Join FreedomPop Because They Are Just As Great As Other Wireless Providers

In some of the most recent commercials that Sprint has put out, everyone can see that the Verizon guy has made the switch over to Sprint. One thing to notate in what this guy says is the fact that most cell phone companies are the same nowadays and are within a percentage of each other as far as their services though. This information is valuable for those who want to use FreedomPop’s services because FreedomPop is on the Sprint network and uses their cell phone towers in order to allow customers access to wireless services.

It’s great for any customer of FreedomPop to know that their services are going to be just as great as any other company but lower in cost. Anyone who has chosen to become a FreedomPop member may be interested in reading a FreedomPop review prior to becoming a customer. There are a lot of reviews out there that are conducted by individuals that will highlight some of the great features that the company has and will notate which services are the best. One service in particular that will likely be mentioned is the unlimited phone service from FreedomPop, which only costs $20 monthly.

With such a low cost for unlimited service, anyone who previously was paying a lot more money will love that they are going to save money by switching to FreedomPop. It’s not necessary that a person has to get rid of the phone they love to use if they switch the FreedomPop because most phones can be used on the FreedomPop network. As long as a phone is an Android or one of the later versions of iPhones, they can likely be used on FreedomPop’s network. Those who don’t have a compatible phone can always buy one from FreedomPop’s website or from one of the many retailers that work with them.

Purchasing a phone is easy to do as well as being reasonably priced, and there are sales going on all the time for the different phones that FreedomPop carries. Those who want the unlimited service for $20 can use most smartphones with the service and still be able to get unlimited texts, calls, and data. It’s important to know that only the 4G LTE data is limited, and the amount of this data depends on the plan that’s purchased. After using up the 4G LTE data, 3G data will be available for unlimited use.