Alex Pall Keeps Getting Better

Alex Pall went from being a hobbyist DJ to being Billboard’s top electronic/dance artist in 2018 in just a few short years with The Chainsmokers. While his current producing partner is Drew Taggart, originally Alex Pall had a different half of The Chainsmokers duo until he was eventually replaced by Taggart. When Drew Taggart joined the Chainsmokers, he was attending college in Maine at the time. He decided that it was the right time to pursue a career in music and went to New York City to join Alex Pall as the second half of the now platinum-selling dance act. After the two met and started making music, Alex Pall quit his job at an art gallery and began to create music full-time.

Despite the fact that producing music is an exceptional amount of hard work, Alex Pall never thought about calling it his job. Instead, he was following a dream that he had for many years before finally making it the full-time focus of his life. When the two first got together to start making music, they were not fully confident about what they should write about, what people would want to listen to. This is when they decided that it would be a good idea to write about their everyday problems and thoughts as many of their fans would be able to relate. This approach was well received and fans were able to connect with The Chainsmokers and their music lyrically.

As Alex Pall and Taggart grew and matured as artists and people, so did their music. Their most recent releases are decidedly darker than the work they had released previously in their career. While there may have been some slight concern at first with whether or not their fans would be okay with their evolved style, it turned out they had absolutely nothing to worry about. Social media quickly exploded with posts, images, and likes devoted to their new music like “Sick Boy” and “Somebody“. 2018 has been a really big year for Alex Pall and it looks like it is going to keep getting better.