NGP VAN Hits the Mark for New Campaign Management

NGP VAN has recently come out with a new update. The new update makes fundraising much easier. It also helps with one of the very difficult parts of campaigning, cold calling. This is difficult because you have to keep track of everybody that you have called and who you are going to call. But the app also helps with this, considering that it lets you make custom call sheets. It makes for better organization and the running of the campaign more smoother because this organization also helps them keep track of their data.

Speaking of organization this app also helps keep track of the candidate’s success. This helps with the sense of accomplishment and makes a candidate all that much happier and accomplished. State of mind is another important aspect of a campaign. And this app definitely helps with a candidates state of mind considering that most campaigns can be hard to keep track of with all the dollar dialing having to be done and data to keep track of. This app organizes all of it for you and helps you keep track of your data instead of having to do everything on paper, and through other people.

People using the app say that it has a different “feel” to it. Overall the candidates using this app are generally more happy and excited about their campaigns; because it helps them keep track of their progress and helps them to be optimistic about their campaign. Also, the software allows them to be more open to the LGBT community. NGP VAN edited their software so that they have non-binary gender pronouns. This makes more people feel open to it because they’re conforming to people’s needs. Now they can address their donors and fundraisers and followers in a more appropriate and acceptable way. This is a great tactic considering people are going to vote for who they like the most and who they think will do what they think is needed. Also, people who are part of the LGBT community are big on making sure that the right pronouns are used. So this update can help them gain supporters.

Everyone who uses this version of the software has agreed that it’s the best one yet. And the people who have been creating it have been working on it for more than a year. Most people can agree that that in a campaign, organization is one of the most important things and that’s exactly what this NGP VAN app does.

Alex Pall Keeps Getting Better

Alex Pall went from being a hobbyist DJ to being Billboard’s top electronic/dance artist in 2018 in just a few short years with The Chainsmokers. While his current producing partner is Drew Taggart, originally Alex Pall had a different half of The Chainsmokers duo until he was eventually replaced by Taggart. When Drew Taggart joined the Chainsmokers, he was attending college in Maine at the time. He decided that it was the right time to pursue a career in music and went to New York City to join Alex Pall as the second half of the now platinum-selling dance act. After the two met and started making music, Alex Pall quit his job at an art gallery and began to create music full-time.

Despite the fact that producing music is an exceptional amount of hard work, Alex Pall never thought about calling it his job. Instead, he was following a dream that he had for many years before finally making it the full-time focus of his life. When the two first got together to start making music, they were not fully confident about what they should write about, what people would want to listen to. This is when they decided that it would be a good idea to write about their everyday problems and thoughts as many of their fans would be able to relate. This approach was well received and fans were able to connect with The Chainsmokers and their music lyrically.

As Alex Pall and Taggart grew and matured as artists and people, so did their music. Their most recent releases are decidedly darker than the work they had released previously in their career. While there may have been some slight concern at first with whether or not their fans would be okay with their evolved style, it turned out they had absolutely nothing to worry about. Social media quickly exploded with posts, images, and likes devoted to their new music like “Sick Boy” and “Somebody“. 2018 has been a really big year for Alex Pall and it looks like it is going to keep getting better.

NewsWatch TV Review

NewsWatch TV works with a number of Fortune 500 Companies as well as independent developers, non-profits, and small business owners around the world to help them reach success. Their relationships with their clients has grown over the years and the reviews are outstanding.

Natalie Von Wijkvliet, CEO of AVANCA, is now working with NewWatch for the second time and reports that she “love[s] it, the team is great, [and] the support is good” continuing on to say that there were definite results while working with NewsWatch TV.

Avanca hired NewsWatch to promote their Indiegogo campaign. Their promotional segment was a minute long and aired on as a NewsWatch TV Review. It aired on the NewsWatch national television show and online channels. The first time AVANCA worked with NewsWatch was to launch their ground funding campaign for a pocket sized Windows PC, which she claims is why the campaign was so successful. Working with NewsWatch TV again now to promote the Ockel Series A, she knows it will be a success.

NewsWatch TV specializes in social media marketing and product marketing via videos, articles, and social media exposure. Hosted by Chris, Michell, and Andrew, these friends have combine their knowledge with the knowledge of experts to help audiences learn and have a good time while they do it. NewsWatch TV has aimed for the widest exposure possible.

Every episode airs in over sixty broadcasting stations and more than 200 markets reaching over 98 million households in the nation. Bridge communications is a video production and distribution agency within NewsWatch TV that works with clients to promote their products and services in a high quality, professional video. This helps the clients reach national audiences on television and online. They specialize in video production, corporate videos, online and tv distribution, and all facilities and tools necessary to do it.

The rise of OSI Group

OSI celebrates over 100 years of food processing. It is one of the Americas largest food provider organizations with more than 20,000 workers and operates in 17 countries across the globe. The company has continued to thrive and maintains its dream of producing and supplying custom value-added products to the world. What started as a small company experienced significant growth and took its place in America economy in the 20th century.

The company has an exciting history that is rooted in the American immigrants. Otto Kolschowsky, the founder of OSI Group, was one of the immigrants of a booming community that settled in Illinois. The city was lively as it was the center of industry and the center of immigrants.

Two years after Otto settled in the city, he started a retail meat shop to serve his community. The business thrived, and within a decade he had transformed his retail shop to a wholesale shop and also extended the operations to Maywood. In 1928, he branded his business to Otto & sons. The company was stable and survived the first and second world war.

In 1955, Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald restaurant in Des Plaines Illinois; Kroc reached an agreement with Otto’s sons to supply fresh ground beef which became their primary task to meet the high demand of McDonald’s restaurants.

Over the next two decades, it was transition period from Otto & sons to OSI Group. The company was demanded to produce and supply a consistent, affordable as well as customer-driven products. In 1960, technology made it possible and easier for Otto & sons to manufacture and supply more affordable products which enhanced the relationship between the two companies. The new technology included the process of flash freezing which resulted in reduced cost in the food industry.

Due to a good business relationship and personal friendship in 1973, Otto & sons built the first processing plant that was primarily dedicated to McDonald which had advanced technology machinery.

In 1975, they became OSI Industries. The branding codified the 75-year transition from a retail butcher to a technologically advanced organization operating as a large scale manufacturer. As part of their branding, Sheldon Lavin joined the company as a partner, and up to date, he serves as the CEO of OSI Industries.

After Lavin took over as the CEO, the company has experienced significant growth and became a sophisticated multinational corporation. In 2016, the company was ranked among the fastest growing companies by Forbes, with sales of $ 6.1 billion.

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Chris Burchs’ Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch is a professional businessman who owns all kinds businesses. The story of how he acquired the beautiful island and the beautiful hotel that is now known for being Nihiwatu resort is definitely a beautiful one. Burch took a trip down to visit Sumba. His visit became a milestone since that was when he gained the perfect partnership. He took on a successful investment that would help open the door for him to evolve Nihi into a stunning resort. He helped create a beautiful atmosphere that would provide top of the line experiences for guests and also give the Sumbanese people what they need to succeed. Many people and travel and leisure readers have considered and even voted Nihi to be one of the best hotels in the world for its world class level of accommodation (

Because the resort is nicely located right on an island, the beautiful resort provides a unique and stunning experience for anyone trying to stay away from normal and ordinary life. The beautiful resort can give guests the chance to do Yoga with breathtaking views, enjoy sunset massages overlooking the beach, or even hike into a local village. You can surf at the coconut cove if you’d like or maybe even snorkel. There is always something extraordinary to do within the resort, and guests love the memories that they are able to make.

You can enjoy a nice vacation with all the fun amenities like fishing, snorkeling, Yoga, surfing, spa safari, excursions, paddle boarding, horseback riding, chocolate factories, and all sorts of fun stuff. There is always something to do to help make your stay the best that it could be.

Chris Burch strives to find new ways to better design the resort, but it already provides everything that you could want if you want to experience a nice hotel with the best accommodations when visiting Sumba, click for related reading

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Jason Hope and His Active Involvement in Anti-Aging Research That Goes Beyond Talk

Doctors who can offer the most cogent responses today to problems that involve the aging process remain on top and relevant because such issue is one of the most highly talked about condition in the upper elite department. Those who have it all want to remain having it all, and the only way to do that is to get rid of the chances that lower their life span. One business leader who is a strong supporter of anti-aging research is the Scottsdale-based Philanthropist Jason Hope, and right now the active work that he does is that he supports non-profit groups that fight aging.

The Modern World

We all know that what’s making our lives shorter these days is the fact that we put in a lot of junk into our system and so thereby we weaken our immunity defenses. In light of the fact that we cannot resist all these pleasures that we put in our body, Jason Hope is trying to find the most cogent solutions that make us still enjoy the products we want without increasing our chances to damaging our body because of their side effects. As a support for this, Jason Hope has skin in the game by putting in his own money in researching for the possible culprits in the increase of the early symptoms of aging.

The non-profit group he supports right now is the SENS Foundation, and he’s been supporting the company for a couple of years already. In fact, it started in December 2010, and he donated already about $500,000 to the cause. It is also seen in the decisions of Jason Hope that the best way to combat these symptoms is to make sure that these can be prevented before their damage comes out.

The SENS Foundation

Due to the fact that the SENS Foundation is a non-profit group, it’s easy to trust its decisions in creating solutions that address the aging issues today. There are also other advocacies that Jason supports, but his active involvement in the SENS Foundation is an indication that he has more than what it takes to be just an armchair supporter.

He makes sure that he can fund the money that can solve the problems and find answers. He also invests in the right strategies to get to the right direction. Truly, it is safe to assume that one of the big supporters right now in the push for better anti-aging answers is Jason.

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Nick Vertucci: Promoting Knowledge-based Real Estate Investment

The rise of Nick Vertucci as a real estate mogul is founded on his belief system and dedication. As an individual who prescribes to the self-belief philosophy, Vertucci has scaled the heights of success in the real estate industry by constantly self-talking himself and building an unshakeable belief in his abilities. His belief system has played an integral role in his successful transition from the owner of a debt-ridden computer company to a highly successful real estate entrepreneur and founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVRE). The academy is dedicated to training the masses on how to become successful real estate entrepreneurs.

Nick Vertucci’s life took a downward spiral when his company sunk deep into debt following the dot com bubble crisis of 2000. Undeterred by the turn of events, Vertucci enrolled in real estate investment training classes where he gained valuable knowledge on how to become a successful entrepreneur in the industry. Beginning with a few rentals, he grew his real estate investment portfolio into a successful business empire. Buoyed by his experience and successes, he decided to share knowledge with the public through multiple platforms including radio shows, talks, and seminars. He believes that the new spirit of investment currently being witnessed bodes well for the country’s future.

His Leadership at the NVREA

Nick Vertucci is a visionary leader who exhibits a wide range of knowledge of the real estate market. He ventured into the industry after successfully managing a computer up to 2000 where it was affected financially by the crashing of the dot com bubble. He made his fortune in the real estate industry by buying foreclosures, rehabilitating and then selling them. He also added the houses to his growing real estate management portfolio. It is a philosophy he has incorporated into the curricula of NVREA which he launched in 2014. He currently serves as the academy’s chief executive officer.

NVREA is managed by a group of highly qualified professionals and tutors who are dedicated to helping the public gain a foothold in real estate investment. The academy’s success is founded on a highly effective and efficient multi-tiered management system and a coordinated approach to their teaching experience. NVREA coordinates with NV Companies to improve their students’ learning experience. It also organizes numerous across various states in the states. Nick believes that success must be preceded by utmost dedication as well as sticking to your goals.

Did You Know That Peter Briger Is A Major Pillar In Fortress Investment Group?

Leadership is a major factor that determines the performance of any organization and the entire culture that is embraced by the employees, clients, and everyone related to the organization. If the organization collapses, it means the head had started collapsing a long time ago. That’s why they say, a fish starts rotting at the head before the whole trunk rots. As the Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors, at Fortress, Peter Briger has not even a single day allowed any rot to invade Fortress Investment Group or any other organizations he has worked with. His leadership qualities are to be emulated by various business leaders. Peter Briger is recognized globally to have helped many in issues that concern distressed debt and long-term investments. He has been working in the real estate and also credit fund business sectors in Fortress.

This legend appears in the list of Forbes 400 top business professionals globally. Before joining Fortress Investment Group in 2002, he was a partner at Goldman Sachs & Co. where he worked for over 15 years. He is one of the contributors that enhanced Fortress go public in 2006 as the largest privately owned investment banking firm in the United States.Playing his role very professionally in converting distressed debt into cash, he has become an emulation of many foreign markets especially with the economic instability going on in the world. His role is what many need in their business to survive the prevailing economic storms. Most debt-laden countries need the services of this expert to unyoke themselves from debts, loan, and borrowing.

Peter Briger’s contribution has made the company to become the biggest investment management firm holding assets of $65 billion catering for private investors and institutional finances.This unassailable businessman serves as a Board member of many institutions and organizations including Central Park Conservancy, Hospital for Special Surgery, Tipping Point in San Francisco, Global Fund for Children, and Foreign Relations among others. He has been involved in providing quality education, helping children who are in risky places and in adverse poverty. Recently he invested over $600 million for the conservation and maintenance of Central Park in NY which has the responsibility of restoring the beauty of the city. Peter Briger is a graduate of Princeton University with Bachelor of Arts and consequently, he serves as a member of Directors in University’s Investment Company. He has his MBA received from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Richard Dwayne Blair, Solutions For Wealth

Wealth Solutions was not an institution that just came out of no where to benefit the world and its participants on a daily basis. The work that it took to construct such an empire stems from one mans efforts whose name is Richard Dwayne Blair from the heartlands of Texas. He grew up in an industrial home where education was made to be the single determining factor to confidence and knowledge on the subjects approached in life. He was surrounded by his grandmother, mother, and wife with this information as they were all three inside of the teaching organization, and Richard Dwayne Blair learned from that point on the crucial aspects of getting an education to succeed in his time and day even as an entrepreneur.

He migrated from high school into a college located inside of Houston Texas. The confidence and knowledge he attained concerning his education in the world of the financial industry proved more than excellent, and went on to complete his degree and start a business that helped other people and other companies with their financial statements. Richard Dwayne Blair values the three points of progress whenever he deals with a customer or a company who wants their wealth maintained and protected.

The first objective is described as pinpointing where a prospect wants to be with in the next thirty years or so with their financial future. This is to gain a general insight into what works best with the client’s situation contrasted to their future objectives inside the field of studying what will actually work for them financially. The second objective is the discipline of getting a strategy going and getting it up and running so that the general information the prospect disclosed to Richard Dwayne Blair or one of his agents could then be converted into an actual sequence of actions that actualizes the accomplished goal.

The third procedure entails that once the idea is launched it is then maintained and watched carefully to ensure the quality of service that Wealth Solutions offers to their customers. Both corporate bodies and individual people prosper as a result of Wealth Solutions.


Academy of Art University, Re-inventing the Tech Future

The Academy of Art University (AAU) was formerly a private College that was established in the year 1929. It is a Self-owned income generating art teaching establishment in San Fransico, California. The facility boasts of over one thousand staff and twelve thousand students. This feature makes it the primary self-owned art and design teaching establishment in the U.S.

The institution is also a qualified associate of National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The school offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in more than twenty-five areas of study. Besides the school received regional accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and College.

The teaching institution is accredited for offering the best career training in design, entertainment and fine arts since 1929. AAU’s video design unit is one of the areas of study in the University that embraced ideas that will provide technology to other fields. In a recent presentation by some of the academy’s students using augmented reality in the attempt to use technology to make Tenderloin District safer. The proposal is in the form of an application called Tenderfeels.

Despite Tenderloin District’s proximity to posh neighborhoods like Nob Hill and Downtown, the district is often described as not safe or disgusting. This District is home to over twenty-five thousand people and has established the highest rate of poverty in San Fransisco. The district is full of fascinating history and a perfect place for renovating and re-imaging urban sustainability.

The Application designed by AAU students was the best in a competition orchestrated by Tech in the Tenderloin. The app uses AR (augmented reality) to harvest real-time data from the residents of the district. The residents share their feelings in a range from angry to really happy. Other residents can see the results and the region marked. The ultimate goal is to harvest this data and provide it to the proper people responsible. The data can then be used to solve some of the problems affecting the residents. These developers intend to make the world a better place.