An Industry Leader In Clear Ingredients, Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is bottling nothing except, “pure” water. You may be wondering, if there are numerous varieties of bottled water on the market today, what makes them different? Well, I’m glad you’re interested in the facts. Lest we forget that it’s a business first. Money is what matters most in the bottled water industry. An industry that totals 100 billion dollars globally. As far as the bottom line goes, Italy is the top rated country for bottled water consumers.

So, it seems selling water is big business. However, if you look carefully beyond the label, you’ll find out what makes Waiakea Water a notable company. Other companies tout their brands as “unique” because of added nutrients such as B vitamins and electrolytes. But, Waiakea Water flows through volcanic lava rocks, making it readily absorbable, without any additional filtration process. No other company can say that their water boasts a powerful concentration of natural volcanic properties.

Volcanic water benefits make Waiakea a natural aid for glowing skin and healthy hydration. This naturally pH balanced water with minerals determined by nature, also provides consumers with an effective blueprint for sustainability. Unlike, its competitors the bottling of Waiakea doesn’t contribute to plastic bottle pollution. Waiakea choses a more responsive type of biodegradable bottle for its product; with a carbon neutral 15 year breakdown process. Meaning less time littering the earth in some landfill.

Founded in 2012, Waiakea Water derives its name from actual Hawaiian culture. The name literally means, “broad waters.” Alkaline water that’s in perfect balance with the body’s natural pH level. What you get with this water is clear, pure hydration with lavic rock enhanced minerals and nutrients. Of course these days it’s not enough to say that you’re the leader, you actually have to “be” the leader. The number of awards this hawaii volcanic water has won speaks for their product. Awards that include the Beverage World BevStar, Gold in Water and Best in Show and the World Beverage Innovation Award for Best Packaged Water and Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative.