The Successful Lessons of Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur and investor who’s worked in New York for nearly 40 years. He currently serves as CEO of Burch Creative Capital. His company follows his lead when it comes to investing, only chasing dreams he believes will work out.

Throughout his career, he’s worked in numerous industries. He’s not one of those investors that only stay in a certain industry. He loves exploring new businesses and learning how to succeed in places he’s never been before. It’s his way of keeping his investment skills sharp while also satisfying his entrepreneurial appetite.

His latest project involved advising young entrepreneurs through his blog. He doesn’t see the point in making people pay for information that may be detrimental to the survival of their startup. Most of his blog posts involve advice on how to find investors, which in New York, is quite a competitive sport.

There aren’t too many investors out who just want to give away money. All of them expect a certain level of professionalism from startups, and with Chris Burch’s tips, startups can attract several investors. The first thing he tells them to do is keep everything simple.

When investors start asking people about their companies, they only want to know what the companies do to see if they want in on the startup. Most of the time, entrepreneurs can get over excited and over explain things and bore their investors. The best way to answer questions is short and direct.

Also, it’s important not to let setbacks and rejection get too heavy. Not every investor wants to invest in every startup, so they’re going to say ‘no’ sometimes. Chris Burch says that startups shouldn’t get bogged down and start thinking their idea isn’t good ( Sometimes, investors weren’t really looking for something to invest in any way.

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The biggest mistake that startups make is using fancy words to try to impress investors. Just use common words and talk like a normal person. Related article on


Chris Burch: The Serial Entrepreneur Behind Burch Capital

Chris Burch first entered the real estate market in the same year as his return to fashion (2004). He partnered with two friends to develop a hotel in Argentina.

Burch ended up owning a company that supplied construction materials to builders perhaps following in his father’s footsteps.

He is currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a company he created to run all his other brands under one umbrella corporation, and to invest in promising start-ups. The company operates on Burch’s core business values including an emphasis on quality, growth, and innovation.

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His passionate approach to business has seen Burch Creative capital grow into one of the highest ranked venture capital brands.

Nihiwatu Resort

Burch’s most remarkable investment has to be the Nihiwatu Resort. Located on the western edge of the remote Indonesian island of Sumba, the resort combines exclusivity, tranquillity, and class all in one lovely package.

He partnered with James McBride, who is a seasoned hotelier, to purchase what was a dilapidated beach hostel near the beach. The two invested a fortune to turn the hostel into an amazing five-star hostel that has become very popular with wealthy tourists.

Chris sought to create the resort as a gift of sorts for his children, while at the same time helping the local community around the hotel. His dream has been realized as the resort is currently the largest employer on Sumba Island.

The hotel straddles an amazing beach on the Indian Ocean where guests can frolic in complete privacy. The hotel also has multiple indoor and outdoor swimming pools for those guests who prefer a more intimate swimming experience.

The hotel offers guided nature walks to explore the scenic landscape featuring beautiful waterfalls and lagoons. Guests at Nihiwatu never lack something fun to do during their stay.

If the day’s adventures prove to be too exhausting, the hotel offers a world-class spa complete with a Jacuzzi, sauna, and massage specialists.


Chris Burch is an exceptional entrepreneur who has succeeded in every industry he has dipped his toes in. His focus on quality and creativity and his talent for transferring this onto his staff are some of the secrets to his success (