Weight Loss and Skin Removal By Texas Doctors

Plastic surgery can give people back their life. It can help someone that is depressed. People that undergo plastic surgery are usually working on problem areas of their body. A person that is obesely overweight may need plastic surgery to remove skin after a drastic weight loss. Some doctors may suggest tummy tucks or skin removal after a person loses most of the excess fat on their bodies. Extreme weight losses can cause a person to have hanging skin around their arms, legs, and stomachs. This excess skin will cause the person to have raw areas and skin breakdown if not removed. Dr. Jennifer Walden and other super doctors in the Texas area are able to remove this excess skin safely.

Once the person loses weight, the doctor will examine the body and determine how much skin they can remove. After the skin is removed, the person will usually have a flat stomach or tight arms and legs. Taking care of the skin after surgery is very important. If everything heals correctly, the person will love the new look of their body.

As a young girl, Jennifer Walden thought about the career path she wanted to take. I am sure she thought about being a model like most little girls. I am sure she thought about being a doctor and she did. She completed her grade schools and high school requirements before going on to college. She chose to make her field of study be medical. The first-degree she earned was a degree in Biology. After complete education, she went on to earn her medical credentials. She began her family and made up her mind to move back to Texas from New York. She started her own practice and now is a popular guest on many talk shows.

Jennifer and her family are very happy with the choice to become a plastic surgeon. Her family is happier with the decision to move back so they can spend time with their grandchildren. Jennifer is happy being back home and plans to continue her practice as she learns better ways to help people look young again. She offers Botox as well as surgery. Visit her website to make appointments and other news.