Reputation Management for Online Business is Critical for Success

Managing your online reputation is a new concept for business that do much or all of their trade online. A bad reputation can ruin your enterprise before it gets off the ground. Most consumers carefully check out an online company before they trust that they will get what the pay for. “Bad news travels fast” has never been more relevant. If you don’t actively manage your online reputation, you are not in touch with what is being said about you and your brand. A negative online reputation, true or not will affect business. You need to know what your online reputation says about you, and manage it to bring in business.
The key to managing a positive reputation is to use tips found online at There are also companies for hire that can manage your online reputation around the clock, if the budget allows. Many small online business may need to manage in-house to keep expenses down.

• counter negative reviews with positive comments
• saturate the internet with positive information about you and your company
• create a Facebook presence, Crunchbase summary, Twitter account, and any other Social Media contact
• stay ahead of unethical competitors and unhappy customers by creating your own positive online authenticity
• start a blog and keep in upbeat, optimistic an confident
• consider using Search Engine Journal to help shape your online reputation
• “push down” negative comments in search results (overpower the bad news with good by pushing it to page 2, 3, or further down)
• Conduct media outreach and get linked with powerful websites that attract consumer’s attention
According to Most online businesses (about 95%) don’t hire “reputation management experts” until something bad happens. The experts say, if you control your online website from the beginning, you can keep bad things from happening and your business not only survives the negative, but conquers it.

Your reputation is your business. No matter how you choose to do it, your reputation needs to be controlled and managed. Make every effort to start with a positive online reputation, and avoid the need to repair that reputation online. If you do business online, be sure to present the business and your personal reputation in the most positive light as possible. It is a job, aside from the business, but it will be worth the effort.