Chris Burch: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Chris Burch not only makes a lot of money but he also dedicates a lot of his time to causes he believes in. He believes he has a lot of power in the world, but he knows it comes from being able to actually help other people. Since Chris Burch knew what he wanted from the beginning, he knew he would need to make all the right choices for his own benefit. He wanted to also show people what they could get if they worked hard in the way he did because he knew they would be able to benefit from the advice he had. Additional article on

While he is helping other people with his philanthropic efforts, Chris Burch does his best to make sure he is showing people what they are able to get from him. He likes to donate money because he has a lot of it. Chris Burch does not just donate money, though. He donates his time which is often more valuable than the money. He believes it is important to show people that he cares while he is doing different philanthropic efforts. He wants them to know they are meaningful to him so he shows them through the things he is doing. Additional article on

Out of everything Chris Burch has done, he knows he can show people the options they have. He also knows everyone will have a chance to experience what he has experienced as long as they work hard. He didn’t stary with anything special that other people can’t use, too. He did use a lot of his own time and energy to do things, though, and that is what makes him among the best people in his own business. He tries to always show others what they can get out of their own lives so they will have a chance to do more in the future.   Read and learn from his shared insights and viewpoint in this article on

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If people follow the same path Chris Burch followed, they will have no problem being successful. The most important thing he wants people to know is that they need to make the right choices to work hard. Without any type of hard work or extreme dedication, they won’t be able to make the right choices. They will also have some issues when it comes to the amount of time they are going to show other people the things in their own lives based on the success they have like Chris Burch does.  For an overview of the various investments, head over to

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Chris Burch Uses Diversification to the Max

Chris Burch’s four decades of entrepreneurial know-how stretches across a diverse field of businesses. That encompasses the financial, fashion, technology, and hotel arenas. And many companies owe their prominence to Burch’s expertise. Chris Burch is CEO of Burch Creative Capital.

Eagle Eye Apparel the First Venture

Eagle Eye Apparel was Burch’s first business venture. He established the company with his brother. While they were students at Ithaca College. The enterprise provided the opportunity to learn about procurement, marketing, branding, and consumer attitudes. They sold Eagle Eye Apparel for $60 million.  Check for related article.

Chris Burch’s Other Business Ventures

The successful entrepreneur made investments in ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin and Coccoon 9. Additionally, he is a co-founder of Tory Burch. What’s more, he partnered with James McBride to develop the Nihi Sumba Island, an Indonesian tropical resort.

The Nihi Sumba Island Resort

The development of the Nihi Sumba Island was a magnificent achievement for Burch and McBride. The resort boasts 27 chateaus situated on a secluded island. The structures are composed of teakwood and natural stone. They are architecturally configured into one bedroom chateaus, duplexes and large stately residences.

The villas are posh and complement the surrounding habitat. Where scenic mountain views and the island’s shoreline are the focal points. A jungle, a beach and abundant green foliage populate the landscape as well.

Activities available to guests include a safari ride or boat ride around the island. In addition to a 90-minute hike led by a guide. Besides relaxing and sunbathing poolside at the resort.

Domestic and International Home and Hotel Builder

Chris Burch is a seasoned developer. With a multitude of domestic and international projects to his credit. He is well-known for constructing sophisticated homes and hotels. The Faena Hotel & Universe in Argentina exemplifies that prowess. The hotel was the result of his joint venture with Alan Faena.  For additional article, hit this.

The Altruism of Chris Burch

Burch is a true believer in helping others. He is a supporter of the Sumba Foundation, NYU Langone and Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. Also, The Child Welfare League of China, The China Association of Social Work and The Henry Street Settlement. More to read on

The Chris Burch Phenomena

Chris Burch maintains a diversified business empire. He has the knack for spotting and taking advantage of business opportunities. His website has the motto: create.disrupt.scale. The motto offers a penetrating insight into Burch’s business style.  Read the investor details on

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