The future Is Now and Slyce Image Recognition Technology Is Leading The Way


Living in today’s modern world can sometimes feel like you’re living in a science fiction movie, thanks to all of the advanced technology. Remember the sci-fi flick Minority Report starring Tom Cruise? It’s use of image recognition technology seemed far fetched back then, but now it’s become a reality. This type of technology isn’t just for fun and many businesses are beginning to take note of it’s benefits.
Since 2010, Google was kind of a pioneer with this style of technology. Even though image recognition isn’t necessarily brand new; Google Glasses changed the game and made every take notice of it’s potential. This practical concept has carried over to the real world with benefits such as:


  • Saving Farmers Money and Time As It recognizes /Identifies Plants Within Seconds


  • (Smart) Self Driving Cars


  • Instantly Buy Items We See On Social Media Sites Like FaceBook or Pinterest

“Slyce: The Game Changer”
Like the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” rings true. For Example: Autistic kids struggle with speech and some can’t even read, but when taught to replace words with images; these kids get a better understanding and can now communicate. With Slyce Visual Search Engine, consumers can buy actual products from magazines, catalogs, or billboards. Slyce offers 3D scanning solutions and 2D materials in print. Since most people are always online, Slyce matches photos on sites such as Pinterest. Slyce is the leading visual search engine for product recognition. Benefits included:


  • Scan Barcodes, Coupons, and QR Codes


  • Product Match and Purchase


  • Directly Connect To Product Info

Medical Breakthroughs uses image recognition technology for the visually impaired by identifying money, food, traffic signs, and more. This device is known as (Dulight Device) and it’s a small camera. Even Panasonic has introduced a refrigerator that can identify spoiled food. Whether you’re the average joe or a marketing guru; image recognition technology can be used by anyone.