Rick Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare Health Contributions to Improved Health Care Services

Access to affordable and quality healthcare services is regarded as being one of the basic human needs. However, there are often some inefficiencies and problems in the access to such services. The InnovaCare Health is defined as being the leading provider of managed health care services and products in North America. InnovaCare Health employs two major avenues in transforming the healthcare sector, the Medicare Advantage, and Provider Networks Platforms. The InnovaCare Health is based on the belief that patients come first and there is the need to have personalized approaches. Likewise, having strong provider-patient relationships helps improve the recovery processes.




According to PR Newswire, the health care sector can be defined as having undergone many changes in the past. While the trends have created new opportunities, it is worth noting that they have also led to some problems. InnovaCare Health offers models that are integrated into different technologies. The move has the benefit of leading to efficiency, sustainability, quality care, and positive organizational culture. Nonetheless, healthcare management yields the intended results in a setting where the concerned stakeholders would in collaboration. Rick Shinto motes that effective communication and strong worth ethics marks successful organization.




Leadership and Service Delivery in InnovaCare Health




InnovaCare has transformed the healthcare sector by having a clear vision, stable communication, innovative tools and collaborating with other stakeholders. The success of the organization can be linked to the commitment and professionalism of the team. In 2012, Rick Shinto was named the Entrepreneur of the Year. He was also ranked as the Top 25 Minority Executives. The two events indicate that the InnovaCare Health CEO has in the past adopted effective and unique strategies. He is credited for leading to improved healthcare delivery to all groups. In the past, colored groups and the poor communities found it clanging to access such services. However, this issue has now been resolved. Check out openminds.com



The entrepreneur and health care professional is of the view that healthcare facilities must contumely evolve to conform to the ongoing changes. Adjusting to the trends implies that they would adopt new technologies and management approaches. New technologies are credited for enhancing services delivery as well as minimizing the cost of health care services. It is imperative to note that making medical services afford to all individuals is the primary objective of InnovaCare Health. Attaining this goal would mean that all community members would register an improved quality of life.


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Eric Lefkofsky’s New Venture Shows Promise in Aiding Cancer Physicians

Cancer, in all of its forms, is a health issue that has affected every society around the world. Combating the disease is an arduous and difficult task, but everyday research, time, and money are poured into finding new means to decrease the impact that it has on those afflicted by the disease. Tempus, a recent start-up in Chicago, was founded with the goal of aiding doctors in the task of treating cancer patients.

Tempus was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky. Being a problem solver and having recently seen up close the inadequacies of collecting clinical data in cancer treatments, Mr. Lefkofsky came to the realization that solving the problem of these inadequacies could be a benefit to both physicians and cancer patients. With this realization, the genesis of Tempus’s creation was formed.

The purpose of Tempus is not to cure cancer, but rather to provide physicians a greater data set to better treat those with cancer. This is accomplished through genomic sequencing and analysis of a patient’s genetic information. During this process, Tempus is able to collect large amounts of data which aids physicians in developing a plan of care that is focused and unique to the individual patient. Furthermore, Tempus is working to increase its data to include cancer of all types.

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur who has been apart of numerous successful business ventures, including Groupon and Lightbank, in addition to co-founding Tempus. Not one to stay on a single track, Mr. Lefkofsky is also a teacher. He has taught at both Depaul and Northwestern Universities and is presently an Adjunct Professor and the University of Chicago.

Being successful in business has not deterred Mr. Lefkofsky from giving back. He and his wife founded the Lefkofsky Foundation, an organization the pursues philanthropic endeavors around the world. He is also involved in his local community. He sits on the board of various local organizations such as the Children’s Memorial Hospital and The Art Institute of Chicago to name a few.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Opens Plastic Surgery Center in Westlake Medical Center

Dr. Jennifer Walden began her specialty of plastic surgery eight years ago. Since then, she has quickly attained notoriety as a very talented plastic surgeon with a focus on cosmetic surgery. It all began in Austin, Texas where she graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Austin. There she gained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. From there, she went on to even higher prestige, graduating with the Highest Honors from the University of Texas with her M.D. After completing her schoolwork, she went onto a very esteemed externship in Miami at the Plastic Surgery Associates. A fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital followed her success in Miami. There she was able to learn from some of the international leaders of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Walden is one of the few women in the practice of cosmetic plastic surgery. There are over 8,100 plastic surgeons in the United States, but not even one thousand of those are women. Of these, not even two hundred are a part of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Walden is one of those few. She is a member of that board-certified organization that is a leader in the professional organization. Plastic surgery is a highly specialized medical profession, requiring an additional five years of medical training. In addition to that, there can be up to two years more of fellowship work in order to become a surgeon and what Walden knows.

Because she is one of the rare women who are so incredibly talented and hard working in the plastic surgery industry, she has been able to create her own successful business called Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. She operates out of a fully operating and accredited suite within Westlake Medical Center. Women are drawn to her work partially because they know she and her team will provide the best medical care and safety available today and resume her.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Association – Specialists in the Field

Specialization is a huge part of what makes advances in the medical field possible. By focusing on one aspect of what is needed organizations, such as the Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA), can provide superior anesthesiology. They have been specializing in anesthesiology since 1973, and are one of the biggest associations in the nation.

All physicians are required to obtain certification by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Many then go on to advance training specializing in areas such as cardiothoracic, obstetric, and pediatric anesthesia. CAA services trauma centers, hospitals and ambulatory surgery facilities.

If you have ever had a friend or loved one needing emergency medical care you know how vital it is that the anesthesia is administered in a timely efficient manner focusing on the needs of the patient. The CRNAs on staff at CAA are specialized in aiding the anesthesiologists to make the patient feel as comfortable and secure as they can.

Weight Loss and Skin Removal By Texas Doctors

Plastic surgery can give people back their life. It can help someone that is depressed. People that undergo plastic surgery are usually working on problem areas of their body. A person that is obesely overweight may need plastic surgery to remove skin after a drastic weight loss. Some doctors may suggest tummy tucks or skin removal after a person loses most of the excess fat on their bodies. Extreme weight losses can cause a person to have hanging skin around their arms, legs, and stomachs. This excess skin will cause the person to have raw areas and skin breakdown if not removed. Dr. Jennifer Walden and other super doctors in the Texas area are able to remove this excess skin safely.

Once the person loses weight, the doctor will examine the body and determine how much skin they can remove. After the skin is removed, the person will usually have a flat stomach or tight arms and legs. Taking care of the skin after surgery is very important. If everything heals correctly, the person will love the new look of their body.

As a young girl, Jennifer Walden thought about the career path she wanted to take. I am sure she thought about being a model like most little girls. I am sure she thought about being a doctor and she did. She completed her grade schools and high school requirements before going on to college. She chose to make her field of study be medical. The first-degree she earned was a degree in Biology. After complete education, she went on to earn her medical credentials. She began her family and made up her mind to move back to Texas from New York. She started her own practice and now is a popular guest on many talk shows.

Jennifer and her family are very happy with the choice to become a plastic surgeon. Her family is happier with the decision to move back so they can spend time with their grandchildren. Jennifer is happy being back home and plans to continue her practice as she learns better ways to help people look young again. She offers Botox as well as surgery. Visit her website to make appointments and other news.