Desiree Perez: Making Waves for the Music Streaming Service ‘Tidal’

With the frustration of music artists regarding the low royalties they were receiving from the music downloading companies after all their years of hard work, plus the fact that sometimes their work was just outright being stolen, there were many artists that were glad when Jay-Z stepped forward and entered the music streaming and download business.

There’s been a lot of ups and downs for Jay-Z’s music streaming service ‘Tidal;’ but the guy had to grow up tough and his work with others in the music industry taught him that you’ve got to find the right people or person.

Enter Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez is brilliant marketer and a battle hardened negotiator. When Jay-Z brought her on board for Tidal she was the key element that allowed him to close on more than one multi-million dollar contract.

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And it’s not like she swallowed some magic pill; she has been involved with the Music and Entertainment business for years. From running nightclubs in her early days to her work for almost a decade now with Roc Nation; she is truly adapt at marketing and promotion and is that irresistible force makes things happen. Several well-noted people have stated that Desiree Perez, though remaining hidden in the background, was an influential part of the negotiations in the deal that was struck between Samsung and Rihanna.  Additional article on

With Desiree Perez being Jay-Z’s ‘Point man;’ Sprint and Tidal have finalized an agreement in which Sprint has invested $200 Million for a 33 percent stake in Jay Z’s music-streaming platform Tidal. This also includes Sprint creating special access to Tidal for its 45 million subscribers plus a found of over $70 Million for helping new artists, check on for related article.

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