Marc Sparks: Career-Entrepreneur Number One

Marc Sparks has had a long career starting and running companies. He’s not always the idea man, but he’s always the business man. Marc knows all the little details that go into starting a business.

He’s spent over 30 years in the industry, coming up with new ways to dominate the global market. Unlike other entrepreneurs who have only started a few companies, Marc is played a major role in dozens of startups. His career record reads like a proper entrepreneur’s resume should. Some of his startups were insanely successful while others were complete disasters.

Ever since Marc graduated from high school, he’s had a passion for building up companies. He’s so good at it that he can build companies based on ideas that other people would say could never work. As brilliant as Marc Sparks is, he does have a secret that he keeps private.

He has a small private equity firm called Timber Creek Capital, LP. He uses his private firm to maintain and manage a handful of portfolio companies. He uses this firm like a testing ground to monitor and analysis the results of new strategies. Once the startup has an initial idea, Marc begins designing a business model and creating a company culture while developing short-term goals with long-range growth plans.

Marc openly admits that he still remembers being poor. He doesn’t run away from his past like other successful people tend to do. He remembers buying groceries at a gas station, but he also remembers that even back then, he had an excitement about life and was passionate about the journey he was on.

Marc is a very faith-based individual. He truly believes in the randomness of the world and understands that he can’t always win; no matter how much he likes being a winner.

Being such a devoted and passionate businessman, Marc often deals with a lot of stressful situations. But Marc manages to stay off the effects of stress by being a health enthusiast and passionate outdoorsman. He loves traveling around the world and going hunting and fishing or playing outdoors. He even took a trip around the world in twenty-three days. He saw beautiful, exotic places like Easter Island and Machu Picchu. He’s also traveled to places with deep spiritual connections like Tibet, Xi’an, China, and India.