How the Kabbalah Centre Increases Awareness About Mystical Judaism

Kabbalah is an often unknown aspect of Judaism. What it really is is the more mystical and hidden teachings that are contained in Judaism. The focal book of Kabbalistic teachings is the Zohar, which has many volumes and is around two thousand years old. Later proponents of Kabbalistic teachings include the Arizal, also called the Ari for short, who founded a group that studied Kabbalah, of which he was the head and teacher. The Arizal lived a few hundred years ago, but his Kabbalistic teachings are widely accepted.


In modern America and in other places around the world in the twentieth and twenty first century, interest in Kabbalah has increased. People started looking for books and other resource materials from which they would be able to study those mystical teachings that Kabbalah abounds with. However, not everyone understood the ancient Hebrew and Amaraic that the Zohar is written in, so these Kabbalistic books had to be translated into English.

There were also centers set up for the purpose of studying Kabbalah. One of those centers is the Kabbalah Centre. It was founded in 1965 by Rabbi Philip Berg and his wife, Karen. Later, in 1984, another branch of the Kabbalah Centre was founded in the city of Los Angeles.


The formula of Kabbalah that is taught and studied in the Kabbalah Centre was developed by Rabbi Philip Berg. Although he has since passed away, his wife Karen and his son, Michael Berg, act as both directors and spiritual teachers, offering spiritual advice to those who wish to advance in their studies of Kabbalah.


One of the things taught at the Kabbalah Centre is its unique approach to certain aspects of the Bible, according to the teachings of the Zohar. Some passages, such as the story of the passing of the Red Sea, are really teachings of how to conduct your everyday life. These messages on how to conduct yourself are hidden in these passages, and Kabbalah helps you unravel the deeper meanings of each passage and apply it to your everyday life. With Kabbalah, it is possible to develop your spiritual levels greatly.


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