Bruce Levenson & Atlanta Hawks Sue NH Insurance Company

As of September 13 of this year (2016) Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment company has moved to sue the New Hampshire Insurance Company. The cause of this dispute can be found in a alleged breach of contract during the settling of certain claims made by a one, Danny Ferry. Ferry, it should here be noted was formerly the General Manager of the Atlanta Sea Hawks.

The ownership group of the company, of which Bruce Levenson, a notable and well liked businessman and philanthropist is a member, claims that it was insured for work place torts as well as wrongful termination. Ferry, back in 2015 filed a claim which he believed was covered under these very terms, however, the NH Insurance Company disagreed. The specific amount of the claims remains, as yet, undisclosed. Though it might very well be quite hefty, Mr. Levenson’s party would, at first glance seem to be the favorite to win, given both that the claims seemed to have been covered under the previously mentioned policy as well as the fact of UCG founder Levenson’s considerable legal experience, which could well play a role in the case.

The Atlanta Sea Hawks made only one major public statement in regards to the affair, firmly announcing that neither Mr. Levenson nor Mr. Ferry any longer had a direct affiliation with their company. As such, the presiding management of the Atlanta Sea Hawks have since declined to make any further public statements.

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