Wilhelmina Brown: The Central Texas Force of the Fashion World

Wilhelmina Brown, a major modeling and talent agency, recently launched in Austin Texas. It is about exposing the design talent, and the modeling talent that live in and around central Texas, including Dallas and Houston. What brought them to Austin was the mixture of different looks that come together to create a unique style that can only be found in Texas. As a way to commemorate their new place in the world of fashion in Austin, they put on a fashion show that featured the designed of local designer, Linda Asaf, who was able to put together her collection, named “Summer Frost” in just two weeks. She says that she has always known that the fashion world in Austin would take off in a matter of time and that having joined forces with Wilhelmina Brown, the rest of the nation, and the world, will be able to see what Austin has to offer the fashion world.


Wilhelmina Brown is a full service model and talent agency based out of Austin, Texas. They have a world famous model network and are a force in the fashion world. To be cosigned by this company can put the name of a designer on the map for many to see. They have worked with some of the largest brands in the world including, Toyota, Louis Vuitton, Dell, and thousands of other very well known companies. Their models have been involved in a myriad of fashion weeks nationwide, including New York, and Miami. At Wilhelmina Brown,they really pride themselves on selecting the best talent, showcasing their skills to a larger market, and finally, delivering the most beautiful and professional talent that Central Texas has to offer. The president of the company, Justin Brown, has been quoted saying, “We are only as good as our talent”, and WIlhelmina Brown stands by their dedication to finding the best talent out there. You can check out their Instagram page.



Brown Agency 101

The model Twiggy, the look of the Beatles, and clothing consisting of ‘mod’ styles and psychedelic clothing fashion was huge on the 1960s runway. The Wilhelmina modelling agency was a global platform that launched many men and women onto magazine covers and movie sets. The strikingly beautiful Wilhelmina Cooper started the modelling agency in 1967 after she left the Ford Agency. Wilhelmina was born in the Netherlands but grew up in Germany. The Wilhelmina models were sought after among fashion brands around the world.

In 2015, Wilhelmina Modelling and Heyman Talent-South merged as one agency with a name change – The Brown Agency. The Heyman Talent-South was also a successful modeling agency in Austin, Texas and was a friendly rival of Wilhelmina Modelling Agency. The new name Brown Agency came from the current owner, Justin Brown. Justin was born on the West Coast with a modeling desire which he acted upon when he turned 18. Justin was once the head of the Austin Wilhelmina division. The Heyman Talent-South Agency was led by Michael B. Bonnee who loved theater work. Mr. Bonnee will keep his job as the point of contact for the new Brown Agency’s theatrical division.


Mr. Brown began his career during college studying business administration but instead he chose to follow his love of fashion. Justin began working as a model then transitioned to office administration as the head of model placement and development. It did not take long before Justin founded his own modelling agency which he called the JB Models and Talent Agency. Not to forego his Wilhelmina Agency contacts, JB Models and Talent coordinated with Wilhelmina Modelling on many runway projects which further propelled Justin’s name and his models into U.S. and international fashion shows, TV commercials, and magazine work.


Justin Brown is keeping the new Brown Agency in Austin where he had his beginnings. Not just because of sentimental reasons is he staying in this beautiful town, but because he sees Austin growing quickly in its own unique societal culture. Justin said that Austin has what his fashion company is looking for the funky, cool vibe. Justin Brown’s Agency has well over 400 actively working and talented men, women, young adults, and children.


Justin Brown reported that the clients of The Brown Agency are requested by national and international modeling agencies, the fashion industry, commercial campaigns, the entertainment environment, the cosmetic industry, the IT industry, the manufacturing industry, and more. Even though The Brown Agency is headquartered in Austin, Justin Brown has opened other offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. The Brown Agency is now one of the world’s most respected agencies for Austin young people to excel in modelling or acting. Visit their Instagram page for more.