Sightsavers Extraordinary Help in Developing Nations

Sightsavers is a company that has a mission and a passion to help out children and adults from losing their sight. Sightsavers started off because one of the founders, John Wilson, was blind at some point in his life. It was 1939, and John Wilson was hit with an explosion that occurred in his chemistry class and that cost him his eyesight. He had to live his new life being blind and he had to overcome many challenges. He later on went to Oxford University and he has a mission to be able to help out others who have been dealing with being blind as well. He studies this in college and he gets a job at the National Institute for the Blind.

During his time here, he travels to Africa and the Middle East and he studies people’s conditions, so that he can be better able to help them out. In 1950, he decides to start Sightsavers and this is how his dream starts to turn into a reality. His goal was to focus on the blind all over the world. He had a goal to be able to help them out get their education, and go through the rehab process with them. In 1982, they were able to reach over 2 million dollars for Sightsavers and this money was used to be able to invest in better technology for their patients. Now, Sightsavers is happy to help people nationwide and they currently serve over 30 different countries. They help with surgeries, treatments, and with the financial aspect as well. Sightsavers has been able to help over hundreds of thousands of people and they want to continue to help out anyone in need. They accept and encourage others to donate so that Sightsavers can remain helping out blind people.