tells the story of Bob Honey, who is the definition of an angry American. He also has an unique side job, he kills older citizens with a mallet in the name of progress. Bob seems to be feel that he needs to stop people that are haunting progress.

The book may seem like a far off satire, but it connects Bob to current events, and that makes it more real. Noah and Penn discuss how Bob witnesses the election of the new president and 2016, and then eventually Bob writes an angry letter to the new president. In the letter, he tells the president that he is not fit to run the U.S. Penn tells Noah that Bob is meant to represent the American who feels obliged to serve his country, though he has no purpose or direction. This may lead to Bob’s justification of killing old people for progress. It also may show how fasicsm is the close brother of democracy.

Alongside describing the book, Penn tells Vogue that he feels its theme and feel have a close relation to the #METOO movement. He also tells Noah of his incentives. He mentions his anger at Trump for expressing racist rhetoric at Haiti. He also mentions his connections to El Chapo and Hugo Chavez, and how U.S. foreign policy has failed in producing better values world wide. In general, Penn is mad and he has expressed it well through Bob’s eyes.

Invaluable Investment Advice by Chris Burch

New York City is considered to be one of the best cities for startups. The town has a competitive environment that can enable an entrepreneur to ensure that his/her business has a strong foundation. In a big city where competition is stiff, it is essential to look for an investor. For instance, an angel investor can play a great role in ensuring that the business runs in its first stages. Below are helpful things that should be considered when starting a business.

Investors do not like complicated ideas which are hard to understand. As an entrepreneur, when approaching investors, it is essential to give them the most valuable information and still avoid finer details. Appealing things about the company should be presented to capture the attention of the investor. Details regarding the business should be given at a later date.

Some investors will not be willing to support a business. The most important thing is to remain motivated despite any negative feedback given. Disappointments may happen, but an entrepreneur should keep trying without giving up. Investors who are not serious should be avoided as soon as possible.

Finding answers to all questions asked by potential investors is hard. One should not try to fake information or give feedback that is not proven. Most investors are able to detect lies or information that is presented without a good thought. Instead of providing false or inaccurate information, it is important to tell the investor that he/she will get the feedback at a later date. When selling ideas, it is also important to avoid using fancy buzzwords.

Chris Burch is a successful business person who currently serves as the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Chris founded the company due to his extensive knowledge in the financial industry. Chris has been serving as both an investor and entrepreneur for about four decades. Chris has worked with several companies thus contributing to their success. Burch gives investment advice based on his values and vision, check

Mr. Burch has significantly contributed to the success of about 50 companies. Chris gives a detailed understanding of consumer behavior based on his experience in the past ( Creative Capital offers investment advice on organic foods, technology, and hospitality among other industries. Burch’s company brings positive impacts to customers’ businesses.

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Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Looks Back On Past.

There are very few people who can point to their work and say, “Yeah, I helped define this industry.” Bob Reina is the founder and charismatic leader of Talk Fusion, one of the leaders of the video marketing and communication solutions industry. For the better part of the past decade, Talk Fusion has been steadily crafting a reputation as being one of the savviest and effective marketing firms in the world. Reina’s team has worked day-and-night in order to develop a marketing suite that succeeds in the rapidly changing and technological world that we are now living in. How did Reina get to where he is today? As you’ll soon find out, not without a little bit of elbow grease.

The Talk Fusion experience finds its origins in the state of Florida, where Reina had been working as a Sheriff’s Deputy for nearly a decade. Ten years into his profession, Reina knew that something had to change. While he appreciated the job and relished his steady paycheck, Reina wanted something that would give him more control and more optimism for the future of his career. A chance encounter with a professional marketing executive followed by a frank conversation with a friend, Dr. Jonathan Chen, would lead Reina to establish the core of what Talk Fusion would become.

Reina points to the year 2004, a full three years before Talk Fusion officially launched, as the inciting event for his company’s success. Reina had been touring a home located in North Carolina while taking numerous videos of the property. He wanted to send out a small video clip to his family in order to showcase the property but his email client, AOL, would simply not allow that to happen. So Reina and Dr. Chen would put their heads together in order to make an industry-changing product: Video Email. Video Email allowed users to send videos directly to other users without the need for another third-party platform. This product would put Reina on the map and his pure marketing genius would help to push the company to the next level. Now, a decade later, Reina is continuing to his work while doing it with a smile. Learn more:

Athletes Use Enhanced Athlete to Help Their Game

Enhanced Athlete knows what athletes need. They aren’t afraid to do things that will help them succeed and they know they must always put the athletes first when it comes to the options they have. For Enhanced Athlete, the point of their business is giving athletes a better chance and doing things that make a big difference in the way they work out. The company spends a lot of time coming up with ideas that give athletes all the options they need and that’s how they do things the right way. It’s also how they’ve managed to become one of the top companies in their industry. They’re always looking for new ways to help their athletes who need it and who want to succeed.


Even when they started Enhanced Coaching, Enhanced Athlete knew what they were doing. They knew they would have to work on the company a lot so they wouldn’t need to try different things. They also knew it would make sense for them to keep pushing forward no matter how hard they had to work to do these things. It was their goal to always focus on how they could help instead of dealing with problems that other athletic companies had.


After Enhanced Coaching worked for them, they knew the next logical step was Enhanced Gear. They offered the gear people could use to work out the right way. If they wanted to do their workouts on their own, they could take advantage of the gear the company offers. They could also make sure they did everything right as long as they were getting the best gear possible. Enhanced Athlete used the gear in the same way as other people so they could see what was happening and what made a difference to their performance. They also knew everyone would use it differently so they tried to take that into account.


For Enhanced Athlete, the point is always giving people what they need. They aren’t afraid to make their decisions and they rely on how hard people work to get the things they want. Athletes work hard and do their best so Enhanced Athlete can help them with the issues they face. The company spends a lot of time looking for the best options so people don’t need to worry about how they’re going to make more opportunities for themselves when they’re practicing the athletic opportunities they have to be successful with.

Chris Burch Is An Advocate Of Letting Loyal Customers Serve As Valuable Brand Publicity:

Consumers of today have been leaning toward a trend of being more cynical about companies, products and advertisements. Regardless of this, customers, in general, still tend to feel a certain amount of loyalty towards brands they have traditionally enjoyed. These are the types of customers that can be used as great advocates for a company’s brand. One of the best ways to build brand loyalty is to ensure that your company consistently entertains and excites potential customers as much as possible. Advertising is key in this, but it is not the only factor.

Programs that reward customer loyalty provide an incentive for customers to do business with a particular company. As Chris Burch points out, the video game industry has become very adept at this particular strategy ( Players get rewards for purchasing and playing expansion material for a game. In this age of social media, consumers can play a role as advertisement boosters.

Business professionals are well of aware of the fact that whoever innovates first is going to be the person that often reaps the biggest reward. This is particularly true historically in the realms of the tech and automotive industry. Innovation does involve risk and sometimes this makes companies reluctant to go in this direction but the fact remains that the companies that are willing to take these risks are frequently rewarded. The ability to adapt to the current market and be proactive with innovation is a necessity to run a successful company. It presents many challenges but the rewards often outway the risks.

Chris Burch is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Investment company Burch Creative Capital. He has enjoyed massive entrepreneurial success since 1976 while still pursuing his undergraduate degree at Ithaca College.

Chris Burch has a 40 plus year career investing in domestic and international real-estate. He launched apparel, accessories and decor company C. Wonder in 2011. In 2014 he announced a partnership with renowned entertainer Ellen DeGeneres. Chris was a member of the board of directors with the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation as well as being a former president of the Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. For more about Burch, check

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Bradesco’s CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Helps Make The Banking World Better

Brazil’s banking industry always changes. People see different things in the industry and they want to do them the right way. Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew this was something he had to do and knew the banking industry would make more sense if he made his bank better. He is the CEO of Bradesco bank and always tries helping people with the issues they’re having. He spends a lot of time coming up with new ideas to help the bank thrive and that’s part of what makes Bradesco the best bank in Brazil. People love coming to the bank and working with the bank for all their financial needs.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco wasn’t always the CEO of Bradesco bank. In fact, he started out in one of the lowest positions the bank had. He knew what he had to do to make things better and knew the industry would change based on all the things that were going on around him. For Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the point of doing this was making sure people saw the things that were happening because of the hard work he put into the business according to It was his way of showing them how things would change and how they could get better based on the opportunities that were going on there.


While Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew what to do, he also knew things would keep getting better. For Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Bradesco bank was a chance to grow. He wanted to make his career better but he also wanted to make the bank better. He knew he could do both of these things at once while he was working his way up through the bank. While he took on different positions through the bank, he also offered different opportunities for the bank to grow. It was his way of allowing people to try things that were different.

The bank saw how Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked and knew he was a great bank leader. He began working toward being the top spot in the company. He worked on his leadership skills and learned how to run the bank. He spent time showing people how things would get better and knew his experience paid off for him. He also knew what would happen if he made things better for all the people who were clients at the bank. Bradesco benefited from the work Luiz Carlos Trabuco did and that helped him see he was doing everything the right way.

No matter how hard he had to work, Luiz Carlos Trabuco made the right choices. He knew being a new chairman wasn’t easy and knew there were times where he’d have to try different things but he also knew it should be worth it in the end. Now that he’s the president, he makes big decisions for the bank. He shows people how to make them better and knows there are things he can do that will allow him to be the best in the business. Luiz Carlos Trabuco makes a point of giving back to everyone.

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The Successful Lessons of Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur and investor who’s worked in New York for nearly 40 years. He currently serves as CEO of Burch Creative Capital. His company follows his lead when it comes to investing, only chasing dreams he believes will work out.

Throughout his career, he’s worked in numerous industries. He’s not one of those investors that only stay in a certain industry. He loves exploring new businesses and learning how to succeed in places he’s never been before. It’s his way of keeping his investment skills sharp while also satisfying his entrepreneurial appetite.

His latest project involved advising young entrepreneurs through his blog. He doesn’t see the point in making people pay for information that may be detrimental to the survival of their startup. Most of his blog posts involve advice on how to find investors, which in New York, is quite a competitive sport.

There aren’t too many investors out who just want to give away money. All of them expect a certain level of professionalism from startups, and with Chris Burch’s tips, startups can attract several investors. The first thing he tells them to do is keep everything simple.

When investors start asking people about their companies, they only want to know what the companies do to see if they want in on the startup. Most of the time, entrepreneurs can get over excited and over explain things and bore their investors. The best way to answer questions is short and direct.

Also, it’s important not to let setbacks and rejection get too heavy. Not every investor wants to invest in every startup, so they’re going to say ‘no’ sometimes. Chris Burch says that startups shouldn’t get bogged down and start thinking their idea isn’t good ( Sometimes, investors weren’t really looking for something to invest in any way.

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The biggest mistake that startups make is using fancy words to try to impress investors. Just use common words and talk like a normal person. Related article on


An Industry Leader In Clear Ingredients, Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is bottling nothing except, “pure” water. You may be wondering, if there are numerous varieties of bottled water on the market today, what makes them different? Well, I’m glad you’re interested in the facts. Lest we forget that it’s a business first. Money is what matters most in the bottled water industry. An industry that totals 100 billion dollars globally. As far as the bottom line goes, Italy is the top rated country for bottled water consumers.

So, it seems selling water is big business. However, if you look carefully beyond the label, you’ll find out what makes Waiakea Water a notable company. Other companies tout their brands as “unique” because of added nutrients such as B vitamins and electrolytes. But, Waiakea Water flows through volcanic lava rocks, making it readily absorbable, without any additional filtration process. No other company can say that their water boasts a powerful concentration of natural volcanic properties.

Volcanic water benefits make Waiakea a natural aid for glowing skin and healthy hydration. This naturally pH balanced water with minerals determined by nature, also provides consumers with an effective blueprint for sustainability. Unlike, its competitors the bottling of Waiakea doesn’t contribute to plastic bottle pollution. Waiakea choses a more responsive type of biodegradable bottle for its product; with a carbon neutral 15 year breakdown process. Meaning less time littering the earth in some landfill.

Founded in 2012, Waiakea Water derives its name from actual Hawaiian culture. The name literally means, “broad waters.” Alkaline water that’s in perfect balance with the body’s natural pH level. What you get with this water is clear, pure hydration with lavic rock enhanced minerals and nutrients. Of course these days it’s not enough to say that you’re the leader, you actually have to “be” the leader. The number of awards this hawaii volcanic water has won speaks for their product. Awards that include the Beverage World BevStar, Gold in Water and Best in Show and the World Beverage Innovation Award for Best Packaged Water and Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative.