CEO Rick Smith Taking Securus Technologies To Greater Heights

Richard A. Smith (Rick) is the CEO of Secures Technology. The firm is a leading for-profit generator of both civil and unlawful justice equipment resolutions for community safety, correction, monitoring, and investments. It has made over 800 products which are used by the law enforcements and correction centers. The company has spent $600 million to procure and develop merchandises used in security, wellbeing, and efficiency.

The company is passionate about fighting crime, and that is the reason it comes up with ways and technique to fight crime in institutions and prisons both actively and passively. Their state of the art technology is used to make surveillance and reporting data from their system, and that prevents crime from putting its roots in the correctional facilities in the country. The company has created a phone cell monitoring used in intercepting serious crimes from taking place. This technology is used to protect the lives of people by offering ways to view crimes and stopping it on time, thus taking crime solution to a new level.

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Just like any business for Securus Technologies to strive, it needs a reliable sales team. For a long time, Josh was the senior vice president of sales. However, in December 30th, 2015, he was replaced by John Bell. Bell has over 35 years of sales working with various companies including IBM. Throughout his career, the one thing that stands out is that Bell can transform the culture and performance of an organization into performance and growth that are exceptional. Bell’s outstanding performance is due to the passion he has as well as the education background. He not only graduated from Holy Cross but he is also a holder of postgraduate degrees from the Kellogg School of Management and Wharton School of Business.

Working at Securus Technologies Bell and the sales Vice President John Conklin will have the duty of presenting the products to more clients and the decision makers. Moreover, they will be visiting customers and discussing the products on a one-on-one basis. Also Rick uses the Securus Technology Center to do numerous presentations annually, to develop sophisticated sales.

Rick Smith believes in the products the company makes. He feels that if the law enforcement could fully comprehend the products, Securus makes, then they will not only be winning every new contract but will also never lose one. Smith feels that if the sales team evolves and presents the products commendably, then the sales will go high since the firm makes products that offer the best services. The company has received emails where clients are asking incarceration as a safer and better alternative rather than leaving criminals on the loose. To respond to this, Smith is ensuring services and products development at least once a week. That will assist law enforcement bodies to solve crimes, and thus preventing increased social problems in the society we live in today. Follow Rick’s profile at

Securus Technologies – Solving Inmate Issues through Advanced Technology

Securus Technologies, a principal business in communication information management and tracking services, is one of the sought after when it comes to inmate communications, parolee tracking, and management of government information systems. Its headquarters is in Dallas Texas and has regional stations in Dallas and Atlanta Georgia. At the moment it serves 45 states and over 1 million inmates around the country.


Securus Technologies has achieved its eminence due to its skill to control contraband cell phones with a system that can contain wireless solution which protects mobile phones from connecting to mobile networks in jail.


Securus Technologies has been in operation for the past 25 years. It was founded in 1986 as Tele-Matic Corporation, which later merged with Star Ventures Inc in 1988 and even acquired more affiliates in the inmate phone business in the year 1992. The company has become what it is today through acquisitions which have enabled it to become stronger in its service delivery in the industry.


Most people and organizations that use the services offered by Securus Technologies have praised their good work and proficient response to avert and solve criminal acts. Clientele who are in the investigative nature of business have been able to use the investigative tools rendered by Securus Technologies to help them complete their tasks such as performing an investigation whenever a complaint is raised. Inventions such as covert alert have assisted in solving cases whereby evidence can be obtained without the knowledge of the convicted person.


Most correctional facilities have also been relying on the services offered by Securus Technologies to ensure safety is maintained. The information relayed is used to fill the loopholes in the facilities such as drug selling, alcohol use, possible use of cellular devices, threats to other inmates, suspicious discussion about money exchange, or possible plan to commit a murder within the correctional facilities.

Securus Offers A Better Calling Service For Jails

I have called the jails many times over the years using Securus, and I get in touch with all my clients in seconds using their service. I have used it in my law office, and we have a nonprofit that does advocacy work using the same serve. Securus has done quite a lot for me, and they are challenging their competitors to do more with the resources they have.


#1: How Do I Call?


I change between profiles in the mobile app, and I use one for the law office while using another for our nonprofit. I place calls through the app that allow me to see my clients, and they will see that I am a real person here to help them. I have many talks with them about how to help with their cases, and I show them a way to manage their cases that will make sense to them.


#2: Long Talks


I am given quite a lot of time to speak to my clients, and we may carry on for as long as we like before the calls end. I am willing to keep my accounts filled to ensure we may speak, and I know families do the same when they are chatting on the service. I want everyone to feel as though we are reaching out to them and caring for them, and Securus makes the process of calling simple.


I have placed many calls with Securus, and each video call is a help to me and my clients. We must see each other clearly if we plan to make any progress on their cases, We have discussed every angle on their cases, and I have taken them updates that have been a joy to my clients and their families. It is all clear to see on the Securus video screen.


Securus Wants To Make Every Call Very Secure

Securus has spent many years trying to help people with their secure phone calls, and they are helping people like us to make our calls. We are very concerned about our family who are trying to get through a prison term, and the only way to help them is to be in touch as often as possible. We are a very close family, and the only way to help everyone stay close is to use Securus. Securus is a very good company for this where we have used the video calling app, and we all have it on our phones and tablets.


We are sure that we can have secure phone calls when we check on our loved ones, and we want to make sure that we can talk to our loved ones every day if we want to. We are trying to make sure that we can talk to them about how they are doing, and we also want to be sure that we are speaking to them more often than not so that they are not feeling left out. I do not want anyone in the family to feel like they do not know what is going on here.


We call using Securus knowing that they have taken a lot of time to create secure phone calls, and they are actually upgrading all the time because they know that is a better use of their time than just marketing a product to us. They want to make sure that we all feel safe with the calls that we make, and I am personally very happy with the fact that I can use Securus every day to talk to someone in the family. This is a much better method of connection than you would find with any other company.