A Few Interesting Facts About Skout You Did Not Know

The internet has no doubt made a very significant difference in the way people communicate nowadays. Among the most important things the internet has introduced are simplified and much better online shopping avenues, endless job opportunities where people have started earning money online as well as better platforms for people from different places of the world to meet for friendship, marriage and even business.

Today, there is a variety of networking platforms on the Internet. Skout belongs to the creme de la creme of social networks that are well endowed with easy to use features. The platform can be easily referred to as the global platform where people with similar interests meet. Initially, it was started as a travellers’ platform that allowed people from different places of the world to interact with those that intend to visit their cities.

It gradually changed to a dating app when a few added features were introduced. With Skout, users expand their social network using just a few taps of the button. Skouting is so much fun such that when one starts, it is hard to stop. With the application, one can easily find a nearby party, make new friends as well as meeting new people anytime with the convenience of being anywhere on the globe.

Different with other platforms offering similar services, Skout allows users to search using proximity and preference. Users are able to get updates from others who are near, save the most favorite as well as buy and send gifts. With the platform, a user is not restricted when it comes to browsing profiles and pictures. It is also very easy for a user to promote their profile with additional in-app features and while at that, have the ability to unlock premium features.

When Skout first introduced its travel feature, more than 10 million members use it for taking virtual journeys being assisted by user friends in their region of interest. Typically, the virtual travellers end up turning the virtual trips into real vacations.

The Skout platform is compatible with iOS devices and available in different languages therefore not confined to only English users. The platform can also be accessed through desktop computers with the same features.

There are also different applications with diverse features that have been developed and proven to have brought a lot of change when matters related to enhancing better information relaying are concerned. For instance, the Amazon Video platform allows users to instantly have the ability to stream TV shows and movies.

Using the platform, Amazon Prime members are given the freedom to access thousands of titles to either rent or buy. The application does not confine them to just viewing; it also allows them to download for offline viewing. The best thing with the platform is the fact that it can be accessed on mobile devices unlike many others that have such features.

The internet has no doubt proved to be a very efficient tool for communication. Those in the software and applications development business have no doubt done a good job and much is expected of them in the future.

Why Status Labs Is The Best Online Reputation Management Firm

In the current world we are living in where the internet dictates to a very big deal how businesses and individual are viewed by the general public and the world as a whole, it is imperative that every business takes the necessary quick precautions when it receives negative reviews for the products or services it offers. Poor or rather negative online reviews demand very pro-active responses. One firm believer of that school of thought is Andrew Gruel whose restaurant was hit by numerous bad reviews about his prices being too high and the portions being too small.

He received the reviews in quick succession and knew that he had to act fast to save his brand’s image. He made the necessary adjustments by increasing the portions and adjusting the prices and then went ahead to send emails to the customers who had complained begging them to come back. He believes that if a businessman buys time when faced with such a challenge, things can easily go haywire and send the business to its knees. After making those adjustments, his reviews shot from one star to five stars.

Gruel believes that it is very important for a business to take time reading reviews because by so doing, it will easily identify where it goes wrong and what pro-active measures need to be taken. He also believes that a business should not be afraid to engage its critics because they foster better growth.

Status Labs is a big brand when matters related to online reputation management are concerned. It offers its clients the confidence and convenience to effectively engage with their audiences driving sales as well as participation. Since inception, the company has been on the forefront in making sure that its clients get the very best online search results and profiles.

The company has its headquarters in Sao Paulo, and it has worked with over 1500 clients from more than 35 countries. It has also worked with very prominent individuals as well as brands and helped them achieve their international goal and public relations. Status Labs is the company to engage for all matters related to online reputation management.