Engaging Communities to Get Active with Digital8

Whether you are pursuing a local campaign or running for a major political party, Digital8 from NGP VAN is a robust digital campaign management tool with features to drive action and fundraising via email, online and social platforms.

The tool has several features built into a single platform that can assist with multiple facets of digital campaigns for various political organizations. Begining with email, the tool enables end users to automate and customize emails through merge fields. This allows managers to tailor email content and messages based on subscriber donation and conversion data. Additionally, clients have access to an email marketing expert that ensures campaigns deliver custom content to target constituents.

With access to millions of supporter profiles, Digital8 uses historical data to pre-fill donation form fields that can lead to huge boosts in conversion. A chapter grouping functionality allows streamlined communications between affiliated organizations while self-service donor portals save staff time updating individual donor records.

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Supporter records with email addresses can be matched to multiple social networks. Custom target segments can be created from these email addresses and pushed to Facebook for lookalike audience targeting. Web forms also have social sharing options so donors can share the word on their own feeds.

Other features include dashboard visualization, large-scale data transfer through Pipeline, easy cloud deployment, and integration to a wide variety of third-party tools including ActBlue, Optimizely, and Revolution Messaging.

Digital8 offers users and candidates a wealth of tools to effectively deploy, measure, and optimize online campaigns that ensure success in reaching crucial voters with the right message at the right time. As a fundraising tool, the email messages can be personalized to match previous donor contributions and engage subscribers to convert. By leveraging NGP VAN Digital 8 social tools, campaign managers can efficiently foster online communities to develop engaged and loyal bases. Taken together, these tools can prove the difference maker for successful campaigns.

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Thor Halvorssen Fights To End Human Rights Abuses

Thor Halvorssen has a growing reputation among members of the public who are seeking to learn more about the issues of human rights abuses in countries around the world. Halvorssen knows first hand how difficult it can be to handle the issues surrounding human rights abuses that have caused problems for members of his own family in his native Venezuela. Coming from some of the best known families in Venezuela and Norway has given Thor the chance to explore the world of human rights from many different perspectives, particularly after one of his direct ancestors fought a battle with the Nazi’s over the fate of the Norwegian navy during World War II.

The need to help the people of the world fight for their rights has seen Thor Halvorssen fight for the rights of members of his own family who have been stripped of their individual rights. In a recent Forbes article, Halvorssen has seen his own mother shot for the role she played in an anti-government demonstration in Venezuela, and his own cousin remains imprisoned for his political beliefs within the socialist country. One of the main influences on Thor Halvorssen has been his father, who acted as Venezuela’s drug czar investigating corruption throughout the country; uncovering law enforcement corruption in the country led to the senior Halvorssen being imprisoned and tortured in a bid to silence him.

Thor Halvorssen has worked with many of the most impressive human rights activism groups in the world over the course of his career, including the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Halvorssen embarked on a career in activism that eventually lef to the creation of the Human Rights Foundation, an organization based in New York that focuses on problems facing those in closed societies.

For Thor Halvorssen his main interests all bring him back to the activism that his life has become dedicated to, including his work as a film producer for both documentary and fiction movies. The work of Thor Halvorssen has seen his documentary subjects focus on closed societies, such as the “Hammer and Tickle” documentary focusing on satirical arts created ujnder communist rule. Follow Thor Halvorssen on Facebook to learn more.